V-tree and V-starter V2

~This is an update of the previous V-tree and V-starter pack, to include a more recent press of both V itself and the vtools that are used by V.~

The new V version included in the starter pack is pressed to the current head and it includes spyked's fix of the init command to keep to only 1 depth level and a new vpatch of my own on top of that, adding a manifest file to bring the V-tree of V itself to current standard.

The vtools included in starter_v_2 are pressed to the current head, which is vtools_fixes_rootdir_files.vpatch (thank you, bvt!). This new press includes quite a few fixes, all courtesy of bvt: creating temporary files in the press dir (as opposed to using the /tmp dir that could be quite problematic); fix to handle larger files rather than end up with stack overflow; handling of the special cases of empty vpatches and files in the root of the vtree. While I recommend that you use this new version if you are just starting out, mainly to save yourself a lot of wtf, I'll continue providing as well the older version and I don't plan to ever take it down (I see no reason to do any such thing anyway).

For instructions on how to use those, if you are new, have a look at the original release as the instructions are the same as there. Alternatively, just come in #ossasepia on freenode and ask your questions, as someone will be able to help you with it.

I'm mirroring on my Reference Code Shelf page the V-tree of V itself and I'm linking here for your convenience both the starter pack and the V-tree:
Starter V pack, version 2

V-Tree (Keccak hashes, using vtools)

9 Responses to “V-tree and V-starter V2”

  1. spyked says:

    For the record, I have reground v_fixes_vpatch_sync.vpatch and updated its seal, fixing the issue we discussed at the beginning of the week. The tree should press fine to latest, with standard manifest FTW!

  2. Diana Coman says:

    Thank you for the regrind (and for the comment as I wasn't yet aware of it)! I'll get to it later today and update here + shelf.

  3. Diana Coman says:

    And updated with the reground .vpatch + new sigs, thank you spyked!

    The v_starter .zip remains as it was for now.

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