Boxy and His Leaky Bottle

August 16th, 2014 by Diana Coman

Leaky Treebark Flask crafted in Eulora by Boxy Boxster.

It looked like a pile of numbered cubes as it bobbed gently and flew over the landscape and under the sea. It was Boxy and it had not a worry in the world nor in his head, for his head had holes shaped like one, two, three... But it had no purpose either and so it was in search of a purpose that he explored the whole land of Eulora - a land that was just learning to be.

It searched the green and stripy plains of this land and it found fruit, but it was rotten. It found cattle, but it was dead and it found fire that had been extinguished. It searched the blue waters of Eulora and it found a ship, but it was wrecked. It found the pearls of molluscs, but they were dull and small and ill-looking. Wherever it looked, it found mainly death and decay in this newborn land.

From his wanderings, Boxy collected the little bits and pieces left behind from what had once been life: a rotten fruit, a piece of bark, a bit of leather, a page from a book. He studied them a long time and he imagined them as something new, something that would be at least of a little use to someone, somewhere, sometimes. Keeping that image of new strong in his mind, Boxy then set to work, to call forth usefulness if not life out of the remains of former beauty and purpose. And he obtained... a Leaky Bottle (for remember, Boxy's head was leaky itself and he had little to work with in the first place). But leaky as it was and just a bottle as it may be, it was HIS and of his own making, the very first crafted thing Eulora had acquired. For one was Boxy Boxster and he had won the first crafting prize!

Update: ...and something to go into that leaky bottle!


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