#eulora Logs for 28 Apr 2016

April 28th, 2016 by Diana Coman
Zakorus123: hi [02:57]
Zakorus123: im trying to sign up for the game looks like i have to see mercea to make an account [02:58]
Zakorus123: anyone home? [02:59]
Birdman: hello Zakorus123 [03:00]
Zakorus123: hi [03:00]
Birdman: around this time i assume mircea_popescu is sleeping, have you registered a gpg key with gribble? [03:00]
Zakorus123: no [03:01]
Zakorus123: how do i do that [03:01]
Zakorus123: honestly im not much of a techy compared to most in the bitcoin field [03:01]
Zakorus123: i just grabbed the binaries and unpakced them at c [03:01]
Birdman: im not really the one to talk to about it either, but im sure someone will help you out soon enough [03:03]
Birdman: but as far as i know that is a prerequisite for getting an account [03:03]
Zakorus123: ok cool [03:03]
Zakorus123: ok downloading gbg now [03:04]
Zakorus123: gpg* [03:05]
Birdman: try /query gribble on freenode and say register that might help [03:07]
Zakorus123: allrighty going good so far [03:08]
Zakorus123: so... ive downloaded gnupg for windows [03:15]
Zakorus123: stuck now [03:15]
Zakorus123: how do i make the key [03:15]
Zakorus123: ok made the key [03:19]
Zakorus123: done made keys password protected and such [03:27]
Zakorus123: what keyserver do i register my keys with for gribble to recognise them [03:38]
Birdman: <gribble>(register <nick> <keyid>) -- Register your GPG identity, associating GPG key <keyid> with <nick>. <keyid> is a 16 digit key id, with or without the '0x' prefix. We look on servers listed in 'plugins.GPG.keyservers' config. You will be given a random passphrase to clearsign with your key, and submit to the bot with the 'verify' command. Your passphrase will expire in 10 minutes. [03:40]
Zakorus123: oic [03:44]
Zakorus123: keyservers config... looking [03:44]
Zakorus123: where would that be again [03:45]
Birdman: i havent the slightest clue to be honest [03:50]
Zakorus123: ok got it done [03:50]
Zakorus123: lol [03:50]
Birdman: sweet, registered an all with gribble? [03:51]
Zakorus123: yep [03:51]
Zakorus123: i think [03:51]
Zakorus123: now what? [03:53]
diana_coman: hi Zakorus123 [03:53]
Zakorus123: hi [03:53]
Birdman: <gribble>(eauth <nick>) -- Initiate authentication for user <nick>. You must have registered a GPG key with the bot for this to work. You will be given a link to a page which contains a one time password encrypted with your key. Decrypt, and use the 'everify' command with it. Your passphrase will expire in 10 minutes. [03:53]
Birdman: auth with gribble then you're good to go i think [03:54]
Zakorus123: this nick is not registered wtf [03:54]
diana_coman: wait a sec, you might be fine [03:55]
diana_coman: meh, no [03:55]
diana_coman: hm, so what did you do so far? [03:56]
diana_coman: got yourself a pair of keys and then? [03:56]
Birdman: huh, keybase is telling me i cant decrypt in the browser anymore since im not hosting my private key with them [03:56]
diana_coman: lolz [03:56]
Zakorus123: registered the long version of the pub key [03:57]
diana_coman: with gribble you mean? [03:57]
Zakorus123: thats what i did last [03:57]
Zakorus123: yes [03:57]
Zakorus123: did i do something wrong? [03:58]
diana_coman: oh, you need to register with deedbot [03:58]
diana_coman: http://www.eulorum.org/Account_Setup [03:58]
lobbesbot: Title: Account Setup - Eulorum (at www.eulorum.org) [03:58]
diana_coman: Birdman, that's the link to give to newcomers really [03:58]
Birdman: will keep that in mind [03:58]
diana_coman: nothing wrong, no worries, just need to do something else Zakorus123 [03:58]
Zakorus123: ohhh [03:59]
Zakorus123: i need to armor it first? [03:59]
diana_coman: it's probably a good idea to get it in ascii-armored format, yes [04:01]
Zakorus123: ok done [04:01]
diana_coman: ok, so successfully exported and uploaded to some key server, then query deedbot and register [04:01]
diana_coman: at the very bottom of that page [04:02]
diana_coman: oh, Birdman you wanted another doubtful tome, right? [04:02]
diana_coman: come and collect [04:02]
diana_coman: the one of 56q I could let go for 180\% but not less really since still no additional bps.. [04:03]
Zakorus123: ok i reg with deedbot but it didnt respond. is it supposed to respond? [04:04]
diana_coman: it might take a while [04:04]
Zakorus123: ok [04:04]
diana_coman: I can check that again in a minute [04:04]
diana_coman: so how did you make your way here Zakorus123 ? [04:05]
Zakorus123: ight [04:05]
Zakorus123: i found you on an RME forum [04:05]
Zakorus123: lemme go find it again [04:05]
Zakorus123: as in real-money-economy [04:05]
Zakorus123: lol [04:05]
diana_coman: aha, cool [04:06]
Zakorus123: http://weirdcommunity.wikia.com/wiki/Real_Cash_Economy_\%28Make_Money_in_Virtual_Worlds\%29 here [04:06]
lobbesbot: Title: Real Cash Economy (Make Money in Virtual Worlds) - Weird Community Wiki - Wikia (at weirdcommunity.wikia.com) [04:06]
Zakorus123: been trying real hard to find a good bitcoin game [04:06]
Zakorus123: for atleast a yeaer [04:06]
Zakorus123: year* [04:06]
diana_coman: did you get to have a look at the wiki/starting page thing? http://www.eulorum.org/Eulora [04:07]
lobbesbot: Title: Eulorum (at www.eulorum.org) [04:07]
diana_coman: the vocabulary concepts and game mechanics are especially good as a starting point [04:07]
diana_coman: heh, you're here [04:07]
Zakorus123: ok cool checking it out [04:07]
diana_coman: hm, deedbot still says you are not registered, did it reply at all? [04:08]
Zakorus123: nope [04:10]
Zakorus123: what should my key look like b4 sending it [04:10]
Zakorus123: should it be ascii armored [04:10]
diana_coman: hm, weird, try with instead of !register as it's written on the wiki as I think deedbot was changed overall to use $ [04:11]
Zakorus123: k [04:11]
