Shocking News and Unbelievable Revelations!!11 (NSFS)

June 30th, 2021 by Diana Coman

One more outrageous than the other and NSFS1 to boot, here are revealed several shocking facts that most of the press seems to be still unaware of:

1. Mircea Popescu was never Polish! Also: there are several countries in Eastern Europe, each with their own name, language, people and culture. Even more shocking, this has been going on for quite some years already and there are no signs of it stopping either, despite so many people getting it wrong in writing so many times. How can that be? It's a mystery.

2. Diana Coman was never a Web Developer! In fairness though, she did coin, in a collaborative effort with Mircea Popescu, the term Weird Warts & Workarounds (WWW) to fairly describe the current state of the Web. It's a backronym.

3. Mircea Popescu was so "enigmatic" that he wrote for years, exhaustively and with ample illustrations, too, on just about any topic. For those not able to read a text for meaning nor able to focus for more than 5 minutes at a time, all that business of writing and scholarship are extremely enigmatic indeed. It's a pain.

4. Mircea Popescu already answered some years ago, the questions that some are only now thinking of asking. For the benefit of "the press" and all those who are so keen now to "write about him", I'll quote here his answer from 2017 that is in turn quoting an even older answer to this eternally rediscovered question (the original is in Romanian, while the translation to English quoted below is by Mircea Popescu):

Refuz ca micul meu volum pentru neghiobi si gura-casca pe banderola sa-l rezum. De vor sa stie ce si cum, sa faca bine sa-l citeasca!

"I refuse to summarize my work for the benefit of the vaguely-interested jwzs. If they want to participate in the life of the spirit, let them fucking read it!"

  1. Not Safe for Sex 

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3 Responses to “Shocking News and Unbelievable Revelations!!11 (NSFS)”

  1. Diana Coman says:

    Adaug aici cu dedicatie pentru "jurnalistii" romani care "traduc" termenii si scriu aproximativ: "severed" se traduce corect prin "retezat", "rupt", "sectionat", "intrerupt", "divizat" si altminteri chiar ultimul pe lista da' ultimul de tot si abia-abia prinzand un loc cel mult *in sens figurativ* despartit.

  2. Dan Haiduc says:

    These days, I guess self-hosting a website makes you a web developer :) congrats!

  3. Diana Coman says:

    Eh, terms don't become whatever the 2minutes attention crowd consider them to be. So no, it doesn't "make" me anything, it only makes the sorry state of the domain as well as their superficiality more plainly obvious, that's all it makes.

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