#eulora Logs for 04 Sep 2016

September 4th, 2016 by Diana Coman
kunickis: Moorning all. :) [04:43]
diana_coman: morning kunickis ; how's it going? [04:47]
kunickis: Good. How are you? :) [04:47]
diana_coman: quite good :) [04:48]
kunickis: That is nice. ;) [04:48]
kunickis: And am done finally! [06:22]
kunickis: hehe. don't know when mircea_popescu will be online? [06:22]
diana_coman: possibly in a few hours; you can check the logs and see the more usual times [06:46]
mircea_popescu: heya [06:55]
mircea_popescu: are you done kunickis ? [06:55]
kunickis: heyo mircea_popescu [06:56]
kunickis: Yeah am done. ;) [06:56]
mircea_popescu: aite trade me the key [06:56]
kunickis: wait a sec will open game [06:57]
kunickis: mircea am in game trad.e ;) [06:58]
mircea_popescu: nice work kunickis [07:00]
kunickis: thanks. :) [07:00]
mircea_popescu: do you want more of this or are you tired of hauling ? [07:00]
kunickis: i can do anything haha. ;) [07:00]
mircea_popescu: alright, trade me [07:00]
mircea_popescu: aite, you know the drill. once this is done i'll give you the next one. [07:01]
kunickis: what bundle is it? [07:02]
mircea_popescu: solid branch [07:03]
kunickis: solid brach bundle? [07:03]
mircea_popescu: yes. [07:03]
kunickis: oh okey hehe found ;) [07:03]
mircea_popescu: cool deal. [07:03]
kunickis: Can i withdraw my earned again? ;) Will be later need to go. [07:03]
kunickis: when will be back will continue work. [07:03]
mircea_popescu: sure, post your address. it will be a few hours. [07:09]
kunickis: 1K6Gx6cWL3QgAUVkZLy7oWoLumvBNFL99t [07:09]
kunickis: Okey, will be waiting. ;) [07:36]
rowtan: Hey guys good news I got the game to work, if other people on windows have problem running it tell them to put crystalspace-2.1-vc10.dll (or all the crystalspace .dll to be safe) in C:\Eulora (where the first eulora.bat is), not in C:\Eulora\EuloraV0.1.2. Putting the .dll file in C:\Eulora finally madeit owrk [08:54]
rowtan: *made it work [08:54]
mircea_popescu: well done! waht did you do rowtan ? [08:54]
mircea_popescu: aaah. [08:54]
mircea_popescu: okies. [08:54]
rowtan: I just thought the .dll file it had to be in the same folder as psclient but that's not the case [08:55]
mircea_popescu: cool deal. [08:55]
mircea_popescu: so are you in game now ? [08:55]
rowtan: still in creating char screen [08:55]
mircea_popescu: a cool. ok, pm me there when done [08:56]
shinohai: is proud to see noobs evolve into self-sustaining entities. [08:56]
mircea_popescu: tis quite impressive a sight to behold. [08:56]
rowtan: How do I pm you? Whisper -> mircea_popescu 'text here' ? [09:09]
mircea_popescu: /t Mircea text [09:09]
mircea_popescu: btw shinohai pm "mexicantarget" have him come over ? mebbe we can do bidniss [09:11]
shinohai: kk [09:11]
shinohai: mircea_popescu: where is this mexicantarget guy at? [09:13]
mircea_popescu: tardstalk. [09:13]
shinohai: ah kk [09:13]
mircea_popescu: rowtan ok you got your first bitcent. [09:16]
mircea_popescu: did you want to haul finds for another ? [09:16]
shinohai: msg sent [09:16]
rowtan: How do I do that? [09:17]
mircea_popescu: read yest's log, it's all explained in there. [09:18]
mircea_popescu: like 3 times [09:18]
rowtan: alright sorry, I'm trying to figure out where's the bitcent, in the inv? [09:18]
mircea_popescu: ah no ; you can either have it sent to your address or else you can trade me for 1 mn ECu [09:19]
mircea_popescu: whichever you prefer [09:19]
mircea_popescu: o btw shinohai : put a bid in https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1598460.0 ; 9 @ 0.505 [09:43]
lobbesbot: Title: Advertise on this forum - Round 184 (at bitcointalk.org) [09:43]
mircea_popescu: let's have some fun with this. [09:44]
shinohai: on it [09:48]
mircea_popescu: im sorry 0.55 not 0.505. [09:49]
rowtan: Alright mircea_popescu gave you my address, do I need to go to the town to haul finds? [09:51]
mircea_popescu: you did ? where ? [09:51]
rowtan: should've been sent in a message [09:51]
mircea_popescu: in game ?! [09:51]
rowtan: no here [09:51]
mircea_popescu: ah don't pm me. put it here. [09:52]
