The list of the main public projects that I worked on (I either started them myself or I contributed significantly to them):

The most disruptive game there is, published by the Ministry of Games (trading as S.MG on MPeX. I described it once in a nutshell as a masterclass in economy masquerading as a video game and I still stand by this description (if not by the original misspelling of masquerading).

For more details on Eulora, have a look at the Eulora category on this blog and the SMG category on Trilema for starters at least.

Young Hands Club
See how it started, what people worked on as part of it and how it ended.

Bac Data Mining and Analysis

The "Bac Data" are public data regarding the results of the yearly national Romanian exam for highschool graduates (Bac stands for Baccalaureate - the name of the exam). Although the data should be publicly available for any use or purpose, the Romanian Ministry of Education and its contractor, the SIVECO company, actively hinder any use of such data, by publishing it in formats that do not allow any direct access to the complete data set. Moreover, the formats used for publishing the data change from year to year and there is no support of analysts who need access to a clean and complete data set.

Given the above issues, I've written code to mine the data from the Ministry's website and I've made all the Bac data (from 2006 to 2013) available in a useful format for anybody interested. Moreover, I've ran a few analyses and published the results on my blog (in Romanian). I currently maintain a page for the Bac Data project to keep it all together.

Several other people used the data I provided and published their own analyses and results. I've published (in Romanian) a summary of the main analyses that were done in 2011 using this data set, indicating also the people involved.

As others contacted me asking for additional data sets related to the main Bac data, I've also mined and published data related to the grading centres for the exam, from 2006 to 2012.

CASE Summer School on Software Engineering

I initiated this summer school in 2009, while I was still a PhD student at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. The first edition was very successful, with more applications from students than available places. The summer school was also featured in the local newspaper.

I organised subsequent editions of the summer school for as long as I worked at the uni in Bolzano/Bozen. The summer school is still being organised by the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, being currently (2014) at its 6th edition.

PROM (pro-Metrics) 

PROM is a software engineering system aiming to offer a reliable way to continuously monitor and steer the development of software projects, based on data collected from the project itself.

PROM is developed and maintained by the CASE (Center for Applied Software Engineering) group at the Faculty of Computer Science of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano (FUB) in northern Italy (South Tyrol). During my PhD studies and my research work at FUB, between 2005 and 2010, I developed several parts of PROM, I wrote a user manual and a technical manual for the system, I deployed it in industry in several settings and I performed various case-studies and analysis of its use (some results are published in my thesis and papers).