#eulora Logs for 14 Oct 2016

October 14th, 2016 by Diana Coman
anond: hello people [08:06]
shinohai: hello anond [08:06]
anond: hello shinohai [08:06]
anond: how are you going today? [08:07]
shinohai: just having coffee [08:08]
anond: :) [08:08]
anond: great [08:08]
anond: i had my coffee already [08:08]
shinohai: nice [08:09]
anond: i am somewhat happy [08:09]
anond: because i reinstalled debian [08:09]
shinohai: for the 217th time ? [08:09]
anond: :) [08:09]
anond: i think for the 3th....or 4th [08:09]
shinohai: lol [08:10]
anond: :) [08:10]
anond: it is funny when it not let us crazy [08:10]
anond: well.. i am here to ask for a help... [08:11]
shinohai: specifically ? [08:11]
anond: is a fight to have sure that i have the correct nividia graphic card installed [08:11]
anond: but...i was thinking in installing eulora again from start [08:12]
shinohai: so u *did* fix your driver issue? [08:13]
anond: but im in doubt if i have follow instructions for ubuntu or i should to use the jurov's .deb packages..or even..if you had the new .deb packages/scripts that you were talking some days ago [08:13]
shinohai: if u want to get started quickly use jurovs .deb pkg [08:14]
shinohai: if u want to tinker with client, build from source [08:15]
anond: welll. if you have conditions to help to build from source i would like [08:16]
shinohai: follow the latest build instructions for ubuntu [08:17]
shinohai: and it will work on debian as well [08:17]
anond: the instructions in this link: http://www.eulorum.org/Ubuntu? [08:18]
lobbesbot: Title: Ubuntu - Eulorum (at www.eulorum.org) [08:18]
shinohai: yes anond [08:18]
anond: ok [08:18]
shinohai: install deps under 14 [08:19]
anond: what this means? "dependencies under 14"? what is 14? [08:19]
shinohai: sighs [08:20]
shinohai: follow the instructions for installing dependencies under Ubuntu 14.04: [08:21]
anond: oh... i remembered [08:21]
shinohai: just slowly read and follow exact instructions in wiki and it shall install fine [08:23]
anond: ok.. but you may remember me abou the comand to install all deps at once? [08:25]
shinohai: yes [08:26]
anond: :) [08:26]
anond: please..tell me it then... [08:27]
shinohai: it is right there on the page anond i really don't understand what you miss [08:28]
anond: ok...shinohai...Iam very thanksfull for your help anyway [08:44]
shinohai: sorry i cant help u [08:44]
shinohai: :/ [08:44]
anond: running the apt-get install with all that deps... [08:44]
anond: i have received this error [08:45]
anond: Impossível encontrar o pacote liblcms-dev [08:45]
shinohai: so remove that package from the list and try again [08:45]
shinohai: and u will build it later [08:45]
mircea_popescu: or use a proper server that has it [08:51]
anond: hi mircea...good morning..... what would be a properserver that has it? [08:52]
shinohai: u *can* change your deps to minigame server if u are very careful [08:53]
anond: :)...i m not very careful.. i am justing trying to be [08:54]
anond: and i dont know how to do that (cahnge my deps to minigame server) [08:54]
anond: WELL...it is done all deps installed...after i have removed that one [08:55]
