#eulora Logs for 26 Oct 2016

October 26th, 2016 by Diana Coman
mircea_popescu: AUCTION : CS high craft package, consisting of 597 PPB q 238 + 299 FT q 152. 19mn heard diana_coman << won, pick up art your leisure [00:01]
diana_coman: I'm on my way to town dragging a table; you around mircea_popescu ? [03:54]
mircea_popescu: diana_coman now i am. woirks ? [08:19]
diana_coman: works; will drag table again so should be some 5-10 min [08:31]
diana_coman: mircea_popescu, ^ [08:31]
mircea_popescu: diana_coman aite im here sticking it to the man [08:31]
diana_coman: in town mircea_popescu [08:41]
mircea_popescu: uh i don't see the ppb in trade window o.O [08:42]
mircea_popescu: weird visual glitch. [08:42]
diana_coman: I saw it in mine [08:42]
mircea_popescu: anyway, enjoy diana_coman ! [08:42]
diana_coman: weird indeed [08:42]
diana_coman: thanks! [08:42]
shinohai: tfw I still have 100 small claims scattered about to process [09:06]
shinohai: will never go exploring without cft again [09:06]
diana_coman: sounds quite painful [09:06]
mircea_popescu: ouch lol. [09:06]
mircea_popescu: well... hey, it's playtime right ? :D [09:06]
diana_coman: I suppose you could get some noobs and send them to build those claims for you :D [09:07]
shinohai: I made a deal with that nolo guy to do a few but with shitty Venezuelan internet who knows when he will be back. [09:08]
diana_coman: neighbours? friends? at least if it's easier to get a noob in than to run around the map building those claims, lol [09:16]
danielpbarron: shinohai, i formerly would intentionally stock up on small claims to process manually [09:37]
danielpbarron: 100 is nothing [09:38]
shinohai: Just tedious is all [09:40]
mircea_popescu: danielpbarron but why ? [10:07]
diana_coman: oh hi danielpbarron long time no see [10:11]
diana_coman: I suspect the stocking up on smalls was in order to build them with higher q thread/not mix up with tinies [10:12]
diana_coman: back when bot was unable to keep things separate [10:12]
mircea_popescu: ah there was that. [10:33]
mircea_popescu: o hey, 4mn pop! woots. [10:34]
diana_coman: congrats! [10:35]
shinohai: nice going mircea_popescu [10:36]
mircea_popescu: the whole run's like 40mn and about 2/3 done, so nothing earth shattering, but still nice. [10:36]
diana_coman: from the unlucky side I can report that Foxy managed to basically fail a cs on ...wm even, sigh [10:44]
mircea_popescu: no loot ? [10:49]
diana_coman: well sm but not wm at the wm spot, kind of first time this happens to me with a cs [10:50]
diana_coman: not to mention 10 cs and only smalls [10:50]
mircea_popescu: ah [10:50]
diana_coman: those smalls also no loot but that is not really surprising as foxy gets the wm some 670q [10:51]
mircea_popescu: so you get 0 loot from smalls ? [10:51]
diana_coman: apparently I got loot from ONE wm small and one sm small since I ended up with 10 wm + 5sm from 9 wm smalls+ 1 sm small [10:59]
mircea_popescu: so you got 1 item from all and 2 from one [11:00]
diana_coman: !~calc 10*6.69*780+5*695*157 [11:00]
diana_coman: aha [11:00]
jhvh1: diana_coman: 10*6.69*780+5*695*157 = 597757 [11:00]
diana_coman: ugh [11:00]
diana_coman: !~calc 10*6.69*780+5*6.95*157 [11:00]
jhvh1: diana_coman: 10*6.69*780+5*6.95*157 = 57637.75000000001 [11:00]
mircea_popescu: lol [11:00]
diana_coman: 57.6k out of 10 cs , eurgh [11:01]
mircea_popescu: wow that's pretty bad. [11:01]
mircea_popescu: course it's just the smalls. got any ords too ? [11:01]
diana_coman: nope [11:01]
mircea_popescu: o boy. [11:01]
diana_coman: myeah [11:01]
diana_coman: takes aim at that moon again [11:01]
diana_coman: usual server maintenance in ~15min [15:45]
diana_coman: and done, server back on! [16:04]
mircea_popescu: win [16:04]
diana_coman: hello Nytro [17:53]
Nytro: Heya [17:53]
diana_coman: what brings you here? [17:53]
Nytro: Interested in trying out Eulora, just getting everything set up for now [17:54]
Nytro: wanted to log in to the chat in the meantime [17:54]
Nytro: I hope that's okay of course [17:55]
diana_coman: sure it is; you can also have a look at the logs if you want to get an idea of things [17:56]
hanbot: welcome Nytro [17:58]
Nytro: Heya, thanks [17:58]
mircea_popescu: waves [17:58]
