#eulora Logs for 30 Apr 2016

April 30th, 2016 by Diana Coman
Zakorus123: anyone selling some good bits of nothing? say... q 60? [00:53]
Birdman: i have q89 [00:55]
Zakorus123: cool [00:55]
Zakorus123: how much would you wanna sell em for [00:55]
Birdman: how many are you looking for? [00:55]
Zakorus123: just ~100 [00:55]
Zakorus123: maybe 200 if its a good price [00:55]
Birdman: idk why you dont just use my bits for free [00:55]
Zakorus123: u wanna give them away? [00:56]
Birdman: but, i'll sell them for 65ecu a pop [00:56]
Zakorus123: oh ic [00:56]
Birdman: well you'd keep a portion of either the resources of bv you get from them [00:56]
Birdman: i'd be hiring you for your labor [00:56]
Birdman: literally hundres of free claims in my wake [00:56]
Birdman: from bot gathering [00:56]
Zakorus123: allrighty ill do the labor [00:56]
Zakorus123: :) [00:56]
Birdman: i dont build them myself cause i get overweight [00:56]
Birdman: meet in town now? [00:57]
Zakorus123: what \% u wanna settle with? [00:57]
Zakorus123: lemme store my stuff so they dont mix [00:57]
Birdman: let me see what quality you're getting [00:58]
Zakorus123: ok [00:58]
Zakorus123: cant pick em up if your right next to them [00:59]
Birdman: alright Zakorus123 imma give you a shit load of enumerations and bits, set my dude to start botting, and you can build the claims as you see them drop [01:02]
Zakorus123: ok [01:03]
Birdman: im gonna set my bot to go in a pretty long line so that i wont be near claims so you can build them [01:03]
Birdman: you know how to build claims right [01:03]
Zakorus123: yes [01:03]
Zakorus123: place the bit in the claim and then click use [01:03]
Birdman: alright, might be sort of a pain in the ass because alot of the claims will be close together [01:04]
Zakorus123: thats cool [01:04]
Zakorus123: work is work :) [01:04]
Birdman: you can keep 10\% of whatever comes out and i can either pay you in ecu for the stuff or can keep it [01:04]
Birdman: trade me [01:04]
Zakorus123: ok [01:04]
Birdman: 5130 lbn [01:05]
Zakorus123: the nothings are too heavy [01:05]
Zakorus123: wait its the enumerations [01:05]
Birdman: 822 threads [01:05]
Birdman: yeah you might have to keep some in storage [01:06]
Zakorus123: hold on [01:06]
Birdman: yep [01:06]
Zakorus123: lemme do that first [01:06]
Birdman: im sure it wont be hard to keep track of what is mine and yours come the end of it [01:06]
Birdman: and the enumerations are pretty worthless themselves but i do want any extras back [01:07]
Zakorus123: ok [01:07]
Birdman: and use 7 threads per small claim [01:08]
Zakorus123: ok this is a workable weight [01:08]
Zakorus123: lets do this [01:08]
Zakorus123: gosh these have become htoo heavy again [01:09]
Zakorus123: 1sec [01:09]
Zakorus123: ill store somore tiny ones [01:09]
Birdman: alright cool, theres already a row of claims, imma start the bot perpendicular to that so you can build those whilist i get more [01:09]
Birdman: and tell me what quality you get when you build one [01:10]
Zakorus123: ok ready [01:10]
Birdman: those claims can all be built where my dude's facing [01:11]
Birdman: go nuts [01:11]
Birdman: whatcha doin buddy lol [01:11]
Birdman: <Birdman>alright cool, theres already a row of claims, imma start the bot perpendicular to that so you can build those whilist i get more << Zakorus123 [01:12]
Zakorus123: ok [01:12]
Zakorus123: i dont see the claims [01:12]
Birdman: they're behind me now [01:12]
mircea_popescu: Zakorus123> work is work :) << lol nice ethics. [01:12]
Zakorus123: wait [01:12]
Zakorus123: they arent showing up [01:12]
Birdman: you dont see the claims where i am right now? [01:13]
Birdman: to my guy's left and right in a big line? [01:13]
Zakorus123: oohhh [01:13]
Zakorus123: those are yours good [01:13]
Birdman: and also thats cause i havent found one yet heh [01:13]
Birdman: yep [01:13]
Zakorus123: guarded and locked? [01:13]
Birdman: wont be guarded once my guy moves away [01:14]
Birdman: start at the far end or somethin [01:14]
Birdman: also [01:14]
mircea_popescu: lol this is pretty cool [01:14]
