#eulora Logs for 24 Sep 2016

September 24th, 2016 by Diana Coman
lobbes: http://logs.minigame.bz/2016-09-23.log.html#t23:05:49 << noted. I gotta find another method for that. [00:24]
anond_: ho [16:59]
mod6: ya [16:59]
anond_: hello... someone may help me? [16:59]
anond_: i need to register a fingerprint with deedbot... [16:59]
mod6: You can do this in #trilema. [17:00]
mod6: http://deedbot.org/help.html [17:01]
mod6: well, you might be able to do that !!register command via PM, but i've never tried, so i can't confirm. [17:01]
anond_: yes... i statrted to try...:) [17:02]
anond_: i have received this there... [17:02]
anond_: 17:54] <anond> !!up anond [17:54] == Cannot send to channel: #deedbot [17:02]
mod6: ok, good luck. [17:02]
mod6: oh. [17:02]
mod6: the !!up command is for getting the +v mode set on your nick for #trilema. but you must be registered first. [17:03]
mod6: were you able to register successfully? [17:03]
anond_: no yet [17:03]
anond_: let me try again [17:03]
mod6: ah, ok, do that part first. [17:03]
mod6: np. take your time. [17:03]
anond_: how to send a PM and for whom? [17:03]
mod6: well, it might be helpful just to /join #trilema [17:04]
mod6: and then do the commands in there so someone may help you if things go sideways. [17:04]
mod6: but for PM: /msg deedbot !!regster <your_fingerprint_here> [17:04]
mod6: doesn't help that i spelled it wrong. lol [17:04]
mod6: *register [17:04]
anond_: let me try the PM... [17:04]
anond_: yes.. i ave sent the message [17:05]
anond_: it did not give errors [17:05]
mod6: ok. lemme see what i can see. [17:05]
mod6: hmm, im not sure if it worked or not. [17:07]
mod6: best to: /join #trilema [17:07]
mod6: and then ask trinque [17:07]
mod6: the netsplit is disrupting currently, so not sure if everyone is around atm. but we can try. [17:08]
anond_: wow.. i dont believe i have reached here already [17:09]
anond_: but ..continuing .. i have joined succesfully [17:09]
anond_: what and how to ask for +trinke...? [17:09]
Tsuloid: Ehmm... [21:55]
Tsuloid: Hello ? [21:55]
shinohai: howdy [21:56]
Tsuloid: This is a Eulorum channel ? [21:58]
shinohai: You guessed it [21:58]
Tsuloid: I come from a forum... So, I type " /query deedbot " but, I'm lost after this... [21:59]
shinohai: !~eu.windows [22:04]
jhvh1: shinohai: Error: "eu.windows" is not a valid command. [22:04]
Tsuloid: !~eu.windows [22:04]
jhvh1: Tsuloid: Error: "eu.windows" is not a valid command. [22:04]
Tsuloid: Uh? [22:04]
shinohai: I have a guide but I am afk on mobile [22:05]
shinohai: So unless someone else here can help you will haveto wait until I return [22:06]
Tsuloid: So... [22:06]
Tsuloid: I'll wait. [22:06]
Tsuloid: :) [22:06]
shinohai: Oh wait here's the guide: [22:08]
shinohai: !~eulora.win [22:08]
jhvh1: Eulora quick-start guide for Windows users. http://bit-box.org/blog/?p=5 [22:08]
shinohai: ^ read that if you use WIndows, if not there is linux instructions on wiki [22:08]
Tsuloid: Oh, thanks, :) [22:08]
shinohai: np! [22:09]
Tsuloid: Dude. :( I'm sorry, but... The server is down [22:10]
mircea_popescu: eh ? [22:14]
mircea_popescu: no it's not, im crafting lol [22:14]
Tsuloid: But. . . [22:14]
mircea_popescu: now lessee this guide... [22:14]
shinohai: guide server is down [22:15]
Tsuloid: Let me see [22:15]
mircea_popescu: http://logs.minigame.bz/2016-09-22.log.html#t14:29:09 [22:15]
lobbesbot: Title: #Eulora log for Thursday, 2016-09-22 (at logs.minigame.bz) [22:15]
shinohai: is not impressed with the quality of hosting he is getting right now. [22:15]
Tsuloid: I'll to try w' another browser. [22:15]
mircea_popescu: !~eulora.win shinohai :D [22:15]
jhvh1: Eulora quick-start guide for Windows users. http://bit-box.org/blog/?p=5 [22:15]
Tsuloid: This is from Opera http://prntscr.com/cm0g6o and this is from Firefox http://prntscr.com/cm0gcc [22:19]
lobbesbot: Title: Screenshot by Lightshot (at prntscr.com) [22:19]
Tsuloid: Sorry if this on spanish... [22:19]
shinohai: No hay problema hablamos Espanol igual [22:20]
Tsuloid: O: [22:21]
Tsuloid: ¿Sabe qué puede estar sucediendo? [22:22]
shinohai: Creo que tengo un fallo en la pagina .... pero si tengas paciencia a la manana lo arreglo [22:22]
shinohai: Ya es noche aqui xD [22:23]
Tsuloid: Ahh, no hay problema :) Mañana volveré entonces. [22:23]
Tsuloid: Igual, gracias por la oferta (Y) [22:23]
shinohai: Bueno pues [22:23]
shinohai: Gracia por tu interes [22:23]
Tsuloid: ^-^ [22:24]
Tsuloid: See ya [22:24]
shinohai: o/ [22:24]

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