The Pageboy's Pledge

September 18th, 2019 by Diana Coman

  1. I ask for help to expose and correct my mistakes so that I can learn from them and grow to be a better person.
  2. I commit to my own improvement through training as directed by my Master.
  3. I practice at all times unflinching honesty towards myself, my peers, my betters and my Master.
  4. I open myself up to take in fully and make the most of my Master's feedback whenever gifted and in any form given.
  5. I submit to my Master's judgement at all times.

So help me my own intelligence and cursed be my own stupidity that is holding me back!

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  1. [...] used to be called higher education (and is called so no more), have a look at and The Pageboy's Pledge and come talk to me. It's called HERA to stand supposedly for Higher Education and Research [...]

  2. [...] path was first summarized publicly in the #ossasia log, in response to my application to take The Pageboy's Pledge and become a Young Hand for Her Ladyship the Marquess Eulora, Diana Coman, WoT : diana_coman, but [...]

  3. [...] Where does this leave me then ? While I've not yet properly outlined the article list2 of chewable chunks to document my past 10 years3 and thus, have yet to make an estimated delivery time, I am committed to finishing the job at a sustainable pace. In terms of my Young Hands application, I infer this failure means I've lost whatever control I had of the process and it's now in Diana Coman's choice. I would gladly accept to provide her context about me through conversation as Jacob Welsh did, but that carries its own costs to her. In the meantime, this is me failing forward by attempting to act out the Page Boy's Pledge. [...]

  4. [...] herein desired. What particularly struck me was her precisely codified structure; featuring a straightforward pledge of submission and a clear hierarchy of development, the ossasepia castle doesn't leave its inhabitants much to [...]

  5. [...] taking The Pageboy's Pledge, I've submitted to asking my Master for help with killing whatever stupidity I'm carrying on [...]

  6. [...] ebuild analysis and autobidding: 6 hrs Let me take this footnote to explicitly state that, yes, I pledge [↩] Small corrections like this are valuable to me, really, because I would have been blind [...]

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  8. [...] for the way my interest in bitcoin helped me find a way to agency6 via the unexpected path of submission to diana_coman's judgement. Technically to #spyked as well. [↩]When I was passively reading the logs, I the ridiculous [...]

  9. [...] the title to help raise my awareness and appreciation for time. Back in November I was reading the Page Boy's Pledge daily, so I'll pick that back up again to start the day and, more importantly, act it out. The [...]

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  11. [...] sort of relationship? The YH project has shut; things aren’t as they were before, but the Pageboy’s Pledge still looks like good [...]

  12. [...] weird - though proper - to write that, even if I turned out in the end to be the most serious pledger. Might be an American thing; the poor word's been well encrusted with barnacles of negative [...]

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