The I, Eye and Aye

On the very first day of 2020's February1, the I got ambushed and almost crowded out of the armchair of last year's January:

Towards the end of the very same day and quite a few kilometres away, as some in the United Kingdom were celebrating and others were deploring the very same achievement of having finally found EU's exit door, the Eye was slightly glowing pink on a blue background above the darker and wavier blue of the Thames:

As I was testing my camera's night vision, my company observed that the circus was really opposite to where I was facing, so I had to turn, of course, for a better view that included indeed the very place where the ayes have - finally, it would seem - had it:

The rest was a bit of a mystery but there's strong evidence of ayes, noes and amused reflection at one time or another:

  1. Yes, this write-up got delayed by 2 weeks. There are worse delays possible. 

2 Responses to “The I, Eye and Aye”

  1. hanbot says:

    Nice sets of spires at sunset. Apparently Hannah makes all the sushi nao?!

    You an' the kiddo with have to change places on that chair soon enough!

  2. Diana Coman says:


    Re sushi, all evidence seems to indicate that - yes, indeed, Hannah makes all sushi nao!! We considered at some length that proposal of the restaurant going by the very traditionally Japanese name of Hannah, but as they were also suspiciously quiet/empty for the hour, we went in the end with the more obviously Italian Italians - they didn't disappoint either.

    I have always told the child that adults don't grow bigger anymore - they only grow smaller really so yeah, he'll have to do the holding of me soon enough. And I'm looking forward to jumping on him in that very same armchair, too!

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