mircea_popescu: anond what server do you currently use ? just use an official mirror. [08:55]
anond: yes..probably i use a oficial mirror...but i have not sure...what i know is that information is in /etc/apt/sources.list [08:56]
anond: maybe there is a command to know if i am using a oficial mirror? [08:57]
anond: WELL. iam running the 3th command now (the curl command) [08:58]
shinohai: curl evil sh [08:59]
anond: if it was to me... : curl: (6) Could not resolve host: evil [09:00]
shinohai: kek [09:03]
anond: i am a really boring person... what is 'kek'? [09:04]
mircea_popescu: lol. [09:06]
anond: i am 10 minutes from finish of the curl eulora command.... [09:06]
mircea_popescu: cool [09:06]
shinohai: !~bash 4 [09:09]
jhvh1: Last 4 lines bashed and pending publication [09:09]
anond: :) [10:04]
anond: Hello...shinohai [10:35]
anond: Are you available to help now? [10:35]
shinohai: is currently making his daily 10:20 sacrifice to ktulu can't help now [10:38]
anond: :) [10:39]
anond: ok....but....eventually you could despise your sacrifice and make a one to help a poor soul... [10:42]
mircea_popescu: what's teh problem anond ? [10:59]
anond: welll... i am at the 7th step of instruction to install eulora for ubuntu [11:07]
anond: (foxybot) [11:07]
mircea_popescu: ok [11:08]
anond: I am not sure if i should install foxybot or if is already part of newest eulora client [11:08]
mircea_popescu: pretty sure it's included in 0.1.2 [11:09]
anond: hello people [13:28]
anond: i have done something wrong [13:28]
anond: im giving up for today [13:28]
anond: i want to play eulora..but real life is calling [13:29]
anond: ,,,,,,,,,, [17:06]
mircea_popescu: ? [17:08]
shinohai: lo [17:20]
hanbot: Only a coupla hours left on Auction: 230k boulders q177. available in locked exp marker for saving storage space. current bid @ 36 Mil., ETA Friday the 14th 23:59 ART. bid if you're gonna! [21:14]
th3nolo_: hi mircea_popescu [22:22]
th3nolo_: :D [22:22]
th3nolo_: hi shinohai [22:23]
shinohai: heh [22:23]
th3nolo_: how are you ? [22:23]
shinohai: th3nolo_: buy all the rock you can from hanbot [22:23]
shinohai: do it [22:23]
th3nolo_: why! [22:23]
th3nolo_: O_O! [22:23]
shinohai: rock is up this Sunday [22:23]
th3nolo_: but but why explain you know im newbie [22:24]
th3nolo_: I trust you [22:24]
th3nolo_: but explain would be awesome.. [22:24]
th3nolo_: if you can of course [22:24]
th3nolo_: Dale shinohai [22:25]
th3nolo_: voy entrando [22:25]
shinohai: no estoy en juego [22:25]
shinohai: ando con la novia [22:25]
shinohai: perdon [22:26]
th3nolo_: AH perdón [22:26]
th3nolo_: Disfrute :) [22:26]
th3nolo_: shinohai tengo una pregunta.. [22:26]
hanbot: well the way i sees it, if you buy some rock, then you'll have some. it's like a two-levelled sort of thing. [22:26]
mircea_popescu: holla [22:26]
th3nolo_: :O [22:26]
th3nolo_: Mircea.. you are developer of bitcoin ? [22:26]
mircea_popescu: mmm not exactly. [22:26]
th3nolo_: I found some pague that says the real bitcoin and .. [22:27]
shinohai: kek [22:27]
th3nolo_: they referd me to trilema [22:27]
