More offensive than ever - Euloran Cookbook v1.1

August 3rd, 2015 by Diana Coman

(This is Day 15 of Foxy's Diary or BLSBD by FF according to Euloran naming habits.)

Despite my love of samovars, it turns out that I can't cook worth a shit, since I am missing the all-important and more-elusive-than-the-elusive-purple-snail Gung-Ho Gumbo skill. (Yes, it sounds like a very noisy jumpy-pokey dance, but I didn't name it myself.) So what do you do when you can't cook?

You sit down and write a cooking book, of course. A more-complete-than-ever and utterly delightful cooking book.

Or in my case, re-write a cooking book. So ladies and gentlorans, I give you Foxy's Euloran Cookbook V1.1, with about a ton of modifications including:

- final, stable page names; feel free to link to any of them, as I won't change them unless Euloran Gods change Offensive Eggnogs to Inoffensive Eggnogs. Phat chance that might happen, you say? I thought so, yeah.

- about a ton of new recipes added with all their disgusting details. Can't find the recipe you know, have, love, treasure and in any case don't want to sell under any circumstances but would like to see given to you for free by someone else? Talk to me in game, show it to me in game and it will magically appear here too.

- new information added for each recipe regarding the container needed (such as craft-table or samovar) and the tool needed (such as penance clogs or chair for the head). Where there is a blank space at the tool, that's not an error, but a feature: there is no tool needed, don't complain, but enjoy!

- summary pages added for each container. Want to know just WHAT can you do with your brand new, shiny and hissy samovar? Check it out in Foxy's Cookbook V1.1 on the Samovar page (you'll find it from the main page, I won't link it here, no way.)


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