#ossasepia Logs for 09 Oct 2019

April 20th, 2020 by Diana Coman
whaack: good morning/afternoon. diana_coman: do you have advice on finding a new home for my bouncer and blog? MivoCloud appears to be a least-bad choice even given the recent #t thread. but perhaps it's better to spread out [11:27]
thimbronion: jfw thanks for the paste. I will reference this when choosing an ircd. [11:43]
diana_coman: whaack: what are your requirements exactly? [11:50]
diana_coman: fwiw so far mivocloud indeed still looks best for access & responsiveness. [11:51]
diana_coman: that being said, if you want a vps, I don't really know if it makes any difference really [11:51]
diana_coman: the whole idea of a vps is that it's fungible so... [11:52]
whaack: as of now very little. i just need a (shared) place i can ssh into and setup mpwp on and run a bouncer. in the future i will want a dedicated machine to run a node. [11:53]
diana_coman: whaack: so I'd say for a shared place, just go with whatever, maybe even some dc close enough to you if you think you can actually end up later talking to them [11:55]
diana_coman: but other than that, what diff does it make really [11:56]
diana_coman: for the node, you can run it with mivocloud, at least there isn't as yet any node there, helps with the spread [11:56]
thimbronion: diana_coman: plan update: I'm going to spend the time I would have spent contacting irc network admins tihs week re-establishing my blog. I estimate I can have tihs done by Sunday, depending on when my backups from pizarro become available. [11:58]
whaack: okay good to know re btc node [12:00]
diana_coman: thimbronion: works; the pizarro imploding is indeed catastrophic-level so needs tending; but: what do you mean re backups? [12:03]
diana_coman: thimbronion: don't you have your own backups? [12:03]
asciilifeform: errybody's getting backup, diana_coman . but yes people who had own, will have sooner. [12:04]
thimbronion: diana_coman: I didn't set up backups for my pizarro blog. [12:04]
diana_coman: thimbronion: *always* set up backups; always. [12:04]
thimbronion: diana_coman: my pizarro blog is pretty much the only thing I have that's not backed up. [12:05]
whaack: i confess i also do not have backups for my pizarro posts. [12:06]
diana_coman: jfw, shrysr, lobbes, whaack, thimbronion, anyone else even remotely interested: younghands.club is back online at its new IP [12:06]
diana_coman: I've restored from own backup and as far as I can see there's no loss; let me know if you spot any trouble though [12:06]
asciilifeform: all the folx who neglected to make backups, plz talk to BingoBoingo , he is setting up with trinque a box where you can get gpg'd dumps of yer boxen. [12:06]
thimbronion: diana_coman: what process did you use to backup younghands.club? [12:09]
diana_coman: thimbronion: a script dumping the db locally + ran by crontab; another script+crontab retrieving the whole www + home dirs remotely & storing them to the 1st backup level [12:11]
whaack: thimbronion: a 30 second solution (albeit maybe not the best) would be a recursive wget [12:11]
diana_coman: whaack: that's a rather ugh solution [12:11]
diana_coman: whaack, thimbronion talk to BingoBoingo and get your backups then; but yes, MAKE BACKUPS. [12:12]
BingoBoingo: baking .tar.gzips [12:13]
diana_coman: thank you BingoBoingo for saving their asses really. [12:13]
whaack: BingoBoingo: yes ty. [12:13]
diana_coman: whaack: thimbronion do you have mp-wp? [12:14]
thimbronion: diana_coman: yes. only missing the db dump. [12:15]
whaack: yes that was what ztkfg.com was running on [12:15]
diana_coman: whaack: I know it was; the q is if you still have it locally though; [12:15]
whaack: ah sorry of course. no i need to get it again [12:16]
diana_coman: right; let me put it somewhere on younghands.club I suppose [12:16]
diana_coman: probably will come in handy for others too [12:16]
diana_coman: but hm, do you people have at least a working V locally? [12:17]
thimbronion: diana_coman: my local v has issues - likely related to running on osx, but I haven't yet solved them. I do have a working v on my colo though. [12:20]
whaack: my local v also with issues [12:20]
diana_coman: you know, v can't have issues, sorry to inform. [12:21]
diana_coman: and what the fuck is this, "has issues"; next it will have rights too or something; either you say specifically what is *wrong* with your setup or you sort it out already. [12:22]
BingoBoingo: The backups being .tar.gz.gpg 'd up home directories and .sql dumps for everyone. It's just taking time to bake them. Some are rather large. [12:23]
whaack: diana_coman: i had not used v on this machine in a while and when you asked i ran it and it ran into an error. but it appears fixed. the problem was there was a newline before the #!/usr/bin/perl [12:25]
diana_coman: whaack: moral being, don't rush. [12:26]
