#eulora Logs for 26 Feb 2017

February 26th, 2017 by Diana Coman
danielpbarron: !~calc 2.18*3*12255 - 5.19*12255 - 3.13*1225 - 3052 [00:53]
danielpbarron: !~calc 1.89*3*12255 - 3.90*12255 - 3.13*1225 - 3052 [01:57]
diana_coman: DicePower, what you have there is a linker error; basically you need to tell visual studio what the new stuff depends on and what it is part of (if it doesn't know it); you can find out this information from the Jamfile files (there is one in each folder of the client's source so go and read them). For instance: the Jamfile in gui/ folder (where topspopswindow) is says: ExternalLibs gui: CRYSTAL so that is part of the libgui and [03:17]
diana_coman: it depends on CRYSTAL; figure out the equivalent way to tell vs this too (I would guess you need to add it to libgui project if that's what vs has) [03:17]
diana_coman: anyway: it's waaay easier to try and help you now that you provided some sane reports [03:17]
diana_coman: thestringpuller, that looks better indeed; do you know what specific limitations/restrictions are relevant for the converter you use esp re materials/textures? [03:20]
diana_coman: shinohai, will collect beans later today - in about 5 hours from now I'll be around for a bit longer so we can do that hopefully [03:21]
diana_coman: and I think I'll give you some sticks to dig some ords for me [03:21]
danielpbarron: !~calc 616887/4.36 [03:48]
diana_coman: shinohai, you around? [07:52]
diana_coman: !~calc 18*10.42*67-85*180*1.27 [08:10]
shinohai: Good morning diana_coman .... I'm here now. [08:36]
diana_coman: morning shinohai , 1 min and I'll pop into town [08:36]
shinohai: kk [08:36]
diana_coman: further shinohai [08:38]
diana_coman: that's fine; but did you mix them? [08:39]
shinohai: nope. all same q [08:39]
diana_coman: oh, interesting [08:39]
diana_coman: !~calc 1040*88 [08:39]
shinohai: I only ranked up in building near end, so I didnt come back to train [08:39]
diana_coman: about 11k per claim or what [08:40]
diana_coman: hmm [08:40]
diana_coman: anyways, will you dig with some cs for me? [08:40]
diana_coman: I'm curious how it works out with ords [08:40]
shinohai: will do [08:40]
shinohai: You have a particular spot in mind? [08:40]
diana_coman: yes [08:41]
diana_coman: mind that it will take probably about 1 hour per stick [08:42]
diana_coman: so no rush [08:42]
shinohai: Ok.. Off to see the Wizard and whatnot, will report in. [08:43]
diana_coman: kk [08:52]
diana_coman: hm, on a very (VERY) limited data set it would really seem that noob build vs expert build (with same bundle, same type of claim including obtained with same tool) really doesn't change value: it's only whether one wants high quality but few items (expert build) or low quality but more items; and the differences are quite marked: talking of 690q vs 45q [11:07]
Birdman: 200*9999/500 [18:14]
Birdman: !~calc 200*9999/500 [18:14]
danielpbarron: !~calc 2.53*3*141488 - 4.36*141488 - 5.00*14148 - 3052 [22:59]
jhvh1: danielpbarron: 2.53*3*141488 - 4.36*141488 - 5.00*14148 - 3052 = 383214.2399999999 [22:59]
danielpbarron: !~calc 215615/2.3 [23:06]
jhvh1: danielpbarron: 215615/2.3 = 93745.65217391305 [23:06]
danielpbarron: !~calc 23435/2.5 [23:06]
jhvh1: danielpbarron: 23435/2.5 = 9374 [23:06]

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