#eulora Logs for 13 Oct 2016

October 13th, 2016 by Diana Coman
Silverjayw: hello [13:53]
diana_coman: hello Silverjayw [13:59]
Silverjayw: Ive been absent from the game for some time what has been going on [14:00]
diana_coman: lots of cool stuff as usual [14:01]
diana_coman: log in /read logs/wiki/s.mg to see ? [14:01]
Silverjayw: Do you guys plan on uploading the game to the AUR [14:09]
mircea_popescu: what'\s aur [14:12]
Silverjayw: Arch User Repository [14:21]
Silverjayw: It is the repository for arch linux [14:22]
mod6: < hanbot> Auction: 230k boulders q177. make yer own mountain! push them up hills for misery and profit! << lol [14:41]
mircea_popescu: Silverjayw no specific plan for it ; but i'm certainly not against it. what all would it involve ? [14:45]
Silverjayw: Im not entirely sure [14:49]
mircea_popescu: i'm kinda loathe to send engineers on a wild goose chase for you know, busywork cooking lists. [14:49]
mircea_popescu: if there's a clean clear how to or something that's all standard and so on we could prolly do it though. [14:50]

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