diana_coman: it's just the key id you need to register with it [04:11]
Zakorus123: oic [04:11]
Zakorus123: ok so... its still not responding [04:11]
Zakorus123: ok! [04:12]
Zakorus123: it responded [04:12]
diana_coman: aha, cool [04:12]
Zakorus123: and said registered [04:12]
diana_coman: yay, well done [04:12]
Zakorus123: now how do i get a wonderful brand new shiny account [04:12]
Zakorus123: :P [04:12]
diana_coman: as soon as mircea_popescu wakes up he'll make you one [04:12]
Zakorus123: k [04:13]
Zakorus123: well ima gonna eat something while i wait [04:20]
Zakorus123: laterz [04:20]
diana_coman: sure, enjoy your meal Zakorus123 [04:21]
diana_coman: updated wiki too [04:21]
Birdman: so you got some tomes diana_coman ? [04:22]
Birdman: ill take the high q one [04:22]
diana_coman: yes, started to build an ord close to town, should be some 5 min [04:22]
Birdman: no problem [04:23]
Birdman: hopefully i get a pop of cs bps, but even those seem underwhelming as of late [04:26]
Birdman: i swear my barehanded ords are more fruitful [04:26]
diana_coman: ah, I could sell some cs I suppose too, lemme see [04:28]
Birdman: any q150+ threads? [04:29]
diana_coman: sure [04:30]
Birdman: what mark up are we lookin at? [04:30]
diana_coman: hm, I have 192q that I'll sell for 175\% and 144q that I'll sell for 150\% [04:34]
Birdman: ill take the 192 [04:34]
diana_coman: how much of it? [04:34]
Birdman: 1k should do fine [04:35]
diana_coman: kk [04:35]
Birdman: and how much for that tome? [04:35]
diana_coman: as usual 240\% [04:35]
Birdman: awesome [04:35]
diana_coman: unless you come with some bps, there is nothing I can do there [04:35]
Birdman: meh, next months auction though huh? [04:35]
diana_coman: are there tome bps? [04:36]
Birdman: 1k of em [04:36]
diana_coman: good; let me see if I can put together some cs for sale [04:36]
Birdman: i think i may have use for a noob, too seeing as i have a stack of shitty shredding instructions [04:36]
Birdman: noobs can barehanded for free, so i give noob low q bits, they barehanded and build claims and let them keep say 5-10\% of whatever they find and free exp [04:37]
diana_coman: meh, not this round it seems [04:37]
diana_coman: plenty of things for noobs to do still [04:37]
Birdman: might not be the most profitable thing to use, getting really low q resources, but my time is better spent than grinding through a stack of q89 bits [04:38]
diana_coman: trade Birdman [04:38]
diana_coman: 1000*180*1.92*1.75+2.4*3.2*88462 [04:40]
Birdman: 1.27mn cool? [04:40]
diana_coman: lol, k [04:40]
Birdman: thanks [04:40]
diana_coman: 15k discount, lolz [04:41]
diana_coman: at least get some bps already [04:41]
Birdman: what 560 psc isnt good enough?? [04:41]
Birdman: believe me if i could get some better stuff from these damn consids i would [04:41]
diana_coman: Birdman, do you have ANY idea what goes into these things and how costly it is to get them? [04:42]
diana_coman: and to get them at this huge q no less [04:42]
Birdman: the dt? i was looking into it, seems pretty difficult [04:43]
diana_coman: not to mention how many runs of all sorts involved [04:43]
diana_coman: Birdman> noobs can barehanded for free, so i give noob low q bits, they barehanded and build claims and let them keep say 5-10\% of whatever they find and free exp <- they are unlikely to find much barehanded though [04:45]
diana_coman: so probably better give them your claims or something [04:45]
Birdman: yeah but you know, gotta start somewhere [04:45]
Birdman: oh you know what thats an amazing idea [04:45]
diana_coman: sure, I give them tools, lol [04:45]
Birdman: cause im not building them anyways [04:45]
diana_coman: there, win-win [04:45]
Birdman: just have em follow me around [04:45]
Birdman: and eventually their q wont suck so damn much [04:45]
diana_coman: lol [04:46]
Birdman: getting q 379 bbb from these threads, not bad [04:48]
Birdman: looking at thread costs with the 175\% markup to bean value im making lots, just not factoring the cs it cost to get em [04:49]
diana_coman: quite good there indeed [04:51]
diana_coman: but I suppose the cs cost is the biggest part there, isn't it? [04:51]
Birdman: yep, and assuming such high q things go for well over base value i might even be breaking even [04:52]
Birdman: yeah for sure [04:52]
diana_coman: anyway, can't calculate on a few small claims since you are supposedly using the cs to get some ords [04:52]
Birdman: yeah but those are always pretty crappy [04:52]
diana_coman: uhm, they go for 130\% as far as I know, lol [04:52]
diana_coman: ords from cs are crappy? [04:52]
diana_coman: o.o [04:52]
Birdman: i think of using cs as a way to pay to level up more than get profit from, till that remarkable hits or w/e [04:52]
diana_coman: just got 1k wpl from one, so uhm, not really [04:52]
Birdman: compared to my bare handed ords yeah [04:53]
diana_coman: o.o [04:53]
Birdman: they are just fewer and further between [04:53]
diana_coman: my bare handed ords are always shitty [04:53]
Birdman: i think of my barehanded ords as mini pops, the output in exp and resource is very nice [04:54]
diana_coman: good for you, I can think of my bh ords as mini-poops I suppose, barely any resources to speak of [04:57]
diana_coman: mircea_popescu, wpl available: 2k at 144q and 2.5k ~220q [05:05]
Zakorus123: im back [05:07]
Zakorus123: so is the currency enumerated in satoshis? [05:07]
Zakorus123: or bits? [05:07]
Zakorus123: or whole coins with .00~suchandsuch [05:07]
Zakorus123: i suppose ill find out once my account is made [05:12]
diana_coman: Zakorus123, it's 1 copper = 1 satoshi, where copper is the smallest denomination in game [05:13]
Zakorus123: ok cool [05:13]
diana_coman: have a look at the trades we did just a bit earlier [05:14]
Zakorus123: im super excited [05:14]
Zakorus123: ok [05:14]
