When Cooking Is More Painful than Dying (The Barely Legible and Slightly Bloody Diary of Foxy Foxster on Eulora - Day 2)

June 14th, 2015 by Diana Coman

Since Day 1 was over, I have to assume Day 2 has started.

For the whole morning I explored Eulora with enthusiasm and bare hands, which always makes for a rather painful combination. Although my enthusiasm survived quite a lot of eulorian exploration, my hands were soon raw and I was shaking all over (or so it was written all over the place). And it was so that I found not only flotsam, birds’ nests, crumbly rocks, rickety reeds and clumps of dry grass, but also the fact that death on Eulora is just about the best thing that I can wish for at this time. Unlike most other things one can wish for, death is something that can even be gotten quite easily for the time being: I just typed /die and watched myself becoming still for just a moment before a new rush of ....life? came in pumping quick blood through the veins as if it was a miracle all new, as if nothing else existed before, as if life itself was a new wondrous invention that could never fail in any way.

And so at noon I learnt to die, but then I went on and learnt to cook the Eulorian way - something really more brutal than death itself judging by the name of ingredients and recipes: disgusting goop, rotten fruit, sharp clump of slag, coarse thread and hoof gloves (seriously, what goat came up with that design?). Making goop out of crumbly rocks, rotten fruit and spicy moss was quite a feat, although the quality part was certainly more confusing than the recipe: is a higher-quality disgusting goop more disgusting or less disgusting or simply differently disgusting than a lower-quality disgusting goop?

Quality issues aside, I started a cooking book. If it proves to be of any use, I might add to it one of these days, in between dying, cooking and tinkering...

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