Din discutii cu bataie

October 1st, 2019 by Diana Coman

Because the forum was searching for this snippet that lived in fact happily in my personal logs until now, here it is shared for all who want to know - why beating, how beating, what sort of beating? To all those questions, there is of course a simple answer: enjoy!

mircea_popescu buna-mea o fost directoare in anii lichidarii analfabetismului. cetateni veneau ca bre, nu ma pune la buche, hai mai bine sa va repar gardu', da-mi ceva sa ma chinui fizic ca cu aia-s invatat macar.

diana_coman mda, cred

mircea_popescu asta nu inseamna ca vietuirea nu-i chin, doar de-aia, ca esti tu invatata cu un chin anumit. tate is.

diana_coman da' in cuvintele nemuritoare ale maica-mii catre o anume profa de fizica de voia sa ma ia cu sila la pregatire din ceva motiv: doamna, eu n-am nevoie sa platesc pe altcineva sa ia fata la bataie daca-i cazul

mircea_popescu ahahaha

mircea_popescu "ce, iti pare ca n-o poci bate io ?!"

diana_coman pai fix aia, da

mircea_popescu seaca faza.

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3 Responses to “Din discutii cu bataie”

  1. lichidarii analfabetismului -- Sounds like quite literal backport of "ликбез" (ликвидация безграмотности).

  2. Diana Coman says:

    Probably it even is precisely translation of that, yes.

  3. Quite exactly the source of the term, which is rather why I thought I must've said something in logs. But apparenty... I dunno, just thought I had maybe.

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