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From the series of "I must be doing something right if *they* are so afraid of me", I had today the lulz surprise of finding out that a derpy forum1 "unhappened" silently my account2. As in literally, vanished entirely not only my "page" but also what comments I left for others leading to the great achievement that now there are replies to my non-existing comments3. Wouldn't you say that's great for learning? You get for once a user who can and is willing to actually help others around and then you ...unhappen this user without a word even because... what exactly? No idea but possibly they have a bucketfull of "oh noez" that I kicked over without even trying or something4.

Oh noez and all that but imagine it - after making an account and engaging with some newcomers there for their benefit5, the loss on my side is... what exactly? That I will now totally set the bozo bit on this particular derpy forum? That they give me now an excellent antecedent as to why exactly it's a mistake to even take any notice of their "forum" interface and accounts and all that pretense at all? And that clearly from now on I'll document upfront each and every descent I still deign to make into such sad holes? Or perhaps that they are slowly but surely adding concrete fuel to my otherwise sluggish motivation for pillage and burning, that must totally be their gain I'm sure.

  1. Since can't derp without pretense, it's called theodinproject and I'm not going to link it, no. It has a stylised hunting trophy icon and is otherwise a sad trap for web-developer wannabe misguided souls. It runs on "Discourse" too so that it's in *that* bucket rather than in a different bucket (e.g. flarum, *BB and so on.) for all the difference that makes to the caught crabs within. 

  2. Here's what it says today at the link for my account, preserved in amber for the future: 

  3. Here's an example of a reply to one of my comments and I'll let you judge how terrible my comment must have been given the reply: "That's an excellent point - I did take some statistics/logic and reasoning courses as well, though, so hopefully that'll help with the literal-ness!" 

  4. By now it's probably extremely easy too as I'm clearly alien to them. 

  5. In fairness it was all of 20 minutes first-pass sort of thing, to get the pulse of the place - apparently it didn't even survive the lightest touch, who knew there are such wallflowers on the internets. 

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  1. lobbes says:

    O_o wow.

    This, imo, is another great tangible example of "why TMSR": It is a place where not only can one work on things that matter (to one's self, personally), but you won't find yourself spending valuable finite time on this planet drawing on the "Great Etch A Sketch" only to have some boogery kid come and take it and erase all of your work.

    And when people wonder "am I wrong in my thinking" of not wanting to join the republic, what always jumps into my head is that saying: you may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you

  2. Diana Coman says:

    Drawing on the Great Etch A Sketch is a waste to start with - here they just made (involuntarily, sure) the point more obvious so that nobody can claim it's not visible. Then again, people will claim anything they want to be true (or rather that they really, really don't want to be false) and convince themselves of it too.

    That "wonder" sounded more like a lot of confusion really - perhaps Stan will have the patience to unpick it for the guy's benefit.

  3. Sounds a lot like that time fetlife deleted a bunch of random users. Or that time rotards got upset. Or...

    What can you do, you know ? Decit prost, urit, sarac si bolnav, tot mai bine destept, frumos, bogat si sanatos.

  4. Diana Coman says:

    Quite so, I am aware that examples exist and were previously made public by you indeed. Since I was silly enough to not learn from others, here it is, I had to learn it through personal experience (though I must say that I don't regret it at all, not in the tiniest). There is only a bit of surprise at how scary I seem apparently, even in 20 minutes worth of rather peaceful comments - it inevitably paints this picture of "wolf! wolf!" shouted by shepherds who are afraid their sheep might start vanishing from the enclosure.

  5. Ah, didn't mean anything like that at all, obviously the examples have to keep coming, forever, otherwise what's even the point of life anymore. I just tend to group things together as the first step to... well, science, you know ?

  6. Diana Coman says:

    Ah, makes sense. And having the links is quite handy actually - it might even reduce a bit the cases of "where was X."

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