diana_coman: so what do you do otherwise? [05:14]
Zakorus123: im sadly disabled so i cant work [05:14]
Zakorus123: get government assistance [05:14]
Zakorus123: i dont really wanna talk about that tho [05:15]
Zakorus123: its depressing [05:15]
diana_coman: you into programming at all? [05:15]
Zakorus123: i try to learn [05:15]
Zakorus123: emphissi on try [05:16]
Zakorus123: emphisis* [05:16]
Zakorus123: i just never really had the ability to sit down and do it [05:16]
diana_coman: I'm asking because eulora seems to suck people into programming for some reason [05:16]
Zakorus123: ic [05:16]
diana_coman: not mandatory by any means, just saying what I see [05:16]
Zakorus123: lol maybe itll start me on the journey [05:16]
Zakorus123: i just need to stop faffing about on things that arent important [05:17]
diana_coman: sounds like a very good idea indeed [05:17]
diana_coman: Zakorus123, re money maybe have a look at the official auctions too, this is the upcoming one: http://trilema.com/2016/eulora-official-may-auction-or-a-celebration-of-lifestyles/ [05:22]
lobbesbot: Title: Eulora : Official May Auction, or a celebration of lifestyles! on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu. (at trilema.com) [05:22]
diana_coman: and otherwise look at the s.mg category [05:23]
Zakorus123: big numbers [05:23]
Zakorus123: lots of info [05:25]
diana_coman: ECU = euloran copper, hence 1 ecu = 1 satoshi; otherwise yes, lots to take in about eulora so take it slow [05:26]
Zakorus123: ic ic [05:28]
Zakorus123: thats A TON of satoshis [05:28]
diana_coman: heh, full bitcoins, not talking crumbles here [05:28]
Zakorus123: yeah wow [05:29]
Zakorus123: most ive ever made is faucet amounts [05:29]
Zakorus123: is there an initial investment? [05:29]
Zakorus123: like u can deposit as well as withdraw [05:30]
diana_coman: Zakorus123, there is no hard requirement either way really: you can work your way up for sure, but obviously it takes more time (and mainly learning /figuring things out) [05:30]
Zakorus123: do you ahve to deposit to start [05:30]
Zakorus123: oic [05:30]
Zakorus123: ok cool [05:30]
diana_coman: no, you don't *have to* deposit; and yes, you can both deposit and withdraw [05:30]
Zakorus123: thats amazing [05:30]
Zakorus123: i love it [05:30]
diana_coman: anyway, plenty of people around willing to give you stuff to do so that you make something really, just take it slowly, stick to it and otherwise don't rush [05:31]
Zakorus123: i gotcha [05:31]
Zakorus123: ive played entropia universe. i know that rushing leads to untimely death... over. and over... [05:31]
Zakorus123: lol [05:31]
diana_coman: oh, here death is not yet a big deal; trouble is that rushing leads to ...rapid loss of money? [05:32]
diana_coman: lol [05:32]
Zakorus123: lol thats waht i mean [05:32]
Zakorus123: but in entropia it costs money. death- in the form of armor decay [05:32]
Zakorus123: weapon decay... too [05:32]
diana_coman: here, a bit more reading perhaps (just keep in mind that eulora changes quite quickly too) : http://www.dianacoman.com/2015/10/22/the-unbearably-unknown-value-of-things-in-eulora/ [05:32]
diana_coman: yeah, the decay part is in here too; but death atm means just a few minutes wait until you are alive again basically (this will change in time gradually towards permanent death of your character - when marriage + children are implemented) [05:34]
Zakorus123: ic [05:35]
Zakorus123: do you lose skill with death? [05:35]
diana_coman: so far no, no loss of anything really [05:35]
Zakorus123: ok [05:36]
Zakorus123: about how many people concurrently play this game? [05:36]
diana_coman: I think S.MG published some stats, I don't recall exactly; there are a bunch of hard-core veterans that you'll see around here too and then people join in as they see fit [05:37]
diana_coman: btw, do you know this channel is logged so that you can catch up with anything? [05:37]
diana_coman: http://logs.minigame.bz/ [05:38]
lobbesbot: Title: #Eulora Log (at logs.minigame.bz) [05:38]
Zakorus123: super cool [05:39]
Zakorus123: :D [05:39]
Zakorus123: leaves some of the problems of unlogged chat which is good [05:40]
Zakorus123: releives [05:40]
Zakorus123: like scammers [05:40]
Zakorus123: and such [05:40]
Zakorus123: this day and age its a stupidly bad problem [05:41]
diana_coman: heh, you'll find things quite different around here - read a bit more about the WOT I suppose [05:42]
Zakorus123: im happy to hear that [05:44]
Zakorus123: cus honestly i cant stand scammers [05:44]
Zakorus123: they really get my goat yknow [05:44]
Zakorus123: like theres this guy named supa on a game called DT all he does is scam- get banned scam- get banned. and he irritates the shit out of me. he keeps coming back with a diffa ccount too [05:45]
Zakorus123: scuse my french [05:46]
Zakorus123: lol [05:46]
diana_coman: Zakorus123, wot stands for web of trust and it works exactly as the name implies; there's a reason for the initial requirement to get yourself a gpg key and register [05:47]
Zakorus123: ok good [05:47]
Zakorus123: that makes me happy [05:47]
Zakorus123: youll never find me ripping someone off [05:47]
Zakorus123: the gpg key is a good insurance tho [05:47]
Zakorus123: makes me extra happy [05:47]
Zakorus123: i can feel safe spending my money here [05:48]
Zakorus123: cus that is in short supply for me these days [05:48]
diana_coman: the point is: keys are not insurance against anything as such, but the whole thing makes it *more costly* for people to scam than to be honest, that's all [05:48]
Zakorus123: exactly [05:49]
Zakorus123: and that makes me feel safe [05:49]
Zakorus123: tehrefore its "insureance" [05:49]
Zakorus123: therefore* [05:49]