Zakorus123: ok figured it out [01:14]
Zakorus123: opening [01:14]
Birdman: not sure how feasible this will be, you might have to do this in intervals if im afk seeing as you wont be able to tell which is built or not, if im not afk i can scooch my dude over some steps and let you get that line while i make another [01:14]
Zakorus123: i got 1 q47 [01:15]
mircea_popescu: nb [01:15]
Birdman: the intervals being do one line then wait till its all fresh claims [01:15]
Birdman: nice [01:15]
Zakorus123: ok [01:15]
Birdman: but i do bot gather like this all day so it'll work, just hopefully smoothly [01:15]
mircea_popescu: i guess i should auction more tools huh. [01:16]
Birdman: and this will be very nice for you to rank up, which is probably the biggest part of your profits here [01:16]
Birdman: i really dont like tools mircea_popescu, last batch of imp hoes got me crap if you remember [01:16]
Birdman: was before the major update though [01:16]
mircea_popescu: btw diana_coman you got 334 IO q 219, 11 AMGC q 474, bill comes to 11.25mn ; danielpbarron you won 12 NMGC q 441 bill comes to 5mn. [01:17]
Zakorus123: hold on [01:17]
mircea_popescu: Birdman ah i c. [01:17]
Zakorus123: this is confusing [01:17]
Birdman: whats up [01:17]
Zakorus123: ok working nvm [01:18]
Zakorus123: i got 6 q 134 floatsam from ur small [01:18]
Zakorus123: bah but they combined [01:18]
Zakorus123: into 114 [01:18]
Birdman: oh yeah [01:19]
Birdman: screw it whatever [01:19]
mircea_popescu: hard to keep those apart. [01:19]
Birdman: some profit is better than none right [01:19]
mircea_popescu: Birdman prolly the right way here is for you to mine smalls yourself ; lock ords, and him to mine tinies. [01:19]
mircea_popescu: i think. [01:19]
Birdman: yeah but this is my solution to long gathering runs [01:20]
Birdman: i fill up real quick even building smalls [01:20]
Zakorus123: ok [01:20]
mircea_popescu: ah there is that. [01:20]
Birdman: if i could have the bot skip boulders and other heavy stuff i wouldnt even need the noob [01:20]
mircea_popescu: course the OTHER way you could do is have him ferry things to storage for you. [01:20]
Birdman: right, but still require me to be there [01:20]
mircea_popescu: ah there is that yeah. [01:20]
Birdman: and its a 5 sec walk to town anyways heh [01:21]
mircea_popescu: for now :) [01:21]
Birdman: what would be cool is if i could tell the bot to drop everything when it gets the overweight message and he'd ferry it all back [01:21]
mircea_popescu: this sohuldn't be too hard. [01:21]
Zakorus123: thatd be cool [01:21]
mircea_popescu: need to mod the bot. [01:21]
mircea_popescu: he could have a claim right next to storage you know, he locks stuffs in there. [01:22]
Zakorus123: ok so... this is interesting [01:22]
Zakorus123: im doing boulders now [01:22]
mircea_popescu: then you settle when the day's done. [01:22]
Zakorus123: theyre super heavy [01:22]
Birdman: im just not savvy with that stuff at all though i have entertained the idea of paying alikim to make a mod with some stuff [01:22]
mircea_popescu: Birdman good opportunity to learn a very marketable skill really. [01:23]
mircea_popescu: spend a week figuring out enough c to make the bot work, suddenly have a profession. [01:23]
Zakorus123: thanks birdman for the opportunity but lets stop here this is getting confusing ill give u all the work i did so far [01:23]
Birdman: heh [01:23]
mircea_popescu: lol he thinks THIS is confusing [01:24]
Birdman: what went wrong? [01:24]
mircea_popescu: wait till he sees crafting. [01:24]
Zakorus123: lol what went wrong is things are ketting combined. and things are close together and things are being clicked [01:24]
Zakorus123: i think itd take me 5 minutes to do one claim [01:24]
mircea_popescu: no real way to avoid that. [01:24]
Zakorus123: cus im trying to figure it out [01:24]
Birdman: the mixing is no problem, but i dont understand the rest [01:25]
mircea_popescu: so what's the problem Zakorus123 , take your time. [01:25]
mircea_popescu: they only expire in an hour. [01:25]
Birdman: they claims are too close together? [01:25]
