Foxybots - Eulora

Published versions/code:

  1. Version 1.4 (as part of Eulora's client 0.1.2b)
  2. Version 1.3
  3. Version 1.2
  4. Version 1.1

Version 1.0 is not listed anymore as it is not compatible with the current version of Eulora client.


  1. Get yourself the latest version of Eulora client, preferably directly from S.MG.
  2. Get Foxybot Version 1.1 above, check its checksum, run a diff, read it and then copy/paste it over the client you have, overwriting the files.
  3. Get Foxybot Version 1.3 above, check its checksum, run a diff, read it and then replace your foxybot folder (in the Eulora client src/client/foxybot) with the new one from the 1.3 archive.
  4. Compile the Eulora client as usual.

List of features:
Note that I keep a list of potential features (especially the more complex ones) but I do NOT make any promises regarding their implementation. What is implemented is there and what is not implemented is not there, end of story. Things may or may not change in the future.

Implemented features:

    1. Auto-pilot: pointing your character in the direction of the coordinates given.
    2. Logging for both explore/build and craft runs.
    3. Help for crafting and explore/build bots: simply type /bot explore OR /bot craft and the bot will show the parameters for both commands in its bot window.
    4. Ability to reset the bots at any time. Simply type /bot reset
    5. Ability to stop the bots at any time. Simply type /bot stop . Note that the stop leaves the bots in an undefined state and therefore you'll probably need a reset before starting another bot run.
    6. (CRAFTING) Doing a craft run of the specified number of items based on the recipe you have equipped, using the container you target and with the ingredients taken from your character's inventory.
    7. (CRAFTING) Training automatically during a craft run as your character ranks up in a skill, provided that Heina Draggenfort is within reach and your character is not overweight.
    8. (CRAFTING) Moving ingredients of a craft run into the container prior to training in order to avoid being overweight. After training the ingredients are taken back and the craft run resumes.
    9. (CRAFTING) Option to set a timeout for the bot to wait for a craft. This is to avoid getting hung up if something goes wrong with the craft and/or some messages get lost. When the timeout expires, the bot will take items out of the container and then attempt to craft again.
    10. (EXPLORING) Doing an explore/build run in a straight line with a specified size (number of steps) and number of attempts. All small and tiny claims are built provided that your character has the required lbn (little bits of nothing) and cft (coarse frangible thread) in inventory.
    11. (EXPLORING) Automatically changing tools when worn-out. Worn-out tools are all stacked in a single, dedicated slot in your character's inventory to avoid a full inventory.
    12. (EXPLORING) Locking of any claims other than tiny/small found during an explore/build run.
    13. (EXPLORING) Dropping of ALL keys of tiny/small claims into their corresponding claims, regardless of whether the claim has been built or not.
    14. (EXPLORING) Option to either keep or drop the keys of all tiny/small claims as above.
    15. (EXPLORING) Option to set a timeout for the bot to wait for an explore. By default, the timeout is 15 minutes, allowing amply time for your character to explore automatically even with a chetty stick.

Potential additional features:

  1. "Data Collection" mode to get more detailed data for craft runs and explore/build runs. Quality and loot information would be especially useful although time-consuming to get.
  2. (EXPLORING) Effective handling of overweight situations: ideally going to the village, storing the items and then coming back and resuming the run. Alternatively, storing the items in a nearby claim, locking the claim and resuming the run.
  3. (EXPLORING) Multi-run exploring.
  4. (EXPLORING) Map-aware exploring (searching for resources based on an external map-file that is created from the bot's own previous logs and/or from public files of the kind.
  5. (EXPLORING) Way-points strategy for exploring.
  6. (EXPLORING) Results-adjusted exploring: bot deciding on its explore strategy and location according to the results it gets and its own maps.
  7. (CRAFTING) Quality-wise handling of storage: taking out ingredients for crafting directly from storage according to specified preferences wrt to quality.
  8. (CRAFTING) Multi-run crafting.
  9. (CRAFTING) Bill of materials calculated automatically.
  10. (TRADING) Automated trading based on an external list of prices and stock availability.
  11. (TRADING) Automated updating of published stocks based on actual stocks.
  12. (TRADING) Automated updating of stock prices based on actual stock availability and known demand.
  13. (RECIPES LIBRARY) Automated update of the existing recipes library adding new recipes for both mining and crafting.