th3nolo_: channel [22:27]
th3nolo_: thats kinda weird.. [22:27]
th3nolo_: but [22:27]
th3nolo_: the irc is the same free node trilema [22:27]
shinohai: because real bitcoin is trilema ad ininitum [22:27]
th3nolo_: O_O [22:27]
shinohai: didn't u get drummed out of the service? [22:27]
mircea_popescu: i'm so confused. [22:28]
th3nolo_: But why ? [22:28]
th3nolo_: I do something wrong ? [22:28]
th3nolo_: Solo .. pregunte eso por curiosidad disculpe si fue algo malo [22:28]
th3nolo_: O no debí preguntar eso U_____U [22:28]
th3nolo_: RIP th3nolo [22:29]
mircea_popescu: lol you can't buy hanbot 's rocks, the top bid is like 36mn [22:29]
mircea_popescu: fancy that, 00 worth of rocks. [22:29]
shinohai: i was trolling th3nolo_ [22:29]
mircea_popescu: :p [22:30]
th3nolo_: XD [22:30]
th3nolo_: http://thebitcoin.foundation/index.html [22:30]
lobbesbot: Title: ..::[ The Bitcoin Foundation ]::.. (at thebitcoin.foundation) [22:30]
th3nolo_: http://ft.trillian.im/382e8cabb28e20a71011f326dcdcbb0f62de4f69/6LgAmhUqjJhk58Kt35lmCEPlGOryl.jpg [22:30]
shinohai: so u registered ur key? [22:32]
th3nolo_: Well no :( [22:32]
shinohai: so u dont matter [22:32]
th3nolo_: Que pasaría si lo hubiera hecho o_o? [22:33]
shinohai: nada [22:33]
shinohai: estas identificado?\ [22:33]
shinohai: on no [22:33]
th3nolo_: Soy el mismo th3nolo [22:34]
th3nolo_: pero estoy usando trillian [22:34]
th3nolo_: tal vez.. por eso :/ aparece th3nolo_ [22:34]
th3nolo_: como haría para entrar en mi usuario ? [22:34]
th3nolo_: soy muy malo manejando el irc [22:34]
shinohai: k trillian [22:34]
shinohai: ah ok [22:36]
shinohai: soy culpable [22:36]
shinohai: desconectaste la vez pasado [22:36]
th3nolo_: Ah! [22:37]
th3nolo_: bueno :( [22:37]
shinohai: tranquilo [22:38]
shinohai: estas ahora? [22:38]
th3nolo_: si [22:39]
th3nolo_: voy a tratar de reconectar a ver si puedo tener mi nick normal [22:39]
shinohai: anda [22:39]
th3nolo_: si no buscare en algun manual de free node a ver. [22:39]
th3nolo: yo! [22:42]
th3nolo: shinohai ahora si logre :) [22:43]
shinohai: ya [22:43]
th3nolo: shinohai por alguna razón mi trillema no me dejaba entrar a mi cuenta me toco borrar el perfil y luego si me dejo [22:43]
shinohai: estas en barrio? [22:43]
th3nolo: Si! [22:43]
th3nolo: estoy frente al bot [22:43]
th3nolo: si bien recuerdo [22:43]
shinohai: anda esperame [22:43]
shinohai: 5 [22:43]
th3nolo: Vale [22:44]
th3nolo: Igual conectandome :) [22:44]
shinohai: en barrio encuentro [22:46]
th3nolo: entrando! [22:48]
th3nolo: shinohai que quiere que haga con las keys ? [22:51]
shinohai: one more trade master robot [22:51]
th3nolo: shinohai espero tus instrucciones :) [22:51]
th3nolo: ok [22:51]
shinohai: accept trade [22:52]
th3nolo: ya [22:52]
th3nolo: shinohai what you want from me [22:53]
th3nolo: shinohai what i need to do with the keys ? [22:53]
shinohai: buscalsos y cuando terminas llevalos al barrio [22:53]
th3nolo: Ok no se necesita [22:53]
th3nolo: ningun item intermedio? [22:53]
shinohai: te lo doy tu percentaje de todo [22:53]
shinohai: los hilos [22:53]
th3nolo: osea.. digo no necesito comprar nada ._. ? [22:53]