Zakorus123: ok then. ill keep going then [01:25]
Zakorus123: i think itll work out [01:25]
mircea_popescu: Birdman i think he just got overwhelmend / stressed out. [01:25]
Birdman: ah [01:25]
Birdman: well yeah Zakorus123 there wont be a shortage of claims in days to come [01:25]
Birdman: i gave you enough to last a week anyways lol [01:26]
Zakorus123: lol ok [01:26]
mircea_popescu: basically it's free money for the picking. [01:26]
Birdman: ^ [01:26]
Birdman: more so the free exp [01:26]
mircea_popescu: hey, exp = time = money [01:26]
Birdman: you'll level up doing this quickly opposed to taking forever to find your own claims to compensate that same amount [01:26]
Birdman: yeah very true [01:26]
Zakorus123: ok [01:27]
mircea_popescu: he did get like 1k ECu trading me some stuff he mined [01:27]
mircea_popescu: so not doing entirely bad with it anyway. [01:27]
Birdman: ill try to make a note every hour to move my guy some steps so the new and old claims arent getting mixed [01:27]
Zakorus123: ok [01:28]
Birdman: if i had stocks of every type of enumeration i'd just do a line 200 across the island and that'd be enough probably to be afk during the entire thing [01:28]
Zakorus123: nice [01:29]
Zakorus123: ok this is awesome im getting the nag of it [01:31]
Zakorus123: hang* [01:31]
Birdman: so bv q89 bit is 9.79 ecu you're getting q47 and boulders are the lowest in bv so we'll use that, (59*.47-11*.89)*.9 is profits per bit after i pay you 10\% [01:32]
Birdman: but who knows what i really paid to get those bits [01:33]
Birdman: i sure as hell dont [01:33]
Birdman: and calculating for those threads is a whole nother beast, but i think all in all this is making me money [01:33]
Zakorus123: ok [01:34]
Birdman: plus i wouldnt wanna use 5k q89 bits anyways [01:34]
Birdman: still have maculature for another 20k bits but my SI are lemons [01:34]
Birdman: just give me a shit ton of bouq numina at q89 [01:34]
Birdman: how awesome is this game Zakorus123, have you ever played runescape? i used to hire noobs to do almost exactly what you're doing [01:35]
Zakorus123: yeah [01:35]
Zakorus123: runescape was good for a time [01:35]
Zakorus123: inventory full [01:36]
Zakorus123: hold on come here and take one of your boulders foff me [01:36]
Zakorus123: off* [01:36]
Birdman: yeah i havent played it since childhood, few months ago i went to see what was up with it but it sucks now [01:36]
Birdman: just drop some and go to storage and put em in their for now [01:36]
Zakorus123: ok [01:36]
Birdman: alternatively you can choose a claim with a key in it and store resources in there [01:37]
Birdman: but it'll probably fill pretty fast [01:37]
Birdman: if you do, make sure you lock it [01:37]
Birdman: and dont forget to keep an eye on your skill tabs, you need to train that the boxy npc to continue ranking up [01:37]
Birdman: i assume you've already leveled in building [01:38]
Birdman: another pro tip is that you can continue to gain exp towards one more level after you rank up, so if you get from 4 to 5, you will get exp till you reach level 6, so the next time you train you'll go directly from being exp capped at level 5 to exp capped at level 6 [01:39]
Zakorus123: im done with that line [01:40]
Zakorus123: ok thats cool [01:40]
Zakorus123: working on it [01:41]
Birdman: yeah, as expected you're going to build them faster than i can find them, so if you run out of claims just wait like an hour cycle and there'll be more waiting for ya [01:42]
Zakorus123: ok [01:42]
mircea_popescu: actually... should i sell some enums ? [01:46]
mircea_popescu: i got large stocks i'll likely never use. [01:47]
Zakorus123: 1sec storage [01:47]
mircea_popescu: Birdman any interest in say 4k cdg tiny enums ? q 213 [01:49]
Zakorus123: did u give me any tiny pol stones enums [01:50]
Zakorus123: cus i cant find them [01:50]
Zakorus123: hold on [01:50]
Zakorus123: nope [01:50]
Zakorus123: u didnt [01:50]
mircea_popescu: Zakorus123 you know he's prolly afk, bot mines. [01:50]
Zakorus123: ok [01:50]
mircea_popescu: one great thing about eulora is that you can let it go in the background once you figure your stuff out. [01:51]
