Eulora's Client 0.1.2b and Deps

Since it was decided to go back to the old 0.1.2b client code1 I might as well mirror all of it here and therefore know at all times where to find it. Sure, it was supposedly on Minigame's website but that meanwhile went down in one of the shitstorms to date and sure, there was supposedly also a bot on Mocky's site but meanwhile guess what, that one is also not accessible anymore. Good that I have all sorts of backups and local mirrors, as it just "happens", right?2

You'll need cal3d and CrystalSpace (CS) first, as those are the main dependencies of Eulora's client. Depending on your operating system, you might need to install various other packages (development utils mainly, as well as some font+sound libs and the nvidia toolkit) to be able to compile the whole orchestra. Have a look at the wiki page3 for step by step instructions on how to install and compile everything.

The archives and my signatures4 for cal3d, cs, Eulora's 0.1.2b client and some of the latest versions of Mocky's extensions of Foxybot:

  1. Yes, it sucks but no, you don't get to say anything about it at all. Because *unlike you*, I'm really in the best position to *know exactly* just how much it sucks since I've been stuck making sense of this code for quite a while now, on top of a huge other pile of stuff that nobody else touches with a ten foot pole. Come first with a clean new client that also works and then -only then- you get to say how much this one sucks. 

  2. It's not that hard really, all it takes is a simple wget in the local dir of your choice, for instance: wget --mirror --convert-links --html-extension --wait=2 -o log or, if robots.txt gets in the way of it for your target site, even wget -e robots=off --mirror --convert-links --html-extension --wait=2 -o log 

  3. Yes, I mirrored locally this one too. Have you?  

  4. ALWAYS check the signatures! If you need my public key, you'll find it on my Reference Code Shelf. And if you need anything else or are stuck on something, the best option is to simply leave a polite comment and ask for help, you know? 

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  1. Diana Coman says:

    Note that you might need to change the server's IP in data/servers.xml in the client. The current server's IP is

  2. > you might need to change

    Definitely will need to change ;

    > you'll find it on my Reference Code Shelf

    Deedbot !!key [name] also should function as canonical repository.

  3. Diana Coman says:

    Deeding the key makes some sense although at the same time, deedbot already has the full db so is already the canonical repository and it's still deedbot-powered as opposed to self-powered as it were.

  4. I just mean, it answers directly, as part and parcel of you being able to use it, it also acquires the ability to answer !!key. Like so.

  5. Diana Coman says:

    Ah, as in canonical repository, go look for it there. I got it now and yes, indeed.

  6. Yeah. I see variety here essential, because if one were to get both the signed material and the key that signed it in the same place then how exactly's anything been verified ?

  7. Diana Coman says:

    I can see your point there though arguably if my own site is not a reliable source for my own key then something is very wrong indeed.

    High time for the signed material to be somewhere else too I'd say, so there's variety as to where one can get both the key and the signed material.

  8. Counterintuitively, your own site is not actually the best place to look for your key. Obviously it can work for this purpose (and yes, your own site should have your key), but it can never escape its being a second rate source.

    Yes you are your key's creator, this is true. You are also the driving factor underneath that key's reputation, of course. These circumstances however do not make you also a good source for your own key, for approximately the same reason milk maids, rather than directly cows, are where one goes asking for milk, and doctors, rather than directly pharmaceutical warehouses, are where one goes looking for medicine.

    Your key is the hook from which your reputation rests ; your reputation exists in a context, not by itself ; your reputation exists even where your key doesn't, by a process akin to diffusion, which is how the situation can even arise in the first place that one wants your key who doesn't have it already. That one then will (and should) inquire about your key with his private/local/personal/subjective authority node, not with you (and what's this "you" even mean here ?).

    A key is practically as well as universally the closing response to a "define X" inquiry. If the symbol diana_coman appears in conversation one of the parties may ask for a definition, at which juncture your key comes up in response. A mere website can never be a supernode of this, nor should it be regarded as such a wonder, specifically because it's comparatively weak -- and besides, if they could've made the republic before us, don't you expect they would have ? (The blog, of course, is more than merely the website serving it at one point ; but then again this distinction is without power here, as how's the outsider supposed to talk to the abstract part ?)

  9. Diana Coman says:

    Yeah, I know it (hence my "reliable" above, not "first" or even "only" source). Thanks for stating it in full detail though.

  10. [...] answer the above, I went and extracted what and how can be found currently in the full client and its dependencies code, to have it all clearly in view for once. The report of that investigation is below in quite a [...]

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