#eulora Logs for 16 Dec 2019

December 16th, 2019 by Diana Coman
diana_coman: mp_en_viaje: in ps/cs wtfs, even the "pscamera" is a mountain of shit held together with spit. [10:23]
mp_en_viaje: noo ? [10:24]
diana_coman: how, just how can they end up with making so many "calculations" out of nothing in particular, argh. [10:24]
mp_en_viaje: same way there's "employment" out of not doing anything useful [10:25]
diana_coman: on the "bit of light" part, at least I got the stupid client to show something directly and even without loading ANY shaders, HA. [10:25]
mp_en_viaje: nice. [10:25]
diana_coman: it doesn't look shiny ofc, but if I'm to dig into shaders too, I need this as starting point; it's been a huge pain anyway and the "gain" from it is that now I have loaded in head even MORE of the ps shit, gah. [10:26]

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