Euloran Cookbook V1.2

December 28th, 2015 by Diana Coman

Cooking in Eulora proves to be a very satisfying way of burning down samovars1 - alas, they don't go down in flames and smoke when totally worn-out, but that's for another day, I suppose.

Anyway, over these last few days, I've been boiling molluscs, eggs, shiny rock shards and whatnot - all of rather dubious quality2 of course. Quality aside, cooking proves to be a surprisingly pleasant activity giving one plenty of time to spare despair of the current state of recipes all scattered about and a pain to find or use on any serious cooking (or crafting of any kind really) spree. So here's Cookbook version 1.23, with most notable additions:

  1. Bill of Materials (BoM) for each recipe. This includes the total of basic resources needed to make 1 (one) item of that kind, from scratch as it were. You can find it at the bottom of each recipe page.
  2. Base value for each item, calculated as the sum of base values of its ingredients. As far as I know, this is how the game itself calculates base values, so it's fine enough for me. You can find it on the same page as the recipe for making the item.
  3. A "Used in" section for each item and resource. As the name suggests, this is a list of links to other recipes that use the current resource/item as ingredient. Want to know what can you do with a Dead Mollusc? Have a look at the "Used in" section at the bottom of the Dead Mollusc page (spoiler: not much so far - only Mollusc Cheese; still, it's a very important Mollusc Cheese, seeing how it is further used in Suspect Ointment and Omlette du Disgorge).
  4. Full list of known resources (harvestables) as a separate page, accessible from the index page. Includes: resource name, known location (where available), base value, first finder (when known).
  5. Mining recipes (ordinaries and remarkables) linked from the index page.

As always in Eulora, all the above is essentially work in progress: neither complete, nor with any guarantees, use for your own benefit and at your own risk. As far as I checked it, I couldn't see anything wrong with the information that is there (although I can see plenty that is missing), so kindly let me know if you find any problems.

  1. Those soon-to-be-a-rarity samovars, since Slithy Tove is STILL successfully hiding somewhere among euloran blades of grass. Or grains of sand, but nothing much bigger than that, in any case. 

  2. 106 at the moment, as a marked improvement for the below-100 atrocity that came out at first after the most recent overall piss on quality

  3. An upgrade of previous version 1.1 

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