Coordinate Eulometry (or Tomb of the Dead Mollusc)

March 1st, 2016 by Diana Coman

In the green and unforgiving world of Eulora, I am an explorer and mapmaker through necessity more than anything else (is there anything else?). As a result, I have made and even published maps and location of resources, but lo and behold, people want more! More of what? Well, more information and more useful things made by others, of course, what else. Excellent, you might say, they want it, you have it, sell it to them and everyone's happy, industrious and productive like never before. Perfect situation, perfect plans, perfect idea, they want to pay what it takes? Not quite, no.

Given the above, here's where I become an explorer of potential deals and potential ways of pricing immaterial things in Eulora (euloran knowledge no less!) - I become one through necessity of course, more than anything else1. As if pricing of basic items was solved already, here I am, diving straight into attaching some price to knowledge, what can go wrong.

Considerations aside and going straight for the throat of the matter, here's how things stand: the current most-prized knowledge of resources is the location of the fabulous Dead Mollusc. Location which I'm the only one to know. This knowledge of mine is the result of painful and meticulous island-combing by Foxy over several months. Island-combing which was made possible in the first place only as a result of quite another piece of significant work - designing and implementing the bot itself. So then, do you think that all this would be worth 10 bitcents at least? Well, so far it doesn't seem to be worth much to eulorans at all.

Apparently, this unique, useful and really quite difficult (as in: expensive but also time-consuming and not trivial) piece of information is worth at most 3 bitcents or, perhaps, some parts of some mollusc cheese at the further cost of not-yet-found slithy toves. What to do then? Take the 3mn? Take the cheese and give some more unique and not yet found resources? Keep the secret of the molluscs' tomb? Since I don't find any of these options particularly good, here's a fourth: making concrete and potentially useful map knowledge available instead. Smaller pieces of information, smaller (arguably more digestible) prices, unknown, but potentially higher return. Judging by the long successful history of euloran official auctions of previously-unknown items, players quite like paying for unknown but potentially high return.

Here's what I have:

1. 100`217 distinct points2 at which I *never* found anything, despite trying between 1 (inclusive) and 10 (exclusive) times.
2. 1139 distinct points with 0 successful attempts and between 10 (inclusive) and 20 (exclusive) failed attempts.
3. 252 distinct points, 0 successful attempts, between 20 (inclusive) and 30 (exclusive) failed attempts.
4. 111 distinct points, 0 successful attempts, between 30 (inclusive) and 40 (exclusive) failed attempts.
5. 119 distinct points, 0 successful attempts, between 40 (inclusive) and 50 (exclusive) failed attempts.
6. 24 distinct points, 0 successful attempts, between 50 (inclusive) and 60 (exclusive) failed attempts.
7. 23 distinct points, 0 successful attempts, between 60 (inclusive) and 70 (exclusive) failed attempts.
8. 24 distinct points, 0 successful attempts, between 70 (inclusive) and 80 (exclusive) failed attempts.
9. 22 distinct points, 0 successful attempts, between 80 (inclusive) and 90 (exclusive) failed attempts.
10. 9 distinct points, 0 successful attempts, between 90 (inclusive) and 100 (exclusive) failed attempts.
11. 19 distinct points, 0 successful attempts, between 100 (inclusive) and 200 (exclusive) failed attempts.
12. 1 point, 0 successful attempts, 217 failed attempts.
13. 1 point, 0 successful attempts, 1320 failed attempts.
14. 1 point, 0 successful attempts, 2987 failed attempts.

Based on my exploration experience so far, I am fairly sure that some of the resources that haven't yet been found are precisely at the last 3 points above if not at some others in those packages there. However, based on my same experience so far, I am also quite sure that one needs either high enough rank or expensive enough tool in order to actually get those resources there where I missed repeatedly. So be warned that I have found before *different* resources in the same spot, which means that I wouldn't really trust 1 single successful attempt to fully tell me ALL that there is that one spot.

In any case, I'm really quite curious what eulorans think of the above 14 packages. Note that if I start from 1 copper per point at package 1, 10 per point at package 2 and so on, that still dwarves very quickly the 10mn per found (no surprises there) Dead Mollusc location.

As they say around here: looking forward to hearing from you!

  1. Honestly: is there ANYTHING else on Eulora? 

  2. Each point is identified through its x and z coordinates, considered as rounded integers. For example, point (15, 15) covers the small square from (14.6, 14.6) to (15.4, 15.4). If you are concerned about such granularity, do note that even the tiniest touch of a movement key that results in a barely perceptible change of position in game still bumps the coordinates by 0.1. 

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