shinohai: k te di [22:53]
shinohai: no comprar hay nada [22:54]
th3nolo: Coarse [22:54]
shinohai: 7 hilos y llave [22:54]
shinohai: si [22:54]
th3nolo: what is litle bit nothing [22:54]
th3nolo: i have this item but i don't know why [22:54]
shinohai: xtra [22:54]
shinohai: guardalo [22:54]
th3nolo: Ok [22:54]
th3nolo: pos.. [22:54]
th3nolo: and what is the other command ? [22:54]
th3nolo: navigate [22:55]
shinohai: saves? [22:56]
shinohai: es /pilot [22:56]
th3nolo: Ese! [22:56]
shinohai: @ th3nolo cuanto tiempo llveas para terminar los tratos [23:04]
th3nolo: Bueno [23:04]
th3nolo: ._. [23:04]
th3nolo: acabo de llegar [23:04]
shinohai: no hay pena [23:06]
shinohai: dejamos hasta madrugo? [23:06]
shinohai: o tarde? [23:06]
th3nolo: tarde [23:07]
th3nolo: ._. [23:07]
th3nolo: shinohai [23:07]
th3nolo: cuando.. [23:07]
th3nolo: digo como se llama [23:07]
th3nolo: el contenedor? [23:07]
th3nolo: estoy en el punto pero no logro abrir nada con la llave [23:07]
shinohai: paciencia [23:08]
shinohai: sigue usando /pilot [23:08]
shinohai: y /pos [23:08]
shinohai: vos [23:08]
shinohai: ;) [23:08]
th3nolo: Listo [23:09]
th3nolo: :D [23:09]
th3nolo: estaba escondido [23:09]
th3nolo: JAJAJ [23:09]
th3nolo: fuck.. [23:10]
th3nolo: what do you have in mind to build [23:10]
th3nolo: D:! [23:10]
th3nolo: D! [23:10]
th3nolo: No tengo ._______________. [23:10]
shinohai: pongas 7 cft in container [23:10]
th3nolo: El pergamino [23:11]
shinohai: (-__\) #enserio [23:11]
th3nolo: Si T_T [23:11]
th3nolo: pregunte lo del pergamino :c [23:11]
th3nolo: pero pero t-t [23:11]
th3nolo: me tocara volver fu cja sfask aha} [23:11]
th3nolo: xD [23:11]
shinohai: ay vaya [23:12]
th3nolo: RIP [23:12]
th3nolo: xd [23:12]
shinohai: necesitas algo mas [23:12]
th3nolo: Volvere.. [23:12]
th3nolo: t-t [23:12]
shinohai: ok [23:16]
th3nolo: estoy en el barrio [23:18]
th3nolo: al bot le puedo comprar [23:18]
th3nolo: el pergamino ? [23:18]
th3nolo: y de ser así creo que necesitare varios :p [23:18]
shinohai: esperame [23:19]
shinohai: cuales llaves tienes [23:19]
shinohai: xD [23:19]
th3nolo: 9 [23:20]
th3nolo: todas son de cosas [23:20]
th3nolo: diferentes [23:20]
shinohai: ok hazme una lista de paste porfa [23:27]
shinohai: y lo hacemos en la tarde [23:27]
th3nolo: ok [23:28]
th3nolo: http://ft.trillian.im/382e8cabb28e20a71011f326dcdcbb0f62de4f69/6LgEebaT6rJN0Yoo2jRZbfYoBLPkg.jpg [23:29]
th3nolo: http://ft.trillian.im/382e8cabb28e20a71011f326dcdcbb0f62de4f69/6LgEeYD8bntxllzope1SHFbrpu5h3.jpg [23:29]
th3nolo: http://ft.trillian.im/382e8cabb28e20a71011f326dcdcbb0f62de4f69/6LgEg6uu51t1TmWocLBhoXttZ5Xyn.jpg [23:30]
th3nolo: http://ft.trillian.im/382e8cabb28e20a71011f326dcdcbb0f62de4f69/6LgEgYGAf1bUZPveMWtmSymf38eru.jpg [23:30]
th3nolo: http://ft.trillian.im/382e8cabb28e20a71011f326dcdcbb0f62de4f69/6LgEi0mTeZzduJJRm6LYBCyS4c5tD.jpg [23:30]
th3nolo: http://ft.trillian.im/382e8cabb28e20a71011f326dcdcbb0f62de4f69/6LgEiNN0jYOWK4XkgyDrlp9GAojlY.jpg [23:30]
shinohai: fr [23:30]
th3nolo: http://ft.trillian.im/382e8cabb28e20a71011f326dcdcbb0f62de4f69/6LgEjPTjXFCo4p4lisu5Rbn2fM2gz.jpg [23:31]