shrysr: http://ossasepia.com/2020/04/20/ossasepia-logs-for-09-Oct-2019#1004866 << logged in for a quick check. fwiw: it is ***much*** faster to load than before, even on my mine connection. [12:46]
ossabot: Logged on 2019-10-09 12:06:19 diana_coman: jfw, shrysr, lobbes, whaack, thimbronion, anyone else even remotely interested: younghands.club is back online at its new IP [12:46]
diana_coman: shrysr: I suspect there were a few layers slowing that install down; anyways, good to know it works well. [12:48]
diana_coman: whaack thimbronion , anyone else interested, v-trees page (with mpwp patches only, for now): http://younghands.club/v-trees/ [13:35]
diana_coman: to add the meat to http://ossasepia.com/2020/04/20/ossasepia-logs-for-09-Oct-2019#1004872 : the reason why a recursive wget is a very poor "backup" solution is that you get the *output* rather than the source of your website; ie the restore will be a pain in the ass. [13:43]
ossabot: Logged on 2019-10-09 12:11:36 diana_coman: whaack: that's a rather ugh solution [13:43]
diana_coman: and more generically, the approach "will grab the looks" betrays a user view of the matter rather than an owner's [13:43]
diana_coman: while it may seem initially "easier", it's a whole lot *harder* as soon as you actually try to do anything with it (ie as soon as you need to do a restore) [13:44]
thimbronion: diana_coman: re: v-trees ty I find this helpful and will use it to properly press mp-wp. [13:47]
whaack: likewise. brb setting up bouncer. [14:09]
diana_coman: whaack: what's your plan for those few days until the Sunday deadline? [16:59]
whaack: First, i am getting ztkfg.com back online. (currently doing that now on digitalocean) Then I would like to publish my Seoul post and at least jot down some notes on Tokyo. Tomorrow until Sunday I will be working on the my-interests post, although I haven't planned on how i'm going to break down the hours spent writing the post. [17:06]
diana_coman: whaack: you don't need a too-detailed breakdown; what you *do* need however is a clear limit on other activities (ie reserved time for the work) [17:08]
diana_coman: ideally with breaks too esp since it's potentially something on which you need to do background thinking too ie while doing other stuff [17:08]
whaack: One other thing that is time sensitive is figuring out if there's any items i need to obtain to bring to CR. I would like an FG for example but that may take a week+ to ship. [17:09]
diana_coman: whaack: atm afaik FG are not for sale really [17:09]
diana_coman: dunno if this changes once pizarro ashes settle down but it's not something you should wait on now [17:10]
diana_coman: not to mention - you don't need it *now* anyway [17:10]
diana_coman: but do plan your stuff /luggage/trip/whatever for cr too [17:10]
whaack: alright. i can always get it in CR later, it's just more of a hassle. [17:12]
diana_coman: whaack: it might be easier actually; mp got his without any trouble, in cr (and not by special mail or anything of the sort) [17:14]
whaack: okay, i imagine my mail receiving will be a little more tricky since i am far from SJO and can only be reached via dirt roads, but i really have nfi [17:17]
whaack: it will probably just require a trip to a post office [17:18]
diana_coman: I wouldn't worry about that *now*; plenty more pressing matters really; fwiw costa ricans are used to own dirt roads and no addresses anyway so yeah, I'd be surprised if it doesn't make it to your door brought by a smiley girl too. [17:19]
diana_coman: but in any case: it might be more difficult to actually get a FG as such atm esp if it's just like that to try one/no clear useful output in sight. [17:20]
whaack: right. i do not feel in dire need of an FG right now. i was just using it as an example of an item that may be easier to obtain if i try to get it ~today rather than later. More pressing is hardware/batteries to deal with electricity issues. During the rainy season it's not so uncommon for the power to die for 24hours+ [17:24]
diana_coman: whaack: listen, focus this week, ok? list the things you *have* to do, pin that list on your nose if you have to but *stick* to it [17:24]
whaack: ok [17:24]
diana_coman: aha, *that* is certainly more pressing because without electricity, uhm; so can't you get a generator or what? [17:24]
whaack: i will look for one. maybe it'd be better if i just found a place to buy one in CR since that may be a pain to carry / give me trouble at the airport [17:29]
diana_coman: whaack: yes, I meant one in CR [17:30]
diana_coman: but do *look* before you go, plan it or it won't happen [17:30]
diana_coman: from what I understand you know people there already so talk to them, ask them etc [17:31]
diana_coman: whaack: how long does it take you to jot down a to-do list for this week? [17:32]
whaack: well I just made this http://paste.deedbot.org/?id=y_Un , idk if this is specific enough though [17:33]
