The Many Moons of Euloran Time

May 30th, 2023 by Diana Coman

The latest development in Eulora2 is the emergence of time itself, quietly but definitely ticking away at the hours that became days, then months and years of the very first era that eulorans ever knew. Euloran time is already past the half mark of the first month and it follows its own rules, whether anyone is aware of them or not. So far, there are at least some signs that some people have indeed noticed something new:

back in, and noticing a new euloran clock.


It's possibly best if one starts becoming aware of the rules of time or at least aims to figure them out sooner rather than later, because the time in Eulora2 is definite indeed: definite in the same way that Maths is definite but also, perhaps of more pressing interest for eulorans, in the same way that Death is definite. On the more reassuring side, so far at least, Death is yet to be met with in Eulora2 but that's about as much knowledge as anyone has on the matter.

As to the durations and even structure of euloran days, months and years, these are still to be observed. What I will let slip is that Eulora2 has several moons that might be abstract or concrete but that certainly have very concrete effects on the world as a whole. To some extent, it might perhaps be not even false to say that the very ticking of time is just one of the more visible such effects - the rest yet to be noticed, observed and perhaps made some sense of. Not that there is any rush to do or even to notice any of it - at least there isn't anything to rush one just yet. It's a young world after all, still emerging, unhurriedly but unstoppably, too.

The whole first era of Eulora2 will cover in fact exactly the interval when the core structure of the world and of its interaction principles is brought in and settled in place, piece by piece. Those present and active in this first era will be essentially the actual ancestors and prime movers quite literally - after all, they are taking the risk on a nascent world and so they get also, by rights, a special status and the unique chance to leave their inprint on each part as it emerges. And there certainly are quite a few parts in the works, with next on the list the actual vitals and physical characteristics of player (PC) and non-player characters (NPCs) just the same.

Time, in this sense of Eulora2 emergence, is quite literally only the beginning!

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