#eulora Logs for 17 Nov 2017

November 17th, 2017 by Diana Coman
Birdman: Cant wait to see all my new high q stuff! danielpbarron you around for ECU squaring up? [18:37]
Birdman: hopefully my character hasn't suffered from any atrophy in the meantime [18:38]
Birdman: screw it, gonna just make a claim to dump my 50k lbs of crap into for now. forgot dan told me about the new restrictions re: weight [19:03]
danielpbarron: Birdman, ya [19:16]
Birdman: can you still trade mid craft? [19:16]
danielpbarron: oh, no. ready in an hour [19:17]
Birdman: same, or w/e 4/5 of a cs takes these days [19:17]
danielpbarron: Birdman, ready? [20:43]
Birdman: no [20:45]
Birdman: in the pool part ways through a cs [20:46]
danielpbarron: i'm not coming to you [20:46]
Birdman: danielpbarron ready? [21:42]
danielpbarron: Birdman, ya [22:23]

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