The Sentiments of Grass

December 5th, 2016 by Diana Coman

(This could be - but nobody knows for sure anymore - another page out of that half-eaten Diary that Foxy used to keep. It all starts with pains and names and all that.)

Since its early days of broken Maths and painful cooking, Eulora has certainly grown up in leaps and bounds - or rather limps and hobbles. It grew up in fact so much that one might say it started quite developing - for starters it developed its own feelings and sentiments, dusts and mites, lint and horrors and all sorts that it calls with one word - numina.

Feelings1 in Eulora are quite abundant and totally worthless. At least the low quality, 100 a dime feelings that anyone can easily get - for Eulora's advances most pointedly include some rather ruthless Mathematics that apply to all that shiny new and totally petrified sentimental numina. Feelings of superior quality - superior in Euloran sense, aka "slightly less horrible than the usual" - though have recently been shown to be - of course - quite difficult to get. How difficult? Well, difficult enough that you'd spend about 200% their base-value2 worth to even get some, it would seem. Difficult enough that you'd first use all your 10 thoes to dig up some shiny, slinky, silky grass that WAS actually happy to be alive, then burn up the increasingly-rarer-and-hard-to-get coarse frangible thread blueprints, spend your days and nights hunched over a craft-table threading grass and then - only then - you'd hope to get some such lofty - despite being petrified really - feelings. As well as a hefty loss in terms of base value, of course - remember that ruthless Mathematics? It counts feelings with a big fat minus in front!

Perhaps feelings being so worthless in Eulora is hardly surprising given that people found before and in other parts that feelings are downright evil and out to get you when you aren't looking - at least when you aren't looking in all the right places, at the right thing and in your right mind that is. But even after discarding therefore those feelings in the dust where they can do least damage (to your finances at least), there surely are - there MUST be - the more valuable sort of numina, the Sentiments3. Oh, they certainly are more valuable - about 100 times more valuable. And almost impossible to get out of all that shiny, luscious grass that you've been... threading last night, full of feelings and what not.

Almost impossible, but... not quite. Rare indeed or rather worse than rare - meaning at a huge loss - sentiments it would seem can be had even of the grass variety. Welcome therefore to Eulora, this most sentimental island - tread with care for the grass itself is full of...feelings!4


  1. Tinkerer's Petrified Feelings, to be precise. 

  2. At least 200%! 

  3. By their full and very imaginative name - Tinkerer's Petrified Sentiments  

  4. And I don't know about your own feelings and all that, but if they are the usual Euloran type, they surely ARE out to get you, yeah. 

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