diana_coman: basically your gpg key IS your identity around here; sure, you can scam but that will basically fuck up your whole identity and account with it and that's not a little thing to lose by the time you get in any position to do any sort of real scamming [05:50]
Zakorus123: yeah [05:50]
diana_coman: anyway, *always* do your homework anyways [05:50]
Zakorus123: i understand completely and that makes me a happy man [05:50]
diana_coman: cool [05:51]
Zakorus123: okay [05:51]
Zakorus123: https://imgur.com/gallery/elnA2TM smiling doge palate cleanser [05:51]
lobbesbot: Title: Happy Doge - GIF on Imgur (at imgur.com) [05:51]
Gaxaro: Hello! [06:16]
Zakorus123: hi [06:16]
Zakorus123: im new here [06:16]
Zakorus123: still waiting on an account to be made [06:16]
Gaxaro: Ah i see. I been here for a few months now i think. [06:16]
Zakorus123: cool [06:16]
Gaxaro: I'm quite suprised because i recently found out that steam accepts bitcoins as payments [06:17]
Gaxaro: for dlcs,games etc. [06:17]
Zakorus123: yeah isnt it great! [06:17]
Zakorus123: super exciting [06:18]
Gaxaro: Gonna try buying this dlc for rocket leauge for 3,99 euro with the 45 USD worth of bitcoins i been having for a long time now. [06:18]
Zakorus123: now all thats left is entropia unverse should start accepting [06:19]
Zakorus123: cool [06:19]
Gaxaro: Haven't really used it on anything. Just been having it on the wallet for saving. [06:19]
Zakorus123: cool! [06:19]
Zakorus123: gl hope it works [06:19]
Gaxaro: I hope so. [06:20]
Zakorus123: havent tried it myeself yet [06:20]
Gaxaro: You're using blockchain too, i assume? [06:21]
Zakorus123: electrum [06:21]
Gaxaro: Never heard about that one. [06:22]
Zakorus123: its a good wallet [06:22]
Gaxaro: Oh i see. [06:23]
Zakorus123: its like bitcoin core-- cept you dont have to download the whole blockchain [06:23]
Gaxaro: Oh [06:25]
Gaxaro: I'll guess i'm gonna play some rocket leauge then. [06:45]
Gaxaro: It's a pretty sweet game. [06:45]
Gaxaro: Lots of fun. [06:45]
Zakorus123: is mircea here yet [08:08]
diana_coman: Zakorus123, I think you came pretty much after he went to sleep, so you'll probably still have to wait a bit more - he's usually around otherwise so it won't be much longer though [08:19]
Zakorus123: ok cool [08:19]
Zakorus123: got nothing on my plate today [08:20]
Zakorus123: so ill be here [08:20]
diana_coman: what's your local time? [08:20]
Zakorus123: 8AM [08:20]
Zakorus123: right now [08:20]
Zakorus123: 821 to be exact [08:20]
diana_coman: oh, you've been up through the night then, huh [08:21]
Zakorus123: Eastern standard time [08:21]
Zakorus123: yeah [08:21]
Zakorus123: couldnt sleep [08:21]
diana_coman: that sucks [08:21]
Zakorus123: meh its fine [08:21]
Zakorus123: i have a wierd sleep schedual some days [08:22]
Zakorus123: be back later [08:49]
Zakorus123: heya [09:47]
Zakorus123: mircea here yet [09:47]
Zakorus123: how bout now? [10:29]
danielpbarron: diana_coman> mircea_popescu, wpl available: 2k at 144q and 2.5k ~220q << I'll take [10:32]
danielpbarron: Zakorus123> like theres this guy named supa << hahaha I have that guy negatively rated in our very WoT ! [10:32]
danielpbarron: deedbot> danielpbarron rated supa -8 at 3616762927 << He said, and I quote: Promises mean nothing and you never have to keep them. [10:32]
Zakorus123: wow [10:33]
Zakorus123: hes going everywhere then [10:33]
Zakorus123: what a dick [10:33]
danielpbarron: yeah he used to scam people in -otc .. prolly still does [10:33]
Zakorus123: fuck that guy [10:34]
Zakorus123: hes a plague upon Dt [10:34]
Zakorus123: and apparently a plague upon you guys too [10:34]
danielpbarron: hardly [10:34]
danielpbarron: WoT is so effective, people like that don't even bother [10:35]
Zakorus123: ok good [10:35]
Zakorus123: i wish that Di(admin of dt) would impliment something like this [10:35]
danielpbarron: it's not luser phriendly enough i'm sure [10:35]
Zakorus123: lol [10:35]
danielpbarron: i nagged seals with clubs to implement WoT and they largely laughed at and ignored me [10:35]
Zakorus123: yeah :/ [10:36]
Zakorus123: sad situation [10:36]
Zakorus123: any idea when mircea will come on to make my account? [10:36]
danielpbarron: whatever, turns out there's more than enough poker i can play face to face as to not need to bother with online [10:36]
Zakorus123: trudat [10:37]
danielpbarron: he's often around at this hour but he's not on any sorta fixed schedule so who knows [10:37]
Zakorus123: gotcha [10:37]
danielpbarron: he is the most prolific chatter though, so it's only a matter of time [10:37]
mircea_popescu: hola [10:37]
danielpbarron: heh [10:37]
Zakorus123: heyyy [10:37]
Zakorus123: yay [10:37]
mircea_popescu: did you want an account? [10:37]
Zakorus123: yes please [10:37]
Zakorus123: already registered with my GPG key [10:38]
mircea_popescu: aite one second. [10:38]
Zakorus123: ty so much [10:38]
Zakorus123: im very glad that you guys have a wot system [10:39]
Zakorus123: it makes me very happy [10:39]
mircea_popescu: whyssat ? [10:41]
Zakorus123: because i know that its easier for me to check on would-be scammers [10:41]
Zakorus123: and not get scammed [10:41]
Zakorus123: ive been scammed one too many time [10:42]
Zakorus123: makes me very wary [10:42]
Zakorus123: this just makes it so much easier [10:42]
Zakorus123: :) [10:42]
Zakorus123: honest people. (even if they are not honest really) should be made honest by the use of good technology [10:43]
mircea_popescu: Zakorus123 http://wotpaste.cascadianhacker.com/pastes/3c47a607-a06d-4cb5-abe5-7e052e0e1b61/ [10:43]
mircea_popescu: give it ~5 mins to propagate to server. [10:43]
Zakorus123: ok [10:44]
mircea_popescu: wowza this log. [10:45]
mircea_popescu: Birdman try /query gribble on freenode and say register that might help << deedbot actually, not gribble. [10:46]
Zakorus123: how do i decode a pgp message a gain (uber nuber i am) [10:46]
