A Lotus by Any Other Name's...a Harlot?

August 26th, 2015 by Diana Coman

(This is Day 17 of the Barely Legible and Slightly Bloody Diary of Foxy Foxster on Eulora. Read all about it! I mean: here's Day 1, there's Day 16.)

The one thing that you can truly find in great – even generous! - quantities on Eulora is failure. Usually yours to keep and others' to enjoy in a truly community-like spirit that seems to be increasingly abundant too, for all the very ripe age of 17 days I actually got to write in this diary. And failure on Eulora is so abundant that even the soil gets it, even the trees, even the grass, even the rocks. I'll not even mention those hills that failed to be mountains and that sad sad sand that failed to remain a rock, a shell or anything of any description whatsoever.

Still, on rare occasions, on Eulora, even failure fails. And so you get surprises – truly surprising surprises of the surprisingly pleasant kind. Such as actually finding true and shiny pink in a drab world of mud and brown, such as flowers out of failed soil, such as lotuses in the desert. Such as looking into your own bag after a long mining run and seeing there, unexpectedly and cradled among all sorts of wooly mushrooms, abandoned eggs, spicy moss and sad looking clumps of dry grass, the pinkest pinkish pinkies pink flowers that actually look like...flowers! And not just any flowers at that, but Lotus flowers!

Oh the joys of the lotus, the joys of the pink the true joy of the pink lotus that grows on Eulora! On another island one might have called them Pink Aphrodites or something of the kind, but on Eulora the song fails, the muses hiss and curse between their broken lips and mutter with mischievious delight the words to name the wonder of a flower: it's Lotus Harlots on Eulora, the flower that looks like you might think it does. And the flower that sells of course, for the right price, for the high price, for the one who pays the most.

There will be Harlots at the auction on Sunday. I mean: Lotus Harlots!

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4 Responses to “A Lotus by Any Other Name's...a Harlot?”

  1. Bwahaha.

    With endless eons even fail may fail!

  2. Diana Coman says:

    Long live the fail!! Or what?

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