The Unbearably Unknown Value of Things in Eulora

October 22nd, 2015 by Diana Coman

If you ever get bored of knowing even vaguely what things are worth in your everyday life, come and visit Eulora. Figuring out what things are worth around here turns out to be a major headache and quite a problem - then again, major headaches and quite-problems are truly the fabric of Euloran reality anyway.

By the way, don't let me spoil those problems for you. Or the headaches for that matter. By all means, go ahead, dive straight in, bang your head, don't read a single word further. No, seriously, I mean it, don't read before play, who ever heard of that anyway? Especially if you have some BTC (or coppers) to burn, go ahead and burn them. I'll wait until you're done with that (it won't be long).

Done? Good, now that you have no money and therefore nothing other to do than to start paying attention finally, here's what is kind of clear1 at the moment:

- all items in Eulora have a "base value" which is basically what S.MG2 uses to calculate the values in its balance sheets (by adjusting for quality, so base_value * quality/100). One can think of this as the "official" value of items since it is after all used precisely in that manner.

- all items in Eulora also have a "quality" which is roughly speaking an indication of where in the hierarchy of skill was the crafter at the moment of making the thing. More useful though, the higher the quality, the more value the item basically stores in itself from the game's point of view. This is quite important for all the underlying game mechanics, so keep it in mind even if it doesn't yet have a place in your own mental model (though it should!).

And if you rush in and say that it's easy then as price things just based on quality, you didn't understand anything, so go and burn some more BTC until you are truly skint. Then read some logs for a taste of the pricing problem. Read about the trouble of resource allocation and read about some of the rather complex trade agreements currently in place. Yes, you can calculate a value adjusted by quality: base_value * quality/100. Just don't expect that to always be what the item is actually worth at any given time and in any given context.

Anyway, getting back to the basic value, even though it's basic, it's apparently not even known all that clearly or all that easily in game at the moment. So if it's not in game, come and find it here (values are given in coppers for 1 item of quality 100):

UPDATE (28 December 2015): the list below is an older version, so you are better off checking out the Cookbook which gives you (among other things) base values for all resources and many of the items that can be crafted.

Updated with gracious contributions from Mircea Popescu:

Basic Resources:

BN: 71

CDG: 60

CR: 73

F: 88

NT: 87

RR: 67

RF: 80

SR: 79

Non-basic Resources:

AE: 384

BBB: 197

DCS: 547

DM: 1963

EPS: 399

LH: 721

MD: 1088

PS: 262

SG: 366

SM: 96  157

TLC: 1096

TPT: 159

WM: 780

WPL: 152

WWB: 141

GRC: 5411

PN: 1484

ST: 5093

SS: 1165

Things one can craft:

CFT: 180

CP: 1206

BMS: 540  1589

CC: 3780

CSW: 1216

DG: 470

FCS: 8824

IO: 5439

IBS: 255

LBN: 11

PPB: 4466

PCS: 8824

SCS: 8824

LTF: 4070

SRS: 237 454

Slag: 677

BBBrew: 5354

Almost Wine: 5355 3850

Obj. Screwdriver: 8550

Tube Tea: 10390

Cheap Gin (ACG): 7554 7254

Cheapest Wedding Ring: 6058

The Neckerbocker: 598

BNG: 11395

FT: 5624

TM: 23407

DL: 23877

MC: 15707

SO: 62991

GT: 16394

US: 216655

WD: 51417


Kindly add to the list through a comment if you have the base values for other items.

  1. the one and only, Euloran Murky kind of clear I suspect. 

  2. Eulora's publisher. 

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6 Responses to “The Unbearably Unknown Value of Things in Eulora”

  1. Mircea Popescu says:

    – all items in Eulora have a “base value” which is basically what S.MG uses in its balance sheets.

    This much is not correct, S.MG actually uses quality-adjusted item values. Thus if you have say 10 Dry Clump of Grass q200, the "Player holdings" line will reflect 12`000 not 6`000 worth of coppers for it.

  2. Diana Coman says:

    True, I keep considering base value precisely that (i.e. NOT "value at 100q" but rather S.MG value at respective quality). Anyway, will update to make it clear I guess.

  3. Mircea Popescu says:

    Cheap Gin: 7554 but ACG: 7254 ? They're the same thing aren't they ?

  4. Diana Coman says:

    Ah, yes. Updated again.

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