Eulora's First Grade – How to Get a Skill, Build a Claim, Make Your Own Grass etc.

August 30th, 2015 by Diana Coman

(This is Day 18 of the one and only diary that Eulora has. Day 17 was about pink harlots.)

Since new people are both sorely needed and otherwise cluelessly thrown into the world of Eulora, I found myself teaching Eulora's First Grade as it were. Teaching might be good, but repeating is absolutely pissing me off, hence I have to write it once instead of saying it 100 times. So, once you got into Eulora and got your starter package from Mircea Popescu1, here are a few things to do:

- “Use” the smelly murky something and the mysterious rock (and the chicken scribblings if you have them) in order to get the respective skills (read the wiki if you don't know which skills). To “use” an item, the simplest way is to drag and drop the item onto your character in the inventory window.

- Check your shiny new skills: in the stats and skills window, you should have at least Gathering under the Gather tab and Building under the Utility tab.

- If the bar of a skill is red/yellow in the stats/skills window, you need to train it (so that you don't lose experience (practice points) and you can rank up). Go to Heina Draggenfort – the NPC closer to the public craft table in the “village” - right click on her and click on the scroll-like icon (train). You'll need to select the skill, choose 100% and pay. Yep, you need money (copper) too. Have none? Talk to Grundin in game/ jurov in #eulora chan.

- Once trained, you can either go around and just explore (type in the text window: /explore) to find things yourself, or (much faster way of ranking up) look for someone with higher skill who is willing to give you claims to build for them. I'm currently offering this deal, so whisper to Foxy in game (/tell Foxy ) or diana_coman in chan.

- When you got a claim (by whatever means), go next to it, right click on it (it's a stick basically and a rather narrow one at that, so yeah, aim and click) and “examine” it (the eye icon). That will open the claim which is basically a container so it has slots for you to put stuff into. Put in there whatever the claim needs to be built (1 bit of nothing for a tiny claim of any kind; anything between 1 and 7 coarse frangible threads for a small claim of any kind). Put the corresponding scroll (tiny ennumeration for a tiny claim or small ennumeration for a small claim) on the brain in the inventory window (just drag and drop on the character in inventory and it will go to the Mind slot anyway). Then click on “use” for a tiny claim or “combine” for a small claim (buttons on the left-hand side of the claim window, first from top and second from top respectively). Watch it transform the things and enjoy your very first built mine!

- Check your skills again as it's quite likely you need to go and train. Repeat (better yet get yourself a bot or macro or anything to do the work for you) and enjoy!

And here's me with some of my Euloran students + a bunch of sticks (or claims by their glorified names), as well as an opened claim (second image): the "hand" icon is the "use" button for the claim.

shot30 shot31

  1. Update 28 November 2016: starter packages and skill items are NOT given anymore but you can do everything even without ANY skill whatsoever 

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  1. Diana Coman says:

    Hopefully it soon graduates from nice to increasingly useful :)

  2. […] and crafting accessories even) and a 10% share of the result as form of payment for their work. For gathering work4, the elder provides tools or claims as well as bundles, the noob does the clicks and hands back […]

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