Straight and True, Like a Fully Connecting Punch

September 29th, 2023 by Diana Coman

"What is it that I don't get correctly currently?", I asked with genuine desire to know, though little expectation for any answer at all to be forthcoming. The question simply expressed my very clear realisation of a lack of precisely that sort and shape, at that time, when it was like looking at something in a mirror in which all angles are so egregiously wrong that nothing fits at all and everything is in all places so deeply incongruous within and without itself that the whole is not even wrong yet, it's just something entirely else altogether. So I wondered essentially, since wonder is exactly what a genuine question ever is, what exactly was it that I just didn't get at all and to such extent as to render it all so entirely... broken.

To my surprise though, the answer came this time quite promptly, straight and true, like a fully connecting punch:


"Well, I get it as an end, at times a release even, a removal perhaps and a resulting absence, lack or sometimes simply empty, blank, bereft space. How can I see it more accurately then?"

"Exhaustion, beyond culmination. Oppression, isolation, restriction and constraint, confinement, silence and enforced, implacable stillness receiving, containing, preserving, molding enduring shape, accumulating pressure, forging and tempering strength."

As a result, the angles shifted, the image straightened, there is at least recognition possible, the link and similarities are striking indeed once the vision corrected enough to notice them. I'm grateful for the answer as unexpected and as straight as it was, though I'm also a bit weary of wondering that much more at least for a while from now...

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