mircea_popescu: i often leave it to craft while i sleep for instance. [01:51]
Zakorus123: done for now [01:56]
Zakorus123: will wait for u to finish [01:56]
Zakorus123: Birdman ping [01:58]
Zakorus123: umm it turned into a bundle and didnt finish [02:02]
Zakorus123: wierd [02:02]
Zakorus123: oh u got too close [02:02]
Zakorus123: omg this is so wierd [02:03]
Zakorus123: it wont let me finish the bundle [02:03]
Zakorus123: mircea_popescu can you help [02:04]
Birdman: am i still too close or somethin? [02:04]
Zakorus123: no [02:04]
Zakorus123: it just wont let me finish the bundle keeps saying its been used [02:04]
Birdman: well, the claims probably been used already lol [02:04]
Zakorus123: lol okm then what do i do with the extra bundle [02:05]
Birdman: seriously wont be any shortage of claims though, dont feel you have to micro manage, this can be as lengthy a project as you want [02:05]
Birdman: save it for next time i suppose [02:05]
Zakorus123: ok [02:05]
Zakorus123: birdman can we settle now i wanna go to sleep [02:05]
Birdman: just hold onto it all [02:05]
Zakorus123: then we can pick back up tommarow [02:05]
Zakorus123: ok [02:06]
Zakorus123: good night [02:06]
Zakorus123: i think this is going pretty well [02:07]
Birdman: night [02:07]
Zakorus123: i cant sleep so im gonna continue [02:28]
Birdman: nice [02:28]
Zakorus123: good for both of us :) [02:29]
Zakorus123: u forgot to give me small stone enums [02:29]
Zakorus123: errr polished tiny [02:29]
Zakorus123: actually maybe i accidentally stored them all 1sec [02:30]
Zakorus123: nope theyre not there either [02:31]
diana_coman: danielpbarron> diana_coman, price is a price, no assurance that i'll always want same \% <- indeed; I just wanted to check I got that right since I don't have the bp for waters hence the bv 100\% certain [03:20]
diana_coman: mircea_popescu, you in town? [03:21]
diana_coman: Zakorus123, let me know if you need more tools/threads/bits [03:23]
Zakorus123: hey diano im good for now [03:24]
Zakorus123: working for birdman right now [03:24]
Zakorus123: building for 10\% [03:24]
diana_coman: cool [03:24]
Birdman: :D [03:24]
Birdman: Zakorus123 all i do is this gathering, you can take a month to get it done lol [03:27]
Zakorus123: lol i still wanna postpone [03:27]
Zakorus123: ill tell u if i wanna do it again [03:27]
Zakorus123: so lets settle up for now [03:27]
Birdman: do you mind having an extended deal? if not lets settle tomorrow [03:27]
Zakorus123: its already 3am [03:28]
Birdman: just a bit busy right now [03:28]
Zakorus123: just take a break then [03:28]
Zakorus123: :) [03:28]
Zakorus123: u can get back to it after [03:28]
Zakorus123: lemme grab all ur stuff outta the storage [03:29]
Zakorus123: and i'll see u in town [03:29]
Birdman: alright just throw it all in this craft table im next to and ill deal with it [03:29]
Zakorus123: ok [03:30]
Birdman: or just drop it on top of the table if it runs out of room [03:31]
alikim: diana: when I use your code in worldhandler StepForward() - the movement starts choppy, the char jumps about half unit forward and when I stop it, it sometimes has a knockback. Is it me or is it how the bot always works? Doesn't look identical to a step done with a keypress [03:31]
diana_coman: that sounds weird alikim , never saw it like that really [03:32]
diana_coman: not sure what is going on in there [03:33]
Zakorus123: start taking the stuff out [03:33]
Zakorus123: its full [03:33]
alikim: ;( kk I'll find another way of doing it [03:34]
diana_coman: how do you stop it? [03:34]
diana_coman: or how quickly? [03:34]
diana_coman: because that might be the problem [03:34]
Birdman: Zakorus123 just throw it on top of the table [03:35]
Zakorus123: ohhh [03:35]
alikim: I think using .Push() is a problem [03:35]
diana_coman: all that the function does is to start movement and then stop it basically [03:35]
diana_coman: movement was a huge headache really [03:35]
diana_coman: so if you find a better way to do it, I'll be very glad to know it [03:36]
