Dressing Directions of Sorts

Dressing up and dressing down used to be all nice and fine when such directions were at least clear and firm. But what does one do when up or down are much the same since all the world around is - apparently - flatly equal at all its points anyway? Well, as per adapted nursery rhyme, when they were up they dressed up and they were down they dressed down and when they were neither up nor down, they were... salad dressing.

Salads and directions aside, sartorial choices at 6 years of age can be interesting to watch - perhaps even more so, at a later time when they have been forgotten. And they can certainly swing from velvet and hat and shiny bow tie one day to apron and chef hat the next1:


  1. Since it took me about 20 years to even start taking pictures, I can hope I'll also start using a decent camera sometime within the next 40 years or so. 

2 Responses to “Dressing Directions of Sorts”

  1. nicoleci says:

    Ahh!I hope the life of victor is coming, how can a 6 year old be so distinguished?

  2. Diana Coman says:

    Thank you! Anyway, as older people used to say: one's political ideas can still change with age so nothing is lost at any point, but one's dress sense is unlikely to change significantly!

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