#eulora Logs for 22 Oct 2016

October 22nd, 2016 by Diana Coman
diana_coman: hi wyrdmantis you around ? [08:52]
wyrdmantis: yes diana_coman [08:52]
wyrdmantis: let me log in [08:52]
diana_coman: I'll be in town in 5 to collect those things [08:52]
shinohai: waves at diana_coman & wyrdmantis [08:53]
diana_coman: hi shinohai how's it going? [08:53]
shinohai: Not bad, you? Still trotting around all over the island developing claims -,- [08:54]
diana_coman: quite all right, trying to sort out the cft and tools looming issues and then explore a ton , lol [08:57]
diana_coman: wyrdmantis, do you have change? [08:58]
wyrdmantis: diana_coman things are on the table behind me, would you take it from here? [08:58]
diana_coman: ok [08:58]
wyrdmantis: change.. mmm lemme look [08:58]
wyrdmantis: yes [08:59]
diana_coman: cool [08:59]
diana_coman: accept [08:59]
diana_coman: please move away as you are guarding the table [08:59]
diana_coman: right, thank you [09:01]
diana_coman: I'm done, table is yours [09:02]
wyrdmantis: thanks [09:02]
mircea_popescu: ahh how goes [09:45]
shinohai: Buenas dias Señor Popescu [09:50]
mircea_popescu: hola! [09:57]
anond: hello people [17:33]
shinohai: heya anond [17:35]
anond: hi..shinohai [17:36]
anond: how long time...no? [17:36]
shinohai: A little [17:36]
anond: :) [17:36]
anond: yes... i am 'struggling' with linux and video cards ..and eulora [17:37]
anond: might someone give me a help with video cards before restart the process of installing eulora [17:37]
anond: ? [17:37]
shinohai: It happens. I dunno what kind of video card you have though? [17:38]
anond: the basic doubt is about which is the correct driver for my GOU... (nouveau, nvidia specific found in nvidia site, or nvidia-legacy drivers) [17:38]
anond: sorry: my GPU [17:38]
anond: is an old nvidia GPU of serie 6.... [17:39]
anond: i have read 'a lot ' of articles and instructions..but i have not suceeded still [17:40]
mircea_popescu: you're not being very specific. [17:52]
mircea_popescu: what's the exact product code of your video card ? [17:53]
shinohai: he left again [17:54]
mircea_popescu: aok [17:56]
mircea_popescu: might take anywhere between 5000 years at this rate. [17:56]

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