Foxybots v1.2

November 16th, 2015 by Diana Coman

The trouble with adopting cats is that they have kittens and the trouble with making Foxy's bots in the first place is that they have versions. And user requests and changes to adapt to and -possibly- insects. So I'll just plonk here a kitten trouble - I mean new version of Foxy's bots:

foxybotv1_2_minimal - 15 November 2015, sha512sum:


- download the above archive and check its checksum. Extract.
- run a diff between your current version of the foxybot folder (in src/client/foxybot) and the folder in the archive. Read through the diff.
- either create and apply a patch or otherwise simply replace your current foxybot folder (src/client/foxybot) with the one you extracted from the archive.
- recompile Eulora client as usual.

- /bot craft without any parameters will give you the full new list of parameters in the bot's window. Same for /bot explore without any further parameters.
- (CRAFTING) fixed the issue of "me Gung-ho Gumbo NOT train." Provided you are not overweight etc, your cooking experience will be trained into shiny new skills.
- (CRAFTING) to avoid targeting someone else's container and thus potentially interrupting a craft run, bot v1.2 will just lock the container to the one initially targeted by the user. As a consequence, you MUST target the right container before giving the /bot command. The bot will do its best to remind you if you screw this one up, but it's only a machine after all: it has NO responsibility on this matter or any other.
- (CRAFTING) to avoid failed craft runs, there is an additional parameter called timeout: when that expires, the bot will assume the craft attempt to have failed and it will try to recover by getting everything out of the container and then trying to craft again. Be WARNED: if you give the bot a timeout that is too short, it WILL take things out of the container whenever that expires and as a result it might interrupt a craft and wear down your container. Choose your timeout wisely if you care for your containers (and money).
- (EXPLORING) to allow exploring with any tool you want (yes, even chetty sticks), the explore bot accepts a brand new parameter called timeout (given in ms). Basically the bot will /explore and then wait for some result, but it will check periodically and if more than timeout milliseconds have elapsed, it will just move on. Be warned: if you choose a timeout that is shorter than the time it takes your character to explore with the stick, the bot WILL move when that expires and therefore fuck you with your own chetty stick. Or pickaxe/hoe/adze, as you prefer. No questions asked, no responsibility assumed.
- (EXPLORING) to avoid confusion when others explore in the vicinity, the bot is now a bit more careful about what marker IDs it takes: essentially it will take a new one only if it is either the first it saw after a brand new explore or otherwise if it is the CLOSEST to your character that it saw. Testing this is a nightmare, so let me know how that goes for you.
- (EXPLORING) fixed a small issue related to number of steps: hopefully it's not off by 1 now anymore, but be warned that this does NOTHING against the imbalance backwards/forwards which is most likely due to differences in terrain really (3 steps up the hill cover less ground than 3 steps down the hill).
- (EXPLORING) used tools will now be stacked in a dedicated slot. As usual, DO put your stack of NEW tools in the first slot in your inventory though, unless you want the bot to burn time going through the same old tools. Your choice though, no problem.
- (EXPLORING) keys of tiny and small claims should now be dropped into their claims (if you did not choose to keep keys in general) regardless of whether the claim was built or not. This is meant still as a measure against the "full inventory" trouble. Also a nightmare to test fully, so let me know how that works.

That's it, have fun! And bring in the noobs!

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