th3nolo: http://ft.trillian.im/382e8cabb28e20a71011f326dcdcbb0f62de4f69/6LgEkFqvxXfnqkR9du7jZOoSPX0Ic.jpg [23:31]
th3nolo: http://ft.trillian.im/382e8cabb28e20a71011f326dcdcbb0f62de4f69/6LgEl6neYhaSUQ26GisdBmwjJC5dG.jpg [23:31]
shinohai: trade me [23:31]
shinohai: those first [23:32]
th3nolo: ok [23:32]
th3nolo: Una pregunta shinohai [23:32]
shinohai: dime [23:33]
th3nolo: por muy mala suerte que tenga........................... [23:33]
th3nolo: osea tengo la vida ._. [23:33]
th3nolo: blood and health bajando [23:33]
th3nolo: http://ft.trillian.im/382e8cabb28e20a71011f326dcdcbb0f62de4f69/6LgEu4HxrWZRztgbezTCaozJTMCN3.jpg [23:33]
shinohai: olvidalo [23:33]
shinohai: se va renovar [23:33]
th3nolo: ok [23:33]
th3nolo: Shinohai entonces esos son los unicos items [23:34]
th3nolo: que voy a necesitar el de la mente. [23:34]
th3nolo: Y los 7 [23:34]
th3nolo: course [23:35]
th3nolo: no necesito comprar nada mas ?? [23:35]
shinohai: pones en el container [23:35]
shinohai: no [23:35]
th3nolo: Ok [23:35]
shinohai: con eso solo [23:35]
th3nolo: solo 7 en el container mas nada [23:35]
th3nolo: y con eso esta mas que suficiente [23:35]
th3nolo: bueno [23:35]
th3nolo: gracias ahora si [23:35]
th3nolo: a volver T_T [23:35]
shinohai: si y combinar los articulos [23:35]
th3nolo: combinar [23:35]
th3nolo: osea no le doy a mas nada [23:35]
shinohai: te enseno si me digas donde vas [23:35]
th3nolo: porque use and combine is not the same ? [23:35]
shinohai: depende nivel [23:36]
th3nolo: como así ? [23:36]
shinohai: donde vas ahora [23:37]
th3nolo: -230.95 53.12 -133.91 [23:37]
th3nolo: ya vengo eurola se me cerro [23:38]
shinohai: -230.95 53.12 133.91 [23:39]
shinohai: -230.95 53.12 -133.91 [23:39]
shinohai: sigue [23:39]
shinohai: th3nolo: im standing by the claim [23:42]
th3nolo: conectando [23:42]
th3nolo: el eurola [23:42]
th3nolo: se me cerro [23:42]
th3nolo: por error de memoria ram [23:43]
shinohai: asi [23:43]
th3nolo: En camino [23:44]
shinohai: vaya [23:44]
th3nolo: llegue [23:46]
th3nolo: diga ? [23:46]
shinohai: ok [23:46]
shinohai: abrelo [23:47]
th3nolo: ._. [23:47]
th3nolo: de nuevo cual es! [23:47]
th3nolo: xKdkasjdkadj [23:47]
th3nolo: viendo. [23:47]
shinohai: jajaja [23:47]
th3nolo: ya ahí [23:49]
th3nolo: lo vi [23:49]
th3nolo: cual es primero [23:50]
th3nolo: el small glump of dry [23:50]
th3nolo: and combine no ? [23:50]
th3nolo: shinohai [23:51]
shinohai: yes combine [23:51]
th3nolo: me dio [23:52]
th3nolo: un small clump [23:52]
th3nolo: of dry [23:52]
th3nolo: ._. [23:52]
th3nolo: small clump of dry bundle [23:52]
shinohai: ok [23:52]
th3nolo: ._. [23:52]
th3nolo: eso es lo que esperabas ? [23:52]
shinohai: esta vien [23:53]
th3nolo: sigo haciendo mas ? [23:53]
th3nolo: o voy hacia otro contenedor? [23:53]
th3nolo: uso el otro .-. paper [23:53]
th3nolo: con 7 items [23:53]
shinohai: ok [23:54]
th3nolo: que hago xD [23:54]
shinohai: guardarlo hasta tarde [23:57]
shinohai: me voy perdon [23:57]
th3nolo: OK [23:57]
th3nolo: dale :) [23:57]
th3nolo: Yo te esperare tengo por seguro :$ [23:57]
th3nolo: â\u0099¥ [23:57]

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