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February 10th, 2020 by Diana Coman

Yesterday evening I set my #ossasepia irc chan to +m (moderated), following the 2012 example of #trilema. Here we are in the year 2020, already repeating TMSR's own history1!

The above means that only those that I pick explicitly will be able to talk in the chan. I have already voiced all the chan regulars that are in my WoT2 and all the bots so that there should be no loss whatsoever for the people who matter - as it should always be the case with any change. Moreover, I've set it so that those same people will get automatically voiced3 when they join the chan - if you are in that list and find yourself victim of ChanServ's whims4, you can probably sort it out with a simple rejoin of the chan if I'm not around to revoice you (and yes, don't wait for me either, there's no need for that).

Newcomers will have to ask explicitly for the priviledge of speaking in the chan - and note that it's exactly a priviledge, not a "right" or other such nonsense. As such, I fully intend to pick and choose to whom or when I give voice. Who knows, maybe having to ask explicitly drives the point home faster for some brighter ones, helping them thus to get up to speed - or so says my optimism yet again!

While this voice model requires that newcomers register their nick with NickServ5, I think that's a benefit rather than a downside - if you are a newcomer, you get therefore to reserve the nick you want and it's anyway a prerequisite to registering your key with deedbot6 and thus acquiring an identity.

The #ossasepia chan continues otherwise to welcome anyone who genuinely wants to learn so if that's you, don't be shy, just come in and ask me politely for voice7. On the other hand, if you just wanna keep doing what you've been doing so far only in my chan now, save your time and stay out of it, as I won't tolerate militant ignorance or stubborn idiocy and you'll come to grief.

Learning *means* changing so come ready and willing to change for your own betterment and you'll find help, support and meaningful work. Not to mention quite a lot of fun to be had, too!

Come talk to me on irc (freenode) in #ossasepia!

  1. While waiting for the implementation of the more modern solution of a proper WoT-based voice model

  2. If you are in my WoT but don't have voice in #ossasepia just pm me please and I'll sort it out. 

  3. For future reference, the command is, for instance /msg chanserv flags #ossasepia ossabot +V 

  4. It's known to weirdly unvoice people at times, I have no idea why. 

  5. To do this, the command is /msg NickServ REGISTER your-password youremail (where you replace your-password and your-email with the actual relevant password and email, respectively, of course). 

  6. See this handy guide for registering your key with deedbot. 

  7. If you are new to irc, you can send me a private message for instance with /msg diana_coman your-message-here ; just be patient and hang around as it might sometimes take a few hours until I get to see it and respond, all right? 

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