Disc Included, Spelling Approximate

May 5th, 2020 by Diana Coman

As it took a bit of a hunt to still find somewhere those older and more useful editions of various reference books on Computer Graphics, I shrugged at first at the note attached to one of them - "disc included", it said and I couldn't really care at all whether the disc in question was indeed still included or still to be found or still working or even still anything at all. And as the books came, I took my time to look them over, noting even that they don't make perhaps such a bad name-day companion after all and it's no hurry and all that. But an honest shopkeeper is an honest shopkeeper and his notes can be therefore trusted, for included it turned out to be, for all the surprise that the image of this most humble disc in question may nevertheless stir perhaps in some younger readers of mine:


Included it was therefore, as you can surely see for yourself above, if not a disc but a disk(ette). For future record and for even younger readers, above depicted is a 3.5 inch floppy disk that belongs with this book from 1994, basically the most advanced and latest floppy disk model that there ever was. The memory trip it stirred insists that those old computers I still supposedly have in an attic somewhere have the drives required to read 3.5 disks as well as those able to read the older, larger floppy disks - 8 inch, if memory serves. At any rate, I would not be terribly surprised if this disk is perhaps still working too. Only I don't quite think I'll rush now to that old attic all those kilometres away to dust off one of the old computers, see if any of the CRTs still light up and then try it all out.

Let me know though if you ever want to try it out yourself, for good times' sake or for anything else at all - the disk is here and it remains, indeed, included!

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3 Responses to “Disc Included, Spelling Approximate”

  1. 7 1/4.

    There was a 9-something, but those only truly existed as wall decoration in 1990s computer labs, not irl.

  2. Diana Coman says:

    Hah, I knew there were 3 sizes but for some reason I never quite remembered *which* one was in use and which one wasn't. So it's most likely as you say, 7 1/4 - thanks!

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