rowtan: ah k sorry about that. Here please 1JsBdgh1RtNopszeAZaW7ijGaeCZMXhDWM [09:52]
mircea_popescu: will do. [09:52]
mircea_popescu: to haul finds you gotta trade me first ; then go mine the claim ; then bring the stuff over. [09:53]
mircea_popescu: didja read the log ? [09:53]
rowtan: I'm reading it, you're in 176, 56, 161 ? [09:53]
mircea_popescu: just about yea [09:53]
rowtan: for some weird reason typing /pos doesn't give me my coords [09:55]
mircea_popescu: no way ? it says in chat, "your current position is" [09:55]
rowtan: Nothing shows up honestly :/ I'll try logging in again [09:56]
mircea_popescu: are you in the whisper tab maybe ? [09:56]
mircea_popescu: make sure you're in main [09:56]
rowtan: nah wasn't in whisper that's definite [09:57]
mircea_popescu: oddness [09:57]
rowtan: Yeah restarting it helped [09:59]
wyrdmantis: mircea_popescu another noob coming roby_z [10:04]
mircea_popescu: cool. [10:11]
mircea_popescu: didja whisper to me roby_z ? [10:15]
wyrdmantis: mircea_popescu he's away now, he ll be back later [10:19]
mircea_popescu: lol k [10:19]
danielpbarron: rowtan, you might have had the chat window scrolled up a little [10:30]
roby_z: hi mircea_popescu [11:38]
kunickis: Am back. ;) [12:14]
mircea_popescu: cheers [12:26]
kunickis: got payment. thank you. :) and posted on btalk. :) [12:27]
mircea_popescu: rowtan 8f71aaf33a69d56bffca456557d66cb232e58269d3202445e0f39491e5b45209 [12:28]
mircea_popescu: aaand kunickis b39c5935f0e2a79929325da3c1f5a84eb7a5349c526fcadb67dd7ac9bc245db8 [12:29]
kunickis: Yeah know. ;) [12:29]
mircea_popescu: shinohai i guess this makes it 0.1 + 1mn ? or 0.11 ? i dun even recall [12:29]
kunickis: nice. [12:29]
shinohai: So far my stats are ~0.1 [12:30]
mircea_popescu: cool. [12:30]
kunickis: nice job. ;) [12:30]
kunickis: mircea_popescu for this job i will got 0.005 what am doing now? [12:30]
mircea_popescu: kunickis https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1592575.msg16145452#msg16145452 << is that you ? [12:31]
lobbesbot: Title: Earn 0.0051 BTC / hr playing Eulora. [0.08 BTC + 1mn ECu PAID SO FAR] (at bitcointalk.org) [12:31]
mircea_popescu: kunickis no, but once you're done i'll give you another key and once you deliver that you get another 0.01 [12:31]
kunickis: yeah its me. [12:31]
kunickis: okey ;) [12:31]
mircea_popescu: lol@sig. i guess you found a better best site huh :D [12:31]
shinohai: considers changing his bitcointalk sig to a eulora one [12:32]
kunickis: Yeah. ;P [12:32]
mircea_popescu: trb works jus' fine. [12:32]
kunickis: trb? ;d [12:32]
mircea_popescu: http://thebitcoin.foundation [12:33]
lobbesbot: Title: ..::[ The Bitcoin Foundation ]::.. (at thebitcoin.foundation) [12:33]
kunickis: i have too site hah. but its little faucet. haha. :d [12:34]
kunickis: am just giving to newbies in bitcoin world giving a chance to get they first satoshis. [12:38]
kunickis: it's non-profit site. hah. [12:38]
mircea_popescu: nothing wrong with that. [12:39]
kunickis: yh. ;) [12:39]
kunickis: i wanna make one project but for it need to know android app programming but i dont know hah. [12:40]
kunickis: watch ads and earn bitcoins something like it. [12:40]
mircea_popescu: how old are you ? [12:41]
kunickis: 18 [12:41]
mircea_popescu: so great time to learn, just pick something worthwhile. [12:42]
mircea_popescu: if you're good with gfx you could pick up blender for instance, eulora is certainly looking for more gfx models etc. [12:43]
kunickis: nah didnt use photoshop .. only made one banner and one logo for my site and thats all heh. when i was younger i was leraning html/php/css [12:44]
mircea_popescu: in truth there's not much market or value in android apps ; or php. [12:48]
mircea_popescu: gotta pick something useful. [12:48]
kunickis: yeah i know. [12:49]
kunickis: I remembber that day when i first time read about bitcoin but didnt know what it was... found bitcoin forum and saw that for registration they are giving 1btc... didnt know what it is and forgot about it... then 2years ago found out again about bitcoin and started earning it... but i had a chance to get 1btc just for registration. ;( but didnt used [12:52]