alikim: yeah, I'm looking at the native code in movement class [03:37]
alikim: this works perfectly for me: mov = psengine->GetCharControl()->GetMovementManager()->FindMovement("forward"); start movement with psengine->GetCharControl()->GetMovementManager()->Start(mov); stop movement with psengine->GetCharControl()->GetMovementManager()->Stop(mov); [03:38]
diana_coman: hm, it didn't work for me at some point [03:39]
diana_coman: it wasn't stopping basically iirc [03:39]
diana_coman: then again, that was probably even a previous version of client alltogether so who knows anymore [03:39]
Zakorus123: dont forget the nothings [03:40]
Zakorus123: :) [03:40]
alikim: it won't stop if you try to stop it with the keyboard, probably because it will rather work with "backward" movement but on it's own it stops [03:41]
Birdman: Zakorus123 good job [03:41]
Birdman: you take your own pay? [03:41]
diana_coman: hm, maybe it wasn't stopping *when I wanted it*/as soon as I wanted it rather [03:42]
Zakorus123: ill tkae it in ecu [03:42]
Birdman: cause i didnt keep track of any of it [03:42]
diana_coman: anyway, cool if it works for you as you want it for sure [03:42]
Zakorus123: i didnt take any pay yet [03:42]
Birdman: heh great [03:42]
Birdman: why i wanted to wait [03:42]
Birdman: what do you feel i owe you? [03:42]
Zakorus123: also dont forget the nothings [03:42]
Zakorus123: ummm... lets just say 20k? [03:42]
Birdman: sure, trade me [03:43]
Zakorus123: ok [03:43]
Zakorus123: thanks [03:43]
alikim: I injected my widget function into the main frame processing update directly to avoid hairy code, so now it stops after 100 frames, I'll try a smaller number of frames later to see how precise it can get [03:43]
alikim: it also can run or walk, so different speed [03:44]
diana_coman: hm, you avoid hairy code by injecting stuff ? [03:44]
alikim: hairy like working with timerevents [03:45]
diana_coman: by my definition that rather is hairy in itself, but each to their own [03:45]
Zakorus123: yo birdman can i buy some of the LBNs off you? [03:49]
Zakorus123: say 200 [03:49]
Birdman: sure, same price quoted before [03:49]
Zakorus123: dont remember waht the price was please remind me [03:50]
Birdman: grep logs [03:50]
Zakorus123: ok scrolling up [03:50]
Zakorus123: ok calcing 65ecu*200 [03:50]
Zakorus123: wow thats alot [03:51]
Zakorus123: hmmm [03:51]
Zakorus123: ill tkae 100 then [03:51]
Zakorus123: got change for 10k right? [03:53]
Birdman: enjoy [03:54]
diana_coman: what q lbn is that? [03:54]
Birdman: 89 [03:54]
Zakorus123: :) [03:55]
Zakorus123: afk [03:55]
Birdman: diana_coman i doubt he'll be profiting at all from that [03:56]
Birdman: swhy he should just kept building my claims / saving keys till he can build something worth a damn [03:57]
diana_coman: yeah, well, for 65ecu he can get higher q lbn [03:57]
Birdman: probably [03:57]
diana_coman: but he's probably best off collecting keys and building with that [03:57]
diana_coman: ripping off the noob on lbn , lol [03:58]
Birdman: i didnt rip em off [03:58]
Birdman: if anything i overpaid him for whatever work he did [03:58]
diana_coman: that is unrelated, isn't it [04:00]
diana_coman: anyway, he seems to be still in the green with that, so up to him [04:01]
Birdman: yeah i guess it is [04:01]
Birdman: but i dont rip people off and didnt :) [04:01]
Birdman: see logs [04:01]
Birdman: wanted the bits, sold em the bits [04:01]
diana_coman: I meant: he can buy higher q at that price, hence not the best deal, that's all [04:01]
diana_coman: but he'll learn [04:02]
diana_coman: good lesson anyway [04:02]
Zakorus123: yeah [04:02]
Birdman: yeah, just makes no sense to sell for less than that [04:02]
Birdman: and he seemed in a rush [04:02]
Zakorus123: im making 33 ecu per claim [04:02]
diana_coman: cool [04:02]
Zakorus123: cus i am indeed getting 3 each [04:03]
Zakorus123: of q 38 [04:03]
Birdman: when/if you decide to sell you can charge a premium as well [04:03]
Zakorus123: good idea [04:03]
Zakorus123: :) [04:03]
Zakorus123: so lets say... 120\% [04:03]
Zakorus123: on tubers [04:04]
