One Infinity Is Lonely, Two Are Not Enough, so There's Plenty in Eulora2

June 14th, 2024 by Diana Coman

Quoth the log of last week to the day, the 7th of June:

Diana Coman: Meanwhile in e2 world expansions, it turns out that even infinite is nevertheless not enough for me since the expedient idea of setting the Underworld literally under the landscape may be expedient but it just kicks the can down the road and well, it's my can so whatevers, I picked it up and upgraded the whole thing so that at least I solve more with it and have therefore now everything set to make in principle even the claims as separate dungeons for instance.
Vivian Sporepress: I gather now there can be an infinity of underworlds hiding in tiny spaces within the overall infinite world.
Diana Coman: Quite so. I guess the way to put it would be that this visible world is infinitely large but it's just ONE world and at the very least death certainly takes one out of it, so there we go, adding the unseen dimensions.
Diana Coman: Anyways, next in line is therefore to decide on some different looks at least for the Underworld and make some crossing for starters so it can get put to use.

So it took two weeks and all sorts of work to design a visibly distinct graphics style, turn a crucial part of the code inside-out and add the unseen dimensions, add some teleporting effects as well since I was at it, play around and come up with the items to be endowed with such marvelous properties as world-crossing, test it all back and forth, consolidate everything, have the fun and take the screenshots, drink the wine, do the chores and take a break, too. This last part was just about the hardest to fit in, given that all the euloran environment is, finally, so raring to go, so willing to grow, so easy to add to that yes, it got to that point where there's way more fun than work in working on it.

There's rather less time for documenting the fun, as it tends to happen, but here's at least a few screenshots to tell a bit of the tale - how my toon crossed over the euloran six - I mean sicksstyx- and found herself in another world, suitably darker in style, at the very least. I started in the good old world of Nowhere Land, studying quite intently the one single Obolus there was around - its looks were silly, its inscription quite a description and then its use should all be quite safe, too, as surely no obolus has ever been in another live person's mouth before, has it? So in it went and its results were quite as promised, too:




Looking around and moving about a bit brought changes to the skyline and otherwise mostly more red and grays and a bit of blue, too, by the looks of it:

After a while though, one does wonder, perhaps, as to the other one side of this one side trip - how might it be to go back to a more colourful world, where others are, where merchants live and things can be found. Perhaps that broken lyre is perfectly broken indeed and might just serve as an anti-obolus, who knows. More importantly though, who is going to try it, to find out?

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2 Responses to “One Infinity Is Lonely, Two Are Not Enough, so There's Plenty in Eulora2”

  1. Jacob Welsh says:

    An historic voyage. I hope our heroine finds her way back topside but sometimes a return from the underworld requires the intervention of a higher power... or else finding something that was missing down there.

  2. Diana Coman says:

    Quite so, might make a useful line of quests, too. If one even finds a higher power willing to listen in the first place and then, as the dialog options used to be at all times, whether higher, lower or middle power addressed - beg, bribe or threaten, what else is there to do?

    For starters though, perhaps all it takes is to find a way to fix that lyre and then use it, although even broken as it is, I'm quite sure it's never going to be a common or easily found/made item anyway.

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