kunickis: my chance haha. sad. [12:52]
mircea_popescu: at some point i sent my pr girl on a stripper forum to give the girls 1 btc for free. they wouldn't take it. [12:52]
kunickis: lel. [12:53]
mircea_popescu: thinking is hard. [12:53]
shinohai: I'll bet a majority regret not having taken now in retrospect. [12:55]
mircea_popescu: cheapest thing in the world, regret. [12:56]
shinohai: no ragrets [12:57]
mircea_popescu: just jelious RAYE [12:57]
kunickis: am going afk 10min [13:09]
mihi: kunickis, there are too many "view ads get bitcoin" apps in Google Play already. Most of them are scam (don't pay out but take the ads money anyway). Nothing to do against them as a user, since Google's TOS does not allow apps to pay out users for ads... [14:35]
kunickis: mihi but i wanna make my own... i know that google dont allow it but i can just put download link in my website. ;) [14:36]
kunickis: so other can earn and i can earn a little bit hehe. [14:36]
mihi: what kind of ads do you want to use. Most are using AdMob which is also from Google and also covered by their TOS... [14:36]
mihi: (you know those fullscreen ads that show a video if internet is fast and only an image if not...) [14:37]
kunickis: there is a lot of ad companys. [14:37]
shinohai: Hmmm what can I buy with these earnings, a single square of toilet paper? [14:37]
kunickis: with that ads can earn normal money if is lot of active users. ;) [14:37]
kunickis: mircea_popescu are you there? [14:57]
kunickis: Ok am done that job... I will go now off... tomorrow will be back. [15:00]
Nivir: Hello everyone! [15:02]
Nivir: jumping [15:04]
diana_coman: hello Nivir [15:17]
Nivir: Oh hi diana_coman. [15:19]
Nivir: Do I need to reg my nick? [15:19]
diana_coman: you need to register a pgp key with deedbot [15:20]
diana_coman: Nivir, follow the steps here: http://www.eulorum.org/Account_Setup [15:22]
lobbesbot: Title: Account Setup - Eulorum (at www.eulorum.org) [15:22]
Nivir: Oh btw I think I need to dl the game itself first. [15:22]
diana_coman: that would be a good idea [15:22]
diana_coman: what operating system are you on? [15:22]
Nivir: windows 7 [15:23]
Nivir: Need some help please. [15:25]
Nivir: https://thepb.in/p/O7h5LBV23EvFq [15:26]
Nivir: Which one of it to dl? [15:26]
diana_coman: none of those, hm [15:32]
diana_coman: you need 0.1.2 [15:32]
diana_coman: you see it says there "Old versions"? lol [15:33]
shinohai: I got to walk him through gpg4winblowze first diana_coman [15:34]
shinohai: lol [15:34]
Nivir: Thanks for the response guys. [15:35]
Nivir: Will be back when needed. ;) [15:35]
mircea_popescu: heya [16:30]
shinohai: Anyone here know how to get your key fingerprint in Kleopatra? I have no idea. [16:52]
mircea_popescu: right click on it and it shows you ? [16:59]
Nivir: 4A770EFC84943B04C4001A1D7A788522C8FBE0DA [17:01]
shinohai: wrong chan Nivir /join #trilema [17:01]
Nivir: oops my bad [17:01]
shinohai: ok Nivir you are good, just be patient and mircea_popescu will make you an account asap [17:04]
mircea_popescu: Nivir http://wotpaste.cascadianhacker.com/pastes/4f002cad-37b6-43dc-91f7-255d3f2eca67/ [17:07]
shinohai: Another noob learns not to paste me shit in the chat buffer the hard way [17:24]
mircea_popescu: lol [17:25]
mircea_popescu: amusingly, kiwirc even asks you and offers to pastebin [17:25]
mircea_popescu: and most sane clients know to delay, of course, but we're not talking arcane voodoo of the level of having the basic tools of internet life installed. [17:25]
shinohai: Welp I fell down and died for the first time, maybe I'm making progress. [19:01]
mircea_popescu: o hey, can you move now ? [19:10]
shinohai: I'm making progress, tweaking a few things in config I can definitely move a bit faster [19:10]
mircea_popescu: cool [19:11]
mircea_popescu: will be very happy if whatever this is gets nailed. [19:11]
mircea_popescu: how goes missy ? [20:56]
mircea_popescu: shinohai 9 @ 0.7 plox. [22:21]
mircea_popescu: actually make that 9 @ .75 [23:48]

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