Some Questions for Early Mornings

November 24th, 2019 by Diana Coman

For everyone who thinks too little of giving context and feedback and all that boring stuff, here's a small selection from the 7 year old expert in no-context-given, since a young mind is a fresh mind or so the saying goes and curiosity is great, even when the very idea of context is not yet fully understood. This combination makes for interesting conversations as soon as I open my eyes - and it makes for good training too since there's really ~nothing that can take me entirely by surprise anymore1. Here, practice answering those as soon as you wake up and let me know how it goes:

  1. Can you get the twentieth part out of a circle?
  2. Isn't 30 years too long really for a war?
  3. What's "computers in context"?
  4. Can we go and have that meat again?2
  5. What is kn-oh-th?3
  6. Why is it une voiture if it's un ami?
  7. Why is that Charles once Darwin and once Nickens?
  8. How can a rose have a name?
  9. Why do they keep saying God exists? I know he doesn't!
  10. What island is that?4

He still gets into trouble for the no-context-given, despite having at the ready the being-only-seven excuse. What's your excuse though?

  1. Though in fairness my no-surprises training goes way, way further back than he does. 

  2. You should know which "that meat", at any and all times, clearly. 

  3. After some prodding, I found out he meant Knuth. Donald Knuth. He thought it was knoth though and a "what". 

  4. What, you don't know *which* one he's talking about?? Silly you. And no clues given, you don't need them, do you? 

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