mircea_popescu: what software are you using ? [10:46]
mircea_popescu: normally it's just and paste your message in [10:46]
Zakorus123: ok [10:46]
Zakorus123: ok just verifying thats the correct info [10:48]
Zakorus123: :) [10:48]
Zakorus123: is my password for the game my pgp decryption phrase [10:49]
mircea_popescu: nope. [10:49]
mircea_popescu: it's in the message. [10:50]
Zakorus123: okay [10:50]
mircea_popescu: o look at that, wikia page. hey danielpbarron / anyone, feel like going through the list of other links there and evaluating them ? [10:51]
mircea_popescu: mebbe we should make friends. [10:51]
mircea_popescu: http://logs.minigame.bz/2016-04-28.log.html#t08:06:10 here ftr. [10:52]
lobbesbot: Title: #Eulora log for Thursday, 2016-04-28 (at logs.minigame.bz) [10:52]
mircea_popescu: diana_coman> hm, weird, try with instead of !register as it's written on the wiki as I think deedbot was changed overall to use $ << yeah this needs a fix on wiki. [10:52]
mircea_popescu: also prolly a mention that deedbot takes ~a minute to answer. [10:52]
mircea_popescu: diana_coman> mircea_popescu, wpl available: 2k at 144q and 2.5k ~220q << sure. [10:56]
mircea_popescu: Zakorus123\x08>\x08\x0F like u can deposit as well as withdraw << you can deposit ; you don't have to. there are things you can do even without putting anything in (barehanded mining, errands for people, clicking stuff, whatever). it's not going to pay you a living wage, but it will cover the electricity and certainly beat the socks off any bitcoin faucet. [10:58]
Zakorus123: ok [10:59]
mircea_popescu: considering all bitcoin in existence is and was mined by people running computing gear that ~barely covered its electricity costs, eulora is well ahead of the pack. [10:59]
Zakorus123: coolness [10:59]
Zakorus123: anyway i forogt the unarmor command [10:59]
Zakorus123: so im having trouble getting the password [10:59]
mircea_popescu: anyway, even if you do intend to put something in, my advice would be to not do it at first, best to learn the ropes on the cheap. do it later, what's the rush. [11:00]
Zakorus123: yeah no rush [11:00]
Zakorus123: is it unarmor... dearmor [11:01]
Zakorus123: ummm [11:01]
mircea_popescu: Zakorus123 well if you ever figure out how it works, be a darling and put a page up on eulorum wiki, WITH SCREENSHOTS and everything. "here is how you do it in windows". [11:01]
Zakorus123: ok [11:01]
diana_coman: mircea_popescu> diana_coman> hm, weird, try with instead of !register as it's written on the wiki as I think deedbot was changed overall to use $ << yeah this needs a fix on wiki. <- I fixed it already [11:01]
Zakorus123: ill try [11:01]
mircea_popescu: and ima give you some game swag once it's done :) [11:01]
mircea_popescu: diana_coman a tyvm. [11:02]
Zakorus123: ah! its dearmor [11:02]
Zakorus123: thats my misatake [11:02]
diana_coman: Zakorus123, you need to decrypt the text you got from mircea_popescu to find out your password [11:03]
Zakorus123: yes i know [11:03]
Zakorus123: but im trying to figure out how to do that [11:04]
diana_coman: whatever software you are using should have some way to decrypt stuff, lol [11:04]
mircea_popescu: Zakorus123> about how many people concurrently play this game? << players clocked a total of 3387 playtime hours in march. comes to about 5.9 people online at any time on average. [11:04]
Zakorus123: ok [11:04]
Zakorus123: ty [11:04]
Zakorus123: allrighty mircea is this a safe tool? https://www.igolder.com/PGP/decryption/ or should i avoid it [11:05]
lobbesbot: Title: PGP Decryption Tool - iGolder (at www.igolder.com) [11:05]
diana_coman: this time mircea_popescu gets the wpl; next time danielpbarron [11:05]
mircea_popescu: Zakorus123 you should use whatever program oyhu used to make your key ; never use something online for this. [11:05]
Zakorus123: ok thanks [11:05]
Zakorus123: just trying to figure out how to use gnupg to use it [11:06]
mircea_popescu: ;;google decrypt with gnupg [11:06]
mircea_popescu: oh gribble not here huh. [11:06]
Zakorus123: good idea [11:06]
Zakorus123: found it [11:07]
mircea_popescu: i suppose it's time to link http://trilema.com/2014/what-the-wot-is-for-how-it-works-and-how-to-use-it/ huh. [11:07]
lobbesbot: Title: What the WoT is for, how it works and how to use it. on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu. (at trilema.com) [11:08]
mircea_popescu: <Zakorus123> mircea here yet <Zakorus123> how bout now? <<< ahaha he's adorbs isn't he! [11:09]
Zakorus123: ok so is the password to un-encrypt it the private key or the password i made to protect my private key [11:11]
mircea_popescu: aanielpbarron> it's not luser phriendly enough i'm sure <<< actually teppy (the actual guy behind dt, i think di's the man's so ?) is pretty smart, i kinda like him and how he thinks. no idea why exactly he's not got wot down, possibly nobody held him down long enough to explain it. [11:11]
mircea_popescu: Zakorus123 the latter. [11:11]
Zakorus123: ok [11:11]
Zakorus123: ok its decrypted but which is my pass and which is my userid [11:12]
Zakorus123: lemme just try both [11:12]
mircea_popescu: think of it like this : encrypted data is like a huge bundle of junk. your key is like this magic hammer that you hit junk with and bam! it becomes something else meanignful like a car or a tv set. the software is like the workshop where this happens ; and the passphrase is like this key you need for the workshop to get your hammer ; because everyone has his special patterned one and they keep them in these glass cases. [11:13]
mircea_popescu: so you bring it some junk, give it the key to fetch your hammer, it takes it, bangs the junk once and presto, you got a new football. [11:13]
mircea_popescu: and if you want to give your footbal to someone but make sure they don't steal it in the mail, or you know, just want to keep it safe, [11:13]
