The Lack of Dust - A Very Euloran Problem

June 5th, 2018 by Diana Coman

Collected Dusts in Eulora are a thing - a very useful and currently very much required thing. Consequently, according to the usual Euloran workings, Collected Dusts are also... rather sorely needed and totally missing from the market. In other words, Collected Dusts are hard to get, needed by the ton, while also unknown as to actual value - the usual stuff. And so Foxy set up to... get those1, since she is anyway best at Lapidary2.

At first, the recent update seemed as if it might help for once - first level numina such as Dusts are normally obtained as a byproduct of crafting in the respective line. That would mean that one gets tons of Dusts simply by clicking something in the Bouquinism line. And that is... true of sorts but the trouble is that Bouquinism is a bit special and most of its items give stuff-other-than-numina (blueprints mostly). Moreover, while the recent update seems to have turned skilled crafters' clicks into mainly-numina-producing clicks, this does not really hold for Bouquinism! Click on Maculature and instead of loads of Dusts, one still gets loads of... Little Bits O' Nothing. What do?

Well, whenever the rule doesn't work, one needs to find... the exception, of course. For various definitions of find that might involve workarounds and workthroughs and workaboves and workbeyonds and workinbetweens - more generally speaking: WORK. So work it is then, onwards! In this case the work is mainly to figure out how to make mites in large quantities through lots of smaller clicks since apparently I don't have enough input stuff to get more than a few mites through huge-quality single click sort of thing.

First, I tried all sorts of combination-clicking on Maculature in the vain hope that Bouquinism might still sort-of-work like the rest and spit some Dusts: high q bundle with total noob -> ton of LBN (Little Bits O' Nothing) and nothing else; high q bundle with high q bp (recipe) and Foxy's click -> ton of Nothing just the same; you name it, I tried it -> no, nope and nono.

Second, I made then some Bird's Nest and Gin, poured it over that WPL3 that nobody wanted yesterday but wanted today4. That made the ECV5 in tiny quantities and ...DUSTS! In... some quantities because on one hand I did get a few thousands of them but on the other hand Foxy needs at least 3300 for one single Lapidary click that makes usually only about 20-30 Mites so by this measure... still totally and utterly stuck (and no, making some million of Bird's Nest and Gin is not a useful "solution"). What do?

Third, I got a total noob to look at Foxy's Toil recipes (the ones that make Mites out of Dusts). And what do you know? Noob can make a bundle with one single Dust and one single WOA (Water of Anamnesia - another thing that seems to be rather wanted and in short supply at the moment). So noob was set with the bundling bot to make a few hundred bundles that came out an actually reasonable ~1300 quality because Foxy's Dusts are high quality and Foxy's ancient WOA are ALSO high quality. Wonderful, except for a teeny tiny problem: clicking a 1300 quality bundle with a high quality Toil bp seems to end up for Foxy in... no Mites, only Gem Dusts (Lapidary numina). On the other hand, clicking it with the noob gets Mites, but poor, sickly and stinky ones - frightfully low quality, not to mention basically wasting all that Lapidary experience on the unsuspecting noob. Once again: WHAT do?

Fourth, got the big mixing guns out of Foxybot: blueprint quality doesn't have to be huge if one also has6 quality 1 blueprints of the same type! Some many clicks and 2000 mixings later, there we go, found some sort of combination that works! Foxy reliably gets at least 10 mites per click - not to mention many more when she pops or mini-pops - at a quality above 500 and she has *hundreds* of bundles and blueprints to click right now!

And the cherry on the above delightful cake is that it takes only 2 of those clicks for Foxy to rank up in Lapidary. Combined with the bot's powerful crafting-with-bundle7, she basically got 100 ranks up in one hour today and scooped up the book-prize for being first to reach 600 rank in Lapidary!

Onwards and upwards, let's reach that 800 Lapidary before tomorrow's update 'cause I'll be busy mining: there are new problems to solve, troubles to find and generally millions of coins waiting to be picked up, scooped out, teased away from Eulora! If only, of course... you actually work at knowing how to do such a feat. Do you?

  1. By now I can say I have a thing for... prickly problems let's call them, what can I do. 

  2. The crafting line that works on numina such as Dusts, transforming it from lower levels to higher levels (e.g. from Dusts to Mites and so on). 

  3. Worthless Putrid Leather 

  4. Ha, HA! 

  5. Extremely Creaky Vellum 

  6. by means of previous noob-clicking, at another time, there's nothing totally useless if only done correctly in Eulora, you know? 

  7. No, you don't have this working anymore? Awww. The help and the code have been there for ages, waiting for... you . Where have you been? 

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