shinohai: throws small claim keys [17:59]
diana_coman: littering, tsk, tsk; lol [18:00]
shinohai: lol [18:00]
Nytro: 1 second, brb [18:02]
Nytro: !!register pubkey-url [18:05]
Nytro: woops [18:05]
mircea_popescu: Nytro gotta talk to deedbot and pubkey-url is a metasyntactic variable. you replace it with your key's actual url [18:06]
Nytro: yup it was a double fail on my part [18:06]
Nytro: Just finished with that part, is the next step begging for an account? :P [18:07]
mircea_popescu: hehe sure a sec [18:09]
Nytro: tyvm :D [18:09]
Nytro: just to be totally sure, I gave deedbot my fingerprint when doing the !!register, which is what it was asking for hopefully, is that right? [18:10]
Nytro: It seemed to accept it at least [18:11]
mircea_popescu: Nytro http://wotpaste.cascadianhacker.com/pastes/zwsts/?raw=true [18:12]
mircea_popescu: yep [18:12]
Nytro: is that one yours? [18:13]
Nytro: This is the one I sent in http://wotpaste.cascadianhacker.com/pastes/h4hlf/?raw=true [18:14]
Nytro: My noobishness is too strong lol [18:21]
Nytro: Give me a couple days of reading and I'll hopefully get better [18:21]
mircea_popescu: Nytro you gotta decrypt it [18:26]
Nytro: ah okay, the one that you gave? [18:26]
mircea_popescu: yeah [18:27]
mircea_popescu: this is a valuable skill in general ; pgp encrypted matter can't be decrypted by anyone else. you never know when such comes in handy. [18:29]
Nytro: wooh, there we go, got it [18:36]
mircea_popescu: wd [18:36]
shinohai: Hey mircea_popescu got time to set Dog1 up with an account? [18:45]
shinohai: I'm trying to get him started [18:45]
Dog1: There you go LOL [18:46]
Dog1: \woof woof [18:46]
Dog1: And mircea_popescu that would be better placed with a Please Set me up and Account LOL [18:46]
mircea_popescu: Dog1 aite a second [18:47]
Dog1: thanks [18:47]
shinohai: I tried to get him in here before the bitcointalk promotion ended but we had sharply different schedules [18:48]
Dog1: I have a schedule of a farmer LOL [18:48]
shinohai: Glad you made it anyway [18:48]
mircea_popescu: Dog1 http://wotpaste.cascadianhacker.com/pastes/nju4s/?raw=true [18:48]
Dog1: Thanks [18:49]
shinohai: Oh hanbot is at it with the altar again [18:53]
Nytro: I'm trying to change a few gfx settings, and apparently there's a launcher somewhere? When I start up the game it goes directly to the client. [18:55]
Nytro: am I missing something? o.O [18:56]
Nytro: Ah nvm, just changed it manually in the cfg file [19:05]
shinohai: lmao Dog1 Elric Dogone? [19:41]
shinohai: AND you're character is female [19:41]
shinohai: *your [19:41]
mircea_popescu: shinohai you wanna dig some flotsam ? [20:17]
shinohai: Sure [20:17]
mircea_popescu: aite, im in town [20:17]
shinohai: ok heading that way [20:17]
mircea_popescu: so how do you like it nytro ? [20:18]
shinohai: just 2 mircea_popescu ? [20:20]
mircea_popescu: shinohai there's 1mn, go buy a coupla bundles and bring me back 900k [20:20]
mircea_popescu: yeh. [20:20]
shinohai: kk [20:20]
mircea_popescu: btw if you drag him to me ima give him an adze free [20:20]
mircea_popescu: you got a few lbn an' cfts to give him ? [20:20]
shinohai: yeah imma give him some things [20:21]
mircea_popescu: coo [20:21]
shinohai: jesus christ we need a change bot [20:22]
shinohai: i got 2 mn but not enuf change to give you 900k back [20:22]
shinohai: so u want this mil back and we can settle later? [20:23]
mircea_popescu: ok, ima train skills eventually [20:24]
mircea_popescu: oine thing you can do is deposit your change in the bank [20:24]
mircea_popescu: when you get it. that way it builds up [20:25]
mircea_popescu: also if you put all your small change in tyhe bank and buy anything, it will make 99 coins etc [20:25]
shinohai: oh cool [20:27]
shinohai: shit I got kicked off server [20:38]
Nytro: interesting so far [20:45]
Nytro: doing a bunch of reading and trying to find more info on it first [20:46]
hanbot: meh server down? [20:46]
shinohai: yeah for me too :( [20:46]
mircea_popescu: tsk [20:46]
mircea_popescu: sorry folks, the server will require some tinkering. [21:13]
mircea_popescu: outage should be < 24 hours so check back tomorro. [21:13]
shinohai: O.o [21:15]
shinohai: kk [21:15]

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