mircea_popescu: you go to same shop, they bang it once and now it's junk. [11:13]
mircea_popescu: magical fucking junk, too : unless banged with the right hammer nothing happens. [11:14]
Zakorus123: i think i did something wrong [11:15]
diana_coman: Zakorus123, how's that? [11:17]
Zakorus123: idk but the message i get back makes no sense to me [11:17]
diana_coman: the message you got back from what? [11:17]
Zakorus123: decrypting [11:17]
diana_coman: that should contain username and password [11:17]
diana_coman: password surely won't make sense [11:17]
Zakorus123: shouldnt it just be my username and password [11:17]
mircea_popescu: yeah/ [11:17]
Zakorus123: but it isnt [11:18]
mircea_popescu: then you did something wrong. [11:18]
Zakorus123: lemme try this again [11:18]
Zakorus123: do i need the begin and end part [11:18]
mircea_popescu: danielpbarron> he is the most prolific chatter though, so it's only a matter of time << lol check out danielpbarron 's summoning skills! [11:18]
Zakorus123: with the dashes [11:18]
mircea_popescu: absoluytely. [11:19]
Zakorus123: lol [11:19]
Zakorus123: ok [11:19]
Zakorus123: can you try to send it to me again maybe you sent me the wrong message [11:21]
mircea_popescu: i just checked it works fine. use http://wotpaste.cascadianhacker.com/pastes/3c47a607-a06d-4cb5-abe5-7e052e0e1b61/?raw=true though, you're prolly getting the header mixed into your message. [11:23]
Zakorus123: yes i am [11:23]
Gaxaro: Sup peeps [11:24]
mircea_popescu: how goes Gaxaro [11:24]
Gaxaro: So yeah i spent like 4 dollars from the bitcoin wallet onto steam for the rocket leauge dlc [11:24]
Gaxaro: and it worked just fine [11:25]
mircea_popescu: cool. [11:25]
diana_coman: you mean from the btc you made by playing eulora Gaxaro ? [11:25]
Gaxaro: Going good, proberly going to see the new jungle book movie at the cinema with my child hood friend today [11:25]
Gaxaro: and yeah Diana [11:26]
mircea_popescu: ahaha he made 12294$ ? [11:26]
mircea_popescu: lol win. [11:26]
Gaxaro: 41 usd left lol [11:26]
diana_coman: heh, cool [11:26]
mircea_popescu: "how to play computer games. step 1 - play eulora. step 2 - go on steam buy w/e you want" [11:26]
Gaxaro: I wonder when steam actually added bitcoin as payment [11:28]
mircea_popescu: bout a month ago. [11:28]
Gaxaro: It's pretty nice they added Skrill too [11:28]
Gaxaro: I like Skrill much better then paypal [11:29]
Gaxaro: Soon i will have like a game list of 400 games or so by playing Eulora haha.. jks [11:29]
mircea_popescu: win [11:29]
Gaxaro: Most rich people on steam has around 600 - 1000 games or even more [11:30]
Gaxaro: I have around 177 games but most of them are from many years ago and also give aways and gifts lol [11:30]
Gaxaro: and \% off [11:30]
Gaxaro: I would have played Eulora today but i just dont have the time because of the cinema which is soon with my child hood friend [11:31]
Gaxaro: and plus coming home late, just wanting to sleep lol [11:31]
Gaxaro: Any afk to get ready now lol [11:33]
mircea_popescu: imagine if those rich people had 600-1k girlfriends instead! [11:33]
Zakorus123: ok finally made it work [11:41]
Zakorus123: stupid think wasnt outputting to text like i wanted to [11:41]
Zakorus123: finally [11:41]
mircea_popescu: wd! [11:42]
Zakorus123: why cant i just copy and paste this password [11:45]
Zakorus123: god [11:45]
mircea_popescu: you can't ?! [11:45]
Zakorus123: cant paste it [11:45]
Zakorus123: into the thing [11:45]
Zakorus123: it keeps saying invalid password [11:47]
Zakorus123: i know im typing it in correctly [11:49]
Zakorus123: has it propegated to the servers yet? [11:50]
Zakorus123: the I you gave me is different from the I i have on the keyboard i ahve [11:51]
Zakorus123: which is where [11:51]
Zakorus123: the problem is [11:51]
Zakorus123: i think [11:51]
Zakorus123: ohhhh thats a lowercase L [11:51]
Zakorus123: LOL [11:51]
Zakorus123: thats the problem [11:51]
Zakorus123: im in [11:52]
Zakorus123: :D [11:52]
mircea_popescu: :) [11:54]
mircea_popescu: wd! [11:54]
mircea_popescu: by the time the problem is "my i is different from your i", you know you're on to something :) [11:54]
Zakorus123: hahaha [11:57]
mircea_popescu: aite, make the wiki explanation and come meet me in town ima give you a buncha stuff. [12:02]
Zakorus123: ok [12:04]
Zakorus123: how do i write on the wiki [12:04]
Zakorus123: found it [12:07]
Zakorus123: writing [12:07]
mircea_popescu: cool! [12:23]
Zakorus123: still writing lol [12:24]
Zakorus123: im not a good writer best i could do [12:25]
Zakorus123: forgot to take images [12:25]
Zakorus123: sorry [12:25]
Zakorus123: does it look good? [12:29]
Zakorus123: mircae? [12:32]
mircea_popescu: you could link me ? [12:34]
Zakorus123: http://www.eulorum.org/Eulora#Getting_an_Account [12:35]
lobbesbot: Title: Eulorum (at www.eulorum.org) [12:35]
Zakorus123: i put it on the front page [12:35]
Zakorus123: feel free to edit as you pelase [12:36]
Zakorus123: please* [12:36]
Zakorus123: cus im a horrible writer [12:36]
mircea_popescu: make it its own page and link it from that [windows] thing. you forgot pictures. [12:38]
Zakorus123: i cant o pcitures [12:38]
Zakorus123: sorry [12:38]
mircea_popescu: a ok. [12:38]
Zakorus123: how do i make it my own page? [12:40]
Zakorus123: ive never edited a wiki b4 [12:42]
mircea_popescu: i dunno, must be something in there. [12:43]
Zakorus123: im too tired to figure it out. i havent slept yet [12:43]
Zakorus123: lol [12:43]
Zakorus123: to the game! [12:44]
Zakorus123: :D [12:44]
mircea_popescu: enjoy! [12:46]
Zakorus123: thanks [12:46]
Zakorus123: no clue what to do so ima gonna figure it out [12:46]
mircea_popescu: aaa io q 219 [13:16]
diana_coman: oo, nice [14:04]
danielpbarron: lol, sorry I didn't say hi zako [14:31]
