Quest for the Crafty Noob

May 3rd, 2017 by Diana Coman

Eulora is this game where players get to actually do... everything. Even give quests to other players, when they want to and as (or if!) they like it. No more "bring me 7 rats' tails and I'll give you a rat's ass" a la every other RPG out there but good old fashioned elder talking1: here son, take ye olde blueprint and craft yourself a table first if you are serious about actually doing something in this life!

The table in question is not any table but the very useful and extremely versatile craft-table that Foxybot uses to carry stuff around when one doesn't use it to craft or to store or to expand one's inventory. And so the quest goes like this:

Find Foxy in game and ask her for the Crafty Noob's first quest. Ask her nicely for she is under no obligation to give the quest to you! If she is however of a nice enough disposition to give you a helping hand, she'll give you a few items, including a craft-table blueprint that reads like this:


She'll also give you a bit of advice: take those items and go find the public crafting table that is close to one NPC called Electron Spirover, up a rocky hill. Once there, figure out how to use the things she gave you (as well as other bits that you might need but can find yourself with a bit of /explore) and make yourself your very own Craft-table!

As a bonus, you might even get some numina in the process. Or at least find out that you... could have gotten some numina such as Petrified Feelings. If only you knew how and why or when one gets such things...

  1. Do you even still find this in *real* life around you? Did you ever look for it? 

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2 Responses to “Quest for the Crafty Noob”

  1. krossfire says:

    So, basically, this is the first article I could actually add a comment too without sounding completely redundant. This is Mircea's game, right :)) ?

  2. Diana Coman says:

    It is, yes. I started as a player and ended up cto, what can I say more.

    Maybe hang around a bit, try it out, read the logs at and - things might get a bit clearer :)

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