Inconsiderate Considerations or a Tiny Euloran Dataset on Blueprints

March 3rd, 2019 by Diana Coman

Blueprints in Eulora are currently the product of expensive clicks: millions go in to pay only for the most inconsequential of tokens, thousands come out and few of the blueprints obtained are what one wanted to get anyway. In typical euloran fashion however, this exercise in the frustrations swamps is anyway on one hand unavoidable and on the other hand potentially, eventually, greatly rewarding1 - with a bit or a bit more of luck and other assorted arcana. That being so, I let my luck do whatever it does and otherwise I set about to collect in one place a tiny bit of data on what comes out of where. About 200mn ECu later, here's what I've got when clicking them with a noob2:

Consideration Type3 Consideration q4 Bundle q Output q Blueprints obtained5
10 x Apprentice Tinker Considerations 179 37006 34 LTF, Slag, CT, CC, PPB, IO, DUH, SCS, BCT
10 x Apprentice McGuyver Considerations 47 32877 17 QF, POC, Rockpile, CSW, GT, PC, CB, CDS, ETD, RH
7 x Neophyte Gumbo Considerations 152 7528 14 NP, TT, FT, TF, WOA, BBB, ACG, BNG, CP, CF
10 x Neophyte McGuyver Considerations 2670 18389 91 SFH, IT, PS, MK, TM, BH, RH, CB, POC, HG

Conspicuously missing from the above, the very blueprint that I really wanted to see, namely BMS10. The BMS would be in the McGuyver line but 10 Neophyte clicks and 10 Apprentice clicks failed to produce even 1 single bp. Rather sadly, the Apprentice McGuyver clicks still produced the useless Caveman Bedroll blueprints and other such shit (Reed Hauberk!) that one has too much of, even just from Neophyte clicks anyway. It's totally unclear why exactly would some blueprints be SO common even though they are not necessarily the cheapest ones: take for instance the ton of LTF (4070 bv) or CT (1404 bv) blueprints obtained (0.1mn of each) and compare that with the 13 total BCT (540 bv) blueprints! If anything, it would be the cheaper blueprints that are harder to get but then again, I got tons of "Somewhat Fashionable Hat" and "Hoof Gloves" useless blueprints from the McGuyver line and those are the cheapest in that line (656 bv and 622 bv respectively).

Assuming that those rare bps aren't simply unobtainable at this moment for whatever reason, the obvious conclusion is that those considerations are rather inconsiderate of the ~200mn base value sunk into them and won't reveal in return even the very basic of *what* blueprints should one expect from where. Then again, it's not *consideration* you want from a good game, is it?

  1. Different players might find different things rewarding but a basic reward would be the rare serious "popping" i.e. obtaining for once millions out of thousands rather than the other way around.  

  2. the ~only way I have to actually get a wider spectrum of bps since clicks with Foxy end up high quality output and 1 type of bp in the usual cases; in the rare case, Foxy can in principle get more bps too but here I wanted to see precisely WHAT bps one gets from where so I suppose it's a gamble on the types more than the overall value itself. 

  3. Each crafting line in Eulora has its own Considerations line. Each line has several levels of which so far there are three seen: neophyte, apprentice and journeyman. 

  4. Quality of the Consideration blueprint used for this click. 

  5. They are ordered based on quantity obtained, from high to low. 

  6. ~=6.8mn base value. 

  7. ~=6.05mn base value 

  8. ~=1mn 

  9. ~=2.83mn base value 

  10. In the missing and becoming ever so rare range there would also be the CFT bp from Tinkering but at least I did not do a Neophyte Tinkering click this time... 

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4 Responses to “Inconsiderate Considerations or a Tiny Euloran Dataset on Blueprints”

  1. Considering the McGuyver recipes are, in order of their price,


    And you got (presumably in order of qty ?)

    SFH, IT (IDT?), PS (PSC?), MK (MRK?), TM (TMS?), BH (BCH ?), RH (RHB ?), CB (CBR ?), POC, HG (HGV ?), BH (BCH ?)

    We could then re-arrange your list as 2, 4, 3, 5, 8, 6, 9, 10, 11, 1, 6 (why do you list BH twice ?), making it mighty suspicious precisely #7 is missing!

  2. Diana Coman says:

    The double BH was a mistake, I corrected it, thanks!

    For the acronyms I stuck to the rule "first letter of each separate word" because otherwise it's rather hard to follow. So PC is penance clogs, not really pnc.

    Ofc the whole thing pointed me to look at the darned BMS bp again and look at the wonder: I have BMS (item) q 1300 and Heina reports them worth 20657 each; I also have BMS blueprint q 1110 and Heina reports those worth ...54667 each! So apparently the BMS blueprint is exceptional in that it's in fact WAY more valuable than the item it produces: the bms item turns out ~1589 ECU while the blueprint is worth ~4924 ECu??? This would at least explain why I saw no BMS blueprints whatsoever: they are not 6th in there - they are actually more expensive than the ETD even so possibly one would need... Journeyman Considerations for the piddly BMS!

  3. Ah, you know they also make ~more~ bms per click than average. I mean, clicking something like a CS I get say 1-2 on the regular, but with BMS I never got less than 7.

  4. Diana Coman says:

    Given that one BMS item ~= 1.6k while the bp alone is ~5k, it means that there is a lot of built-in overcraft through the bp alone irrespective of the actual bundle (add to that the decay too). So yes, I'd expect (based on Foxy's usual output ~= 0.25 of input at every click) that you'd get at least 1 BMS for simply clicking a bp, with more of them now and again (and a lot of them at a pop, obviously). Otherwise I checked the ingredients and they seem in line with the ol' Cookbook meaning that Foxy sees about 3x what's in the Cookbook for BMS, quite the same as what she sees for other bps.

    It still makes the BMS an exception to everything else though since I can't see any other bp like this or at least not yet (reed hauberks and other shit of similar value and also McG etc don't have such a valuable bp, no). Then again, hauberks are useless while BMS got a lot of use so perhaps there isn't something really similar to compare it to.

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