Making Patterns on Euloran Soil

January 21st, 2016 by Diana Coman

(This is some day like all the others in Foxy Foxster's diary on an island with more trees than people.)

One day, Foxy Foxster1 got bored of scribbling in her diary and of sifting through loads and loads of data collected by her ever perky Foxybot. So she plotted the data instead, basically creating cave-art. Or mud-art. Anyway, ART, ok? Such as:

The circle is made of course just to mock future generations that are bound to discuss at length its deeper meaning and carefully designed role in some forgotten ritual. If there were more boulders around looking like boulders, one might even recreate that in stone at the scene of the mocking. And call it - very imaginatively - Boulderhenge.

Boulders, circle and art aside, the grid is really the more important part there. See how neatly aligned those points are above the circle? That's Foxybot's super-precision mining, digging up something at each and every 3 coordinates. Over and over again Foxybot went and burnt pickaxes, hoes and sticks in the ongoing attempt at finding things that everybody saw but nobody found as yet: slithy toves, rotten giant's canines, petrified bubbles and the like. To give you a bit of an idea of all that digging, here's how it looks like, on a larger (and messed up for presentation purposes) scale:


The key in all the grid above being of course...not the grid itself. But the white spaces - those annoyingly many white spaces in there. That's how much one can still miss even *searching* in, even looking at, unless really measuring, counting and plotting. Now only if the plot really was something more than a bunch of numbers on a cave wall...

  1. She's a female on an island, without any decent cooking skills or stoves, without shoes and with only the books she actually writes herself. Not to mention with only very, very few actual males around. Not sure if the island is just slightly off some continent too. 

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