#eulora Logs for 18 Nov 2016

November 18th, 2016 by Diana Coman
diana_coman: mircea_popescu> shinohai high value claims ain't so easy. in the entire life of the game only danielpbarron got a sizable ; i got a coupla remarks, so did he but afaik diana got 1 and that's all. hanbot never had 1 for instance, if memory serves neither birdman nor mod6 etc. <- what? lol, no [03:12]
diana_coman: I had quite a number of remarks actually; it's only recently that I got only one (the tlc one) [03:13]
diana_coman: I think we even counted them at some point [03:13]
diana_coman: adding to the explore/claims data: lately Foxy seems to be either particularly unlucky at grc (not a single one out of 60 cs), st and the like or otherwise possibly too highly skilled for those (?) suggesting danielpbarron's theory might be quite true (theory was that high gathering level makes it *harder* rather than easier to get rare resources) [05:50]
mircea_popescu: dese people who instaquit. da fuck. [06:23]
mircea_popescu: diana_coman apparently it's a case of "one mostly counts his sticks" lol [06:23]
mircea_popescu: hm, i didn't recall that theory. ima have to go try get some wm or something and see i guess [06:24]
diana_coman: I haven't yet really had problems on wm and the like, I think even molluscs were still ok last time I went for them [08:36]
diana_coman: it's really the very valuable ones [08:36]
diana_coman: which makes it quite a pickle if true [08:37]
diana_coman: just in case anyone thought one might run out of problems or something [08:37]
mircea_popescu: hm. [09:04]
mircea_popescu: maybe you know, the map is wrong. [09:04]
diana_coman: or that, could be too I suppose [09:04]
diana_coman: maybe meanwhile the grc moved somewhere else, for all I know [09:04]
diana_coman: AND the st [09:05]
mircea_popescu: kinda hard to meaningfully define failure [09:05]
mircea_popescu: so kinda hard to build statistics model for it. [09:05]
diana_coman: thing is: I am VERY precise about the spot I dig at [09:05]
diana_coman: and what I can say is that this truly is the very first time when I don't even get one single GRC claim at that spot [09:06]
diana_coman: I guess I could go through the data to see if the ratios grc/other really have declined visibly but it certainly feels that way [09:06]
diana_coman: hard to tell anything for sure [09:06]
mircea_popescu: is it secret ? maybe i should try [09:06]
diana_coman: I'm pondering the idea of asking shinohai to use some 50 sticks there for me , as a test [09:13]
diana_coman: I made public the mollusc spot for sure, but I don't even know if anyone bothered to actually figure it out [09:13]
mircea_popescu: lol. [09:51]
mircea_popescu: i have this hunk of cheese i made like 6+ months ago [09:51]
mircea_popescu: haven't had need for more because no milk [09:51]
diana_coman: didn't I buy that cheese? [09:52]
mircea_popescu: possibly, yeah [09:52]
shinohai: gm eulora .... diana_coman what is this with 50 sticks, am I getting a beating? [10:25]
mircea_popescu: lol [10:27]
mircea_popescu: this may be the only place where getting the stick is good [10:27]
shinohai: I'm going to have to tell other dominatrices to up their game. [10:28]
DianaComan: ahaha, quite; making the sticks as we speak, shinohai [10:29]
mircea_popescu: speaking of homemade sticks, this local leatherworker dude made me a superb dragon's tail [10:44]
mircea_popescu: after an innovative design of my own! [10:45]
DianaComan: shinohai, sticks are ready; do you want to do a run of 50 of them for me? basically go and dig with them, bring me back the 50 claims you get [12:37]
shinohai: Sure thing DianaComan [12:38]
DianaComan: come and trade Foxy, I'm in town [12:38]
shinohai: omw [12:38]
shinohai: Any particular place you want me to dig? [12:41]
DianaComan: yeah, quite particular actually, 1 sec [12:41]
shinohai: kk [12:41]
anond: hello alll [21:58]
anond: shinohai... [21:59]
shinohai: heya anond [22:00]
anond: heya...:) [22:00]
anond: shinohai [22:00]
anond: how are you going [22:00]
anond: ? [22:00]
shinohai: not bad here, out digging claims [22:00]
shinohai: you? [22:00]
anond: ...:) [22:00]
anond: well....getting crazy..but well [22:01]
shinohai: good deal [22:01]
anond: i enetered here today specically to know why fedora instalation is not working... what may i be doing wrong [22:02]
shinohai: fedora? [22:02]
shinohai: I dunno ... I'm not a fedora user [22:02]
anond: now... i am using fedora (not more debian) [22:02]
shinohai: Afraid outside of Debian, Ubuntu, or Gentoo I can't be of help. [22:03]
anond: welll... of course i may once more delete fedora and install debian...but not today [22:03]
anond: in this case what you would recommend (debian or gentoo)? [22:04]
shinohai: Well in your case I'd say Debian or Ubuntu. Because Gentoo is going to cause you a lot more work. [22:04]
anond: i am not using windows anyway anymore...but i confess sometimes i fell 'missing of it' [22:05]
shinohai: It passes [22:05]
anond: but Gentoo would have a lerning benefit [22:05]
shinohai: Well sure, but will require lots of study. [22:06]
anond: well.. i am crazy already... i dont know how much more i can support....but by other hand IT continues evolving at all [22:07]
anond: have gentoo or fedora or ubunto some other benefit compared between them other the 'less work to do' [22:08]
anond: ? [22:08]
anond: something as stability..reliability....security....or someelse..? [22:09]
shinohai: Gentoo benefit is you can customize the install to your particular hardware and needs. But I promise it isn't something you will do first time correctly. [22:09]
anond: :) [22:09]
anond: i can already belive in you [22:09]
shinohai: If you just want to learn and actually play the game, I still recommend Debian. Build the game in an Ubuntu-like chroot under it [22:10]
anond: ok...to go to the simpler side... fedora or ubuntu would be better? [22:10]
anond: sorry: debian or ubuntu? [22:11]
shinohai: Debian has less bloat than Ubuntu, which is why I use it more often. Though I have an Ubuntu box I really only use it for testing things around here. [22:12]
shinohai: There are build instructions for Fedora, but again I have never tried/used it. [22:13]
shinohai: Shouldn't bee too much difference aside from package managers [22:14]
anond: i have tried to follow them but 'stopped' in the second step installing cg toolkit [22:14]
anond: yes fedora uses a rpm (deprecated with automatic redirecting to dfn) [22:15]
anond: linux is being an pleasant (sometimes tiring) adventure [22:22]
shinohai: Worth the effort [22:26]
shinohai: !~later tell diana_coman All 50 sticks finished, you are now proud owner of a eps emporium if you want to start one. [22:37]
jhvh1: shinohai: The operation succeeded. [22:37]
anond: ok.. shinohai..thanks .... only from tomorrow i may try something new [22:46]
anond: tyt ..goonight [22:46]
mircea_popescu: hhhola [23:42]
mircea_popescu: !~later tell anond hey let me know when you finally get it going, i have some stuff for you to do [23:43]
jhvh1: mircea_popescu: The operation succeeded. [23:43]

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