diana_coman: he gets paid a premium from what I say [04:04]
diana_coman: from what I saw* [04:04]
Zakorus123: i just got 5 rickety reeds on that last claim [04:07]
Zakorus123: checking cookbook [04:07]
Zakorus123: wow comes out to more than the tubers [04:08]
diana_coman: weird stuff but good on him [04:08]
Zakorus123: yeah its good [04:09]
Zakorus123: :DDD [04:09]
Zakorus123: gonna go afk and feed my cats [04:10]
mircea_popescu: diana_coman> then again, that was probably even a previous version of client alltogether so who knows anymore << yeah iirc was before chet did a bunch of fixes. [04:12]
mircea_popescu: pre major version change last year. [04:12]
diana_coman: just realised that io goes into tuber milk too, ugh [04:14]
mircea_popescu: Zakorus123 there's a lot of variance. occasionally millions' worth out of a tiny have been seen [04:14]
mircea_popescu: diana_coman so it does ya [04:14]
mircea_popescu: and im off to bed. baking a set of imp hoes overnight. [04:14]
diana_coman: which gets me into an ugly dilemma re making milk or flat slag [04:14]
diana_coman: oh, not bad [04:14]
diana_coman: good night [04:14]
mircea_popescu: lol you're welcome to my dilemma from feb :D [04:14]
Zakorus123: wow cool [04:16]
Zakorus123: and btw its a 2 now a 3 so its a bit less but im still makeing a huge profit [04:16]
Zakorus123: the quality is 28 [04:16]
Zakorus123: not 38 [04:16]
Zakorus123: is waht i mean [04:16]
Zakorus123: im allowed to misread things sometimes ^^ [04:17]
Zakorus123: im talking to my friends checks and aston(terry) to see if they wanna join [05:14]
Zakorus123: they seem interested [05:14]
danielpbarron: diana_coman, woa blueprint is on my wiki page [11:56]
mircea_popescu: hmm, should i sell some us ? [12:02]
diana_coman: lol mircea_popescu I was thinking the same, whether I should sell some us [12:36]
diana_coman: danielpbarron, ah, kk, will take it from there then [12:38]
diana_coman: hanbot, I want to buy 5 inconsequential tokens [14:53]
mircea_popescu: aok then [16:47]
Zakorus123: anyone willing to sell me 12 thread bps [17:20]
Birdman: the ultimate grind [17:22]
Zakorus123: hey birdman [17:22]
Zakorus123: :) [17:22]
Birdman: helloo [17:22]
Zakorus123: i have a bunch of dried grass [17:22]
Zakorus123: how much are course frang thread bps worth [17:23]
Zakorus123: ? [17:23]
Birdman: are they in clumps? [17:23]
Zakorus123: yes [17:23]
Birdman: @q100 18 ecu [17:23]
Zakorus123: ok what q u got [17:23]
Birdman: 30 somethin [17:23]
Birdman: but im not trying to make a bunch of nuisnance trades [17:24]
Zakorus123: lets do 5.5 ecu then each i need 12 [17:24]
Zakorus123: cmon man help a guy out [17:24]
Zakorus123: XD [17:24]
Birdman: i offered you work :P [17:24]
Zakorus123: i know but id like to get skills faster [17:24]
Zakorus123: building not only [17:24]
Zakorus123: cfrafting too [17:25]
Zakorus123: and also gathering [17:25]
Birdman: in my opinion building is what you want first if you're starting from ground up [17:25]
Zakorus123: is that true? [17:25]
Zakorus123: <--- is going at it wrong apparently [17:25]
Birdman: well considering the only real free moneys in the game are from keys degrading to bits, yah [17:25]
Zakorus123: yeah ic [17:26]
Birdman: plus my high q enumerations, and bits provided, is probably making you more money faster than doing whatever you've been doing [17:26]
Birdman: and money comes first right [17:26]
Zakorus123: thats true [17:26]
Zakorus123: allrighty then. i think ill work for you again [17:27]
Zakorus123: lets make it a week long thing [17:27]
Birdman: you have the building skill right? [17:27]
Zakorus123: lemme store my stuff [17:27]
Zakorus123: yes [17:27]
Zakorus123: lvl18 right now [17:27]
Zakorus123: or is it 20 [17:28]
Zakorus123: lemme check [17:28]
Zakorus123: yeah 18 [17:28]
Zakorus123: gathering 41 [17:29]
Zakorus123: also. can you give me only 100 enums at a time this time [17:30]
Zakorus123: having so much was overwhelming me i guess [17:30]
Birdman: yeah sure [17:31]
Zakorus123: i mean of each one [17:31]
Zakorus123: lol [17:31]
Zakorus123: lol cus if i had 100 enums of each i could do the week without having a weight issue [17:32]
