EuCrypt Manifest File

June 15th, 2018 by Diana Coman

~ This is part of the EuCrypt series. Start with Introducing EuCrypt. ~

This little patch simply adds a manifest file to EuCrypt so that the intended order of patches is made explicit, easily accessible and easily maintained throughout the life of the project even as new patches are added by others (hopefully). I've created this file following the manifest format specification proposed by Michael Trinque. For each patch, I used the block count1 as reported by mimisbrunnr on the day when I published the patch.

Since I publish this as a .vpatch on top of existing EuCrypt itself, there is of course a line in the manifest file for this vpatch too. To keep it nicely flowing from the previous last leaf of EuCrypt, there is an additonal change to the README file of the project as well (since it's this file I have used so far, before the manifest solution was adopted, as an implicit way of forcing some meaningful order on the vpatches).

As usual, the .vpatch and its signatures can be found on my Reference Code Shelf and are also linked directly from here for your convenience:

  1. Starting with last round number on that day so as to have some space for the case when there were several patches on same day. 

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