Making My Eulorian Cake and Eating It


Once Boxy found his crafting purpose, he followed it all around the small land of Eulora and then some more. For he had nothing else to hang on to when the void howled through his numbered holes and the empty plains did not bother to move even a single blade of grass as sign of his passing. And so he crafted leaky flasks and metal studs, crude wineskins and berry tinctures, alchemists' gin and berry tea. But his crafting gave him no joy, for the recipes crumbled in his hands just as he crafted what they described, the objects were nothing more than pure consolidated misery in their brownish, dilapidated state and his holes seemed to have gotten only larger if nothing else. Because before Boxy even knew it, he had acquired not only a purpose, but also a need that was becoming more obvious with every object crafted: the need of knowledge.

Like many other creatures before and even after him, Boxy sought knowledge at first everywhere - everywhere except in the right place, that is. For everywhere was quite conveniently ill-defined and allowed the very comfortable idea that knowledge will simply come to him. Sure, in his generosity, Boxy allowed knowledge to even require some kind of rather basic physical effort on his part. Such as, for instance and quite simply for example crafting, since crafting was something Boxy had already figured out. Alas, knowledge was thoroughly unimpressed with Boxy's generosity. And so it simply did not come to him, no matter how many gin bottles Boxy mixed, no matter how many metal studs he hammered and how many berry teas he boiled. But then, in this process of enticing knowledge through quite simply the only means that was totally ineffective, Boxy discovered something else, something with icing on top: a cake!

The cake looked surprisingly colourful and even good, despite its frankly disgusting ingredients, which only goes to show that there is something truly deceitful in the very nature of cakes. But if it looks like a cake and it smells like a cake, it has to be good as a cake reasoned Boxy and his reason barely had time to say cake a third time that Boxy had already eaten 5 or 6 of them. Somewhere, in green letters on a black background, something told Boxy that he felt "odd" after each cake, but then again, what with his cubes and his number-shaped holes, Boxy had never felt anything other than odd, so that did not bother him too much. What bothered him more was the fact that so many cakes in so little time had made him... thirsty.

Boxy was thirsty for knowledge that is, so thirsty that he finally gave up trying to convince knowledge to come to him. He went instead and got knowledge by the mouthful until he felt he really could not see its ambiguous fish-like face anymore. And if being full of cake and fed up with knowledge was not enough, Boxy had also acquired level 10 in Tinkering and another prize to go with it, preferably to this address:



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