danielpbarron: oh huh he said it in the 'gossip' channel (i'm seeing it on my log screen) [14:31]
mircea_popescu: haha you hacked it all together danielpbarron ? [14:34]
mircea_popescu: diana_coman i plan to put it on sale actually. [14:34]
danielpbarron: i got a screen that just displays tail -f debug.log and tail -f .Eulora/logs/* all day [14:37]
mircea_popescu: nb. [14:40]
Birdman: mircea_popescu you want 360 srs q63? [15:45]
mircea_popescu: make a larger pile wouldja. [15:45]
Birdman: ah, no prob [15:46]
diana_coman: mircea_popescu, you around to get that wpl? [15:47]
mircea_popescu: sure. [15:47]
diana_coman: kk, 2min to finish getting it out [15:48]
mircea_popescu: k. [15:48]
danielpbarron: btw i didn't hoard that last batch; turned most of it into flagons [15:48]
diana_coman: anything for sale danielpbarron ? [15:49]
diana_coman: in any case, I meant that: next batch of wpl is for you danielpbarron [15:49]
mircea_popescu: im thinking ima make all of this wine. seeing how i can't make more tuber milk anyway. [15:49]
danielpbarron: i don't think you have any use for flagons or waters [15:49]
mircea_popescu: danielpbarron lol takes a while to digest that thousnads of bps huh [15:50]
danielpbarron: yeah that'll be a while [15:50]
diana_coman: ready mircea_popescu [15:51]
diana_coman: danielpbarron, for sentiments though I have , high q ones [15:51]
danielpbarron: high q feelings you mean? [15:51]
diana_coman: accept those and next trade, can't do both in one trade [15:52]
Birdman: hanbot you said you wanted to work out a deal with these supplications for tokens? [15:52]
diana_coman: no, sentiments [15:52]
diana_coman: I have plenty of feelings, lol [15:52]
mircea_popescu: diana_coman im mixing them anyway [15:52]
danielpbarron: oh you ~want~ the sentiments [15:52]
diana_coman: yes danielpbarron [15:52]
danielpbarron: which ones [15:52]
diana_coman: k mircea_popescu , let me mix then [15:52]
diana_coman: 1.3*(2597*2.22+2127*1.44)*152 [15:53]
mircea_popescu: anyone sitting on a large pile of wm low q btw ? [15:53]
diana_coman: is hiding those wooly things that poke out [15:53]
diana_coman: enjoy [15:54]
mircea_popescu: danke [15:54]
diana_coman: lemme see if I can offer some wm [15:54]
diana_coman: danielpbarron> which ones <- are there more than one sort of sentiments? o.o [15:54]
diana_coman: tinkerer's sentiments, some huge q; I suppose equally huge q shards (lvl 2 lapidary numina ) would be something I could use too [15:55]
danielpbarron: oh right [15:55]
mircea_popescu: oh, anyone selling sr ? [15:57]
diana_coman: mircea_popescu, I can offer 2k wm q1 for 1mn [15:57]
mircea_popescu: 500 ea ?! da fuck ?! [15:58]
diana_coman: lol [15:58]
diana_coman: I'm ok to keep them [15:58]
diana_coman: doesn't make anything for me to sell them at qabv or there [15:58]
diana_coman: not on wm, no [15:58]
diana_coman: I suppose I don't have quite that big pile of them to entertain doing that [15:59]
diana_coman: even at 1q they make quite good oil with high q bottles and the rest, so ... [15:59]
mircea_popescu: fine, 1mn it is o.O [15:59]
diana_coman: lol, ok [15:59]
diana_coman: trade then [16:00]
diana_coman: eat with care [16:00]
mircea_popescu: scandalous! [16:00]
diana_coman: well, we don't have tulips, gotta do shrooms [16:01]
Birdman: mircea_popescu are you in the market for heaps of low q bps? [16:01]
Birdman: im not really sure what to do with them [16:01]
jurov: Birdman: what kind of bps? Also, pm [16:02]
danielpbarron: i might also have low q shrooms, and if i do i'd sell them for that much, but i can't check for a while [16:04]
Birdman: got tons of ltf, flatbread, basketcase headdress, bms, cheap gin, ppb [16:05]
Birdman: can assume all q45 or under [16:05]
Birdman: reed hauberk and srs bps too [16:07]
jurov: &item srs [16:07]
euporium: Shiny Rock Shards(SRS) cat: Ingredients I base value: 454 http://dianacoman.com/Eulora/Shiny-Rock-Shards.html [16:07]
jurov: would you sell for 50\% base value? [16:09]
Birdman: q100 bv? [16:10]
jurov: for q100 i'd buy only ltf,bms,ppb,srs [16:10]
Birdman: what i meant to ask was, why would i sell anything for 50\% of its base value when electron buys for 100\%, so did you mean 50\% of the bps bv @ q100 or 50\% over base value [16:11]
jurov: um i forgot about electron :) [16:12]
diana_coman: electron buys at quality adjusted base value though [16:12]
jurov: and i meant 50\% of the bps bv @ q100 [16:13]
Birdman: ah, then deal [16:13]
jurov: ok. i thought by base value is always meant value at q100 [16:14]
jurov: what did you mean? [16:14]
danielpbarron: The required oil for working for the government is base productivity/20. >> Congratulations dpb you worked at Accounting. You earned 0.05 CMC and 0.7 Productivity Points. [16:15]
Birdman: is that the standard? i thought base value was assumed to be adjusted for q in any situation [16:15]
danielpbarron: gah, got cut off [16:15]
danielpbarron: >> You have less than 200 final productivity so you can only work for the Government. The Government pays a wage of 0.5 cmc and you will be able to get 0.7 productivity bonus after working. [16:15]
Birdman: ok let me see what i have, ltf bms ppb srs [16:15]
danielpbarron: for all the flack eulora gets on being too difficult and complicated... these other real cash games are way harder i think [16:16]
danielpbarron: so i can make an account without talking to anyone.. meanwhile i have no idea where to begin [16:17]
danielpbarron: and one of the games is by that rpetelia tardstalk guy [16:18]
danielpbarron: and his faq page mentions an irc channel multiple times, on freenode, with nobody in it [16:18]
mircea_popescu: danielpbarron lol i had a wtf moment [16:19]
diana_coman: <jurov> ok. i thought by base value is always meant value at q100 <- technically speaking you are right, but in practice it seems that "base value" is used more loosely and usually instead of quality-adjusted-base-value [16:19]