BingoBoingo: whaack: The kinda generator you need for 24+ hour outages is a buy locally thing. Even the kind you use for up to 8 are too heavy per baggagehandler union rules [17:33]
diana_coman: whaack: that's a schedule; a to-do list goes 1. find out if/where I can buy a generator in CR 2. write the full post on interests 3. ... [17:37]
diana_coman: whaack: schedule is fine, sure, but a different thing. [17:38]
whaack: ok i will make a separate todo list and adjust the schedule if necessary to have the goal of completing the todo list. [17:39]
diana_coman: whaack: my q was *how long*; because if you can jot it down in half-hour max, do it and publish it and we can use it; if it takes you one day, it's not worth it [17:40]
diana_coman: this to-do list is to help you focus & organise, not an exam [17:40]
whaack: yeah its the kind of thing i could get trapped rewriting over and over and wasting a day on. so how about I dedicate 30 mins to it right now and see what comes out [17:44]
diana_coman: whaack: sounds good, go ahead. [17:44]
whaack: http://paste.deedbot.org/?id=ekky (took 25 mins) [18:09]
diana_coman: whaack: as long as you did not spill it over 30 at least; though honestly, you are overthinking/over-optimising too soon [18:11]
whaack: okay. i noticed that i did have 90\% of that in the first ~10 mins and didn't really gain anything for the last 15 mins, that's why i quit before using up the 30min. [18:13]
diana_coman: whaack: so let's see, you have 3 main things: tmsr, cr trip, meat [18:14]
diana_coman: whaack: you really need to learn to structure stuff better; for one thing you are mixing categories there, what sort of enummeration is that ? [18:14]
diana_coman: all items need to be same type aka if you classify something, you can't change criteria in the middle [18:15]
diana_coman: some tasks are by frequency, others by topic and so on [18:15]
diana_coman: anyways, back to it: for tmsr you need to setup your blog, do the travel backlog, do the post that kept growing/was postponed; hopefully this last one was not abandoned until now but anyways [18:16]
diana_coman: for CR you need basics in luggage + making sure you can work from there (incl...travel adapters if needed, lolz) & preparing the ground as much as you can; [18:18]
diana_coman: re books I don't know - you can't order them there or what? [18:18]
diana_coman: whaack: are there some specific books you need all of a sudden? why/what? [18:19]
whaack: re categorization - ack that it is dumb. maybe there's no reason to have any categorization and instead i should only order by priority [18:20]
whaack: re books: i just consider that such as luggage that benefits from prepping. there's stocked bookstores here in nyc, but not where i am there. i guess it is low priority since as you mention i can just figure out how to order them there. [18:23]
diana_coman: whaack: and books are *heavy* [18:26]
diana_coman: (says one who lugged about a whole library though not in one go) [18:27]
diana_coman: but note that you can get them delivered there too, what [18:27]
whaack: okay. i have heard stories of people in my general area having trouble getting stuff delivered and perhaps have been planning on this misconception that it is impossible. [18:28]
diana_coman: whaack: so better talk to them and find out exactly what dumb thing they did to have trouble, so you don't do it too [18:29]
BingoBoingo: The books I packed for Uruguay were the least useful items by weight and volume [18:30]
diana_coman: understand that the world *responds* to what you do, really; so there is no such generic, overall thing "can't do x or y" [18:30]
diana_coman: whaack: anyway, I'd say finish setting up your blog today + any of the backlog of travel stuff you can manage; then for making luggage focus on the goals there ie what you know already that you *need* [18:32]
diana_coman: whaack: for the post re interests, work on it every day rather than all of it in one go; and esp do it properly rather than just quickly at the end for another lack of time or whatever [18:33]
diana_coman: and ofc, plan in some meat wot-bye time, why not, just not excessive, it's not another planet entirely [18:34]
diana_coman: whaack: ask if there is/appears more fuziness; don't polish inconsequential stuff [18:35]
whaack: okay ty. i'll try to get the blog online today but jetlag is starting to kick in so if i run into some issue i may just get it done early tomorrow morning. [18:37]
diana_coman: whaack: ok; sleep, certainly. [18:38]
whaack: and i will minizime time derping trying to brainstorm things i will want for CR [18:39]
diana_coman: whaack: cool deal. [18:39]
whaack: got ztkfg.com to a hello world state. off to bed. [21:43]
lobbes: grr seems my logger is missing a single line from #ossasepia from a few days ago. Will need to hunt this down at some point [21:56]

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