Zakorus123: thanks again [17:32]
Birdman: not doing 100 of each [17:38]
Birdman: just not doing crazy amounts [17:38]
jurov: alikim i gave up on these named movememnts completely, when on top of similar problems you had , all these movements stop when anything is done in chat window [17:39]
jurov: i use rotation and running exclusively [17:39]
jurov: (same as R key) [17:40]
Zakorus123: sorry for wasting your time birdman i changed my mind again [17:40]
Zakorus123: im so indecisive [17:40]
Birdman: omg [17:40]
Zakorus123: im rlly sorry [17:41]
Zakorus123: it wont happen again [17:41]
Zakorus123: im just getting lots of conflicting info [17:41]
jurov: best is to try everything and do the math to compare [17:42]
Birdman: ^ [17:42]
Zakorus123: yeah [17:42]
Zakorus123: sorry birdman [17:43]
Birdman: its w/e, i'll survive, but opportunity passes [17:43]
alikim: jurov: so at the end, what code do you use? the one from foxybot? the problem I have is that rotation is not precise enough, or maybe it starts moving before rotation is finished, hard to say, but if I rotate and move I miss destination by a couple of units [18:50]
alikim: on the otherhand if I correct angle at each frame the bot starts moving in an expanding spiral outwards, the funniest thing I've seen, probably because of lag it blows up [18:51]
diana_coman: alikim, you do realise that if you use frames as such you are basically implementing something that will behave differently depending on your frame rate too [18:51]
diana_coman: you can always stop rotation before movement and the other way around if the problem is that they overlap [18:52]
alikim: well, I don't have any other means of making a timer do I? [18:52]
alikim: or a delay for that matter [18:52]
diana_coman: what do you mean by other means of making a timer? [18:52]
diana_coman: (and as a matter of fact you certainly do) [18:52]
alikim: like, you want to repeatedly check your position while moving [18:53]
diana_coman: so a timer, what's wrong with the timer exactly? [18:53]
alikim: you just said I have other means except using frames, which ones? [18:54]
diana_coman: the problem re frame-dependent is when you consider number of frames = time, since number of frames pointedly different from time [18:54]
diana_coman: CS provides internal clock [18:54]
diana_coman: if you really want time, it's that you should use [18:55]
diana_coman: ticks elapsed [18:55]
diana_coman: that's what the client even uses, precisely for this reason [18:55]
alikim: I suspect it's the same mechanism as frames if you dig down [18:56]
diana_coman: .... [18:56]
alikim: tick based [18:56]
diana_coman: I don't think you understand what I'm talking about [18:56]
diana_coman: or you don't get what frames are [18:57]
diana_coman: are you saying that ticks will also vary as your frame rate varies? [18:57]
diana_coman: or do you realise that the frame rate varies in the first place? [18:57]
alikim: no, I'm saying frames are generated evry few ticks depending on what you frame rate is [18:57]
diana_coman: based on what are you saying this exactly? [18:58]
alikim: none of it is a problem [18:58]
diana_coman: mk [18:58]
diana_coman: alikim> no, I'm saying frames are generated evry few ticks depending on what you frame rate is <- for others who might read this: it's false [18:59]
diana_coman: read CS manual+code ^ [19:00]
alikim: the problem is that I set rotation to a specific value (so I can't "stop" it because I don't "start" it) and then I need to wait till the server gets it, otherwise you start moving and miss the target [19:00]
alikim: but then I have to introduce lag dependant delay [19:01]
alikim: because I don't know for how long I have to wait [19:01]
diana_coman: I suspect you involve there the "server" without real reason really: movement is mainly client-side, not continuously synch with server [19:03]
mircea_popescu: frame rate is not a preordained value that the engine then follows. frame rate is a measured final output of the engine working. [19:04]