mircea_popescu: cuz people are lazy to say qabv [16:19]
diana_coman: omg danielpbarron that sounds ...horrible [16:19]
diana_coman: lol [16:19]
mircea_popescu: diana_coman actually sounds like one of those bdsm games. "you gotta go this way. o wait, princess was i nanother castle. ha-ha." [16:20]
diana_coman: though the fact that you can only possibly work for Government if you have very little productivity is quite correct I suppose, if boring [16:20]
Birdman: 2465 bms, 3312 ltf, 1121 ppb, 11112 srs [16:20]
danielpbarron: work consisted of clicking "work" which is no longer an option, replaced by a picture of a cat and the text "NOPE" in that obama propoganda red/blue style [16:21]
diana_coman: :))))) [16:21]
Birdman: so, (158*2465+407*3312+446*1121+45*11112)*.5 = 1730 [16:23]
mircea_popescu: danielpbarron anyway, what i had in mind was more along the lines of, see if the dev team exists / isn't mouthbreathing / maybe we can do something together. [16:23]
Birdman: jurov ^ [16:23]
diana_coman: some work for the Government mircea_popescu ? [16:23]
mircea_popescu: lol [16:24]
jurov: Birdman: fine, you in da town? [16:24]
Birdman: yes [16:24]
jurov: a sec [16:24]
mircea_popescu: diana_coman the ever-optimist in me thinks that all the well-meaning kids getting slaguthered on their own may actually contain some sane kids that could thrive in a sane environment. [16:25]
mircea_popescu: i'll have to carefully keep this streak in check lest i end up guillotined by tmsr, i guess. [16:26]
Birdman: jurov imma leave em in a craft table in town, gotta go brew some coffee quick [16:27]
mircea_popescu: but i suppose the true truth of the matter is, that while a game where "you gotta X" sounds boring, MAKING a game isn't boring, and making the game be "where you gotta X" is a small price to pay for all that unboring - especially as it's not you paying it. [16:28]
Birdman: thank ya sir [16:28]
jurov: Birdman ty [16:28]
diana_coman: heh, I think I share that optimism, but I guess I tend to apply it to kids that haven't been exposed for that long /got so obviously entrenched into the mess in the first place or at least show some other sign that ..hm, they don't quite fit that well [16:30]
Birdman: danielpbarron what q threads do you use? [17:02]
danielpbarron: 319 at the moment [17:02]
Birdman: damn, how many cycles did it take to get em that high? [17:03]
danielpbarron: one or two i guess [17:04]
danielpbarron: i already had high quality grass to start with.. so it's hard to say exactly [17:04]
Birdman: what q are you getting with them? [17:38]
danielpbarron: 720 basics [17:41]
jurov: what cycles are you speaking about? [17:45]
hanbot: Birdman> hanbot you said you wanted to work out a deal with these supplications for tokens? << ayup. how many/which types do you have? [17:49]
diana_coman: jurov, I suspect they mean cycle as use high q thread to get (only smalls) high q grass -> make into higher q threads; repeat [17:50]
Birdman: hanbot 12 sups of thorns, 13 stones, 14 snails, 4 leather, 29 berry [18:06]
danielpbarron: i'll give ya 500k for the lot [18:11]
Birdman: i dont think thats gonna happen [18:15]
Birdman: i need tokens [18:16]
danielpbarron: the high markup on tokens isn't from lack of supplications [18:16]
Birdman: well before getting into that even, their base value is 433k [18:19]
danielpbarron: what's the quality? [18:20]
Birdman: so 500k isnt remotely near what i'd want [18:20]
Birdman: most are 158, some are 166 [18:20]
Birdman: so i want something like 20 tokens, or 2 mil for all of em [18:21]
danielpbarron: ok i'll offer 550k [18:21]
Birdman: any thoughts here hanbot? what sort of deal were you looking to make [18:21]
Birdman: in any case i would like to buy some tokens for 100k [18:21]
Birdman: if you want supplications you can buy screens, buy clogs, buy considerations, buy bods and tomes, get a token, all of which is 240\% minimum [18:23]
Birdman: and not to mention numina [18:23]
hanbot: Birdman i'll trade 20 tokens for em (will be a coupla days tho, 5 in stock atm) [18:23]
Birdman: deal, you in town? [18:23]
hanbot: omw, ~3 mins [18:24]
Birdman: an you care if i mix em? [18:24]
hanbot: the stones and snails i care, otherwise no [18:25]
Birdman: heh, thought i had ~ 50 of em not 70 [18:26]
Birdman: damn simple maths [18:26]
hanbot: 9 berry works [18:27]
Birdman: hm? [18:27]
Birdman: just 9 instead of 29 [18:28]
hanbot: if you only wanted to trade 50 supps, yeah. [18:28]
Birdman: sweet, thanks [18:28]
hanbot: np. ready when you are. [18:28]
Birdman: they're in the table, trade now [18:29]
hanbot: got em. ty, will ping you for rest of the tokens. [18:31]
Birdman: thanks [18:31]
Birdman: cmooon cs bp pop [18:43]
danielpbarron: why is it that i get close to the same amount of experience from a sacrifice worth millions and a sacrifice worth 100k ? [19:38]
Birdman: hm [19:39]
Birdman: i've always thought output value has a factor in exp gained [19:39]
Birdman: diana_coman any bod? [20:14]
Birdman: im swimming in stacks of beans lol [20:17]
Birdman: probably where most of my holdings are [20:17]
mircea_popescu: eh grats danielpbarron ! [20:58]
Birdman: oh that thing happened again, same place too, "you dont see a good place to explore" [21:08]
Birdman: mircea_popescu can i get a sortage book? [21:55]
Birdman: small bbb claim bh gave me less beans, but 2q points higher than the cs beans [22:03]
mircea_popescu: i've not made any [22:12]
Birdman: can i grease some wheels? [22:17]
mircea_popescu: i dfun recall wtf stupid shit it needed, i recall having this convo once before [22:27]
danielpbarron: so is that expected behavior? the experience thing? [22:52]

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