The Pageboy's Pledge

  1. I ask for help to expose and correct my mistakes so that I can learn from them and grow to be a better person.
  2. I commit to my own improvement through training as directed by my Master.
  3. I practice at all times unflinching honesty towards myself, my peers, my betters and my Master.
  4. I open myself up to take in fully and make the most of my Master's feedback whenever gifted and in any form given.
  5. I submit to my Master's judgement at all times.

So help me my own intelligence and cursed be my own stupidity that is holding me back!

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  1. [...] used to be called higher education (and is called so no more), have a look at and The Pageboy's Pledge and come talk to me. It's called HERA to stand supposedly for Higher Education and Research [...]

  2. [...] path was first summarized publicly in the #ossasia log, in response to my application to take The Pageboy's Pledge and become a Young Hand for Her Ladyship the Marquess Eulora, Diana Coman, WoT : diana_coman, but [...]

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