diana_coman: alikim, by what you say, you'd need to keep checking then that the "server got it" whatever that means [19:07]
mircea_popescu: not necessarily a bad policy, in case messages droppe.d [19:08]
diana_coman: sooo, got some 2k damned craft-table bps, let the worms eat them and shit them for all eternity [19:34]
diana_coman: on the brighter side I got some ltf bps too - way more useful [19:34]
mircea_popescu: o.O [19:36]
mircea_popescu: and some potty mouth bps too ? :D [19:37]
diana_coman: who, me? lol [19:37]
hanbot: <diana_coman> hanbot, I want to buy 5 inconsequential tokens << dyou have any supplications? [19:50]
diana_coman: none unfortunately [19:51]
diana_coman: do you know where those are looted from? [19:51]
hanbot: some consideration click or other? iono, tho' Birdman does. anyway they'll be 150k ea in coppers [19:53]
diana_coman: ah, should be bouq cons then, will grep; will take then 3 tokens for now [19:56]
diana_coman: hanbot, ^ [19:58]
hanbot: kk i'll come to town [19:58]
diana_coman: 1 sec so I exchange some coins [19:59]
hanbot: np [20:00]
diana_coman: thanks [20:00]
hanbot: noroc :) [20:00]
diana_coman: ha :) [20:01]
hanbot: anyway should you loot supps, depending what they are, should be ~3/token from me. [20:02]
diana_coman: aha, good to know [20:03]
Zakorus123: i just got a ton and my tool is still good [20:13]
Zakorus123: :D [20:13]
Zakorus123: u still up diana [20:13]
diana_coman: yes, cool [20:13]
Zakorus123: wanna buy? [20:13]
diana_coman: what is a ton and of what, lol [20:14]
diana_coman: but will buy anyway, sure [20:14]
Zakorus123: lots of diff stuff [20:14]
diana_coman: usually best to just group it all in bigger batches really [20:14]
Zakorus123: so is this not enuf? [20:15]
Zakorus123: should i store for later? [20:15]
diana_coman: eh, I get it you need the money, but otherwise make it as many as you can basically [20:15]
diana_coman: will take those now, let me calc [20:16]
Zakorus123: ok [20:16]
Zakorus123: gotcha [20:16]
diana_coman: so 115\% on basics and 130\% on the rest, total is 5608 [20:19]
Zakorus123: nice [20:19]
Zakorus123: so overall a bit of profit [20:19]
Zakorus123: litarrly a bit [20:19]
Zakorus123: 100 satoshi lol [20:19]
diana_coman: how do you calc that? [20:19]
Zakorus123: lemme see whered irwrite it down [20:20]
Zakorus123: wait no im in the red [20:20]
Zakorus123: not the black [20:20]
Zakorus123: my brain isnt that reliable a calculator [20:20]
Zakorus123: maybe i should get a pen and paper [20:20]
diana_coman: did you use for those stuff worth more than 5608 coppers? [20:20]
diana_coman: and yeah, pen+paper = brilliant idea [20:21]
diana_coman: accept [20:21]
Zakorus123: i used alot of my tool [20:21]
Zakorus123: and alot of my thread [20:21]
Zakorus123: so im assuming i should store this till my skill goes up [20:21]
diana_coman: well, use just a few numbers, but numbers, not a lot [20:21]
Zakorus123: i used 103 thread [20:22]
Zakorus123: and half of 1 tool [20:22]
Zakorus123: so lemme see [20:22]
diana_coman: well, half a tool is already 15k [20:23]
Zakorus123: wow way in the red [20:23]
diana_coman: aha [20:23]
Zakorus123: so i should skill up b4 using tools [20:23]
diana_coman: then again, exploring is gambling [20:23]
diana_coman: well, barehanded has the guarantee that you make money, yes [20:24]
Zakorus123: yeah [20:24]
diana_coman: since cost is only time [20:24]
diana_coman: so go ahead [20:24]
Zakorus123: good idea [20:24]
Zakorus123: see u ina while [20:25]
Zakorus123: :) [20:25]
alikim: Bitstamp to Become the First Nationally Licensed Bitcoin Exchange, nice [20:32]
mircea_popescu: they spammed you too ? [20:50]
alikim: yeah [22:23]
alikim: well, it's interesting if they are the first ones to get the gov license [22:24]
alikim: now it's only a matter of time till they are hacked [22:25]
alikim: ok, another bug/feature: message MSGTYPE_MODE, sent to you after death with code PEACE, you start exploring and it tells you you are still dead [22:27]
mircea_popescu: they were hacked multiple times before. [22:33]

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