Foxy's Useful Items

---Eulora's very first shop---


From Eulora's first (and best) farmer, first robot-based miner and first crafter!

Basic resources are currently the following: Bird's Nest (BN), Boulder (B), Clump of Dry Grass (CDG), Crumbly Rock (CR), Flotsam (F), Nondescript Tubers (NT), Rickety Reeds (RR), Rotten Fruit (RF), Shiny Rock (SR), Solid Branch (SB).

Prices quoted below are for quality below 200 and are given as percentage of quality adjusted value. So 190% for instance means 1.90*base_value*quality/100. For example, flotsam has base value 88 and therefore 1 flotsam of quality 150 will cost 1.90*88*150/100.

For large orders of basic resources I can mix to your desired quality, simply ask in #eulora. In some cases it can take a few days to fulfill a large order.

You might want to compare with Eulora's second shop and Daniel's Shop. I'll keep this page updated.

Item Selling Buying
Basic resources (all of them) 195% 125%
Coarse Frangible Thread (CFT) 140% 120%
Indistinct Bark Shavings (IBS) 130% 110%
The Good Hammer 90mn ECU 1mn ECU
Various blueprints In #eulora In #eulora