The What and Why

June 3rd, 2013 by Diana Coman

So what is this "Ossasepia" thing?

It's a fancy way of saying cuttlebone. Which is actually not a bone, but a very useful thing - to the animal that has it, to birds that use it as a beak sharpener, to humans who have been using it for ages, quite often for casting and sharpening of tools.

And why Ossasepia as a blog title?
Because I don't fight (too much) with repeated evidence of reality, regardless of whether it fits my expectations or not. It all started with my PhD supervisor who admitted crystal clear that he uses me to test ideas and projects: "if she doesn't find any faults with it, then it's rock-solid." Then it turned out that pretty much everyone else around benefits from the same approach: they bring stuff to me (concrete things, abstract ideas or fluffy dreams, it doesn't matter) and either watch it break to smithereens or take it back to build a whole project, a whole house, a whole life around it.

As for the word itself - someone (I don't remember whom, but if it's you, please say so in the comments as I'd very much like to give credit where it's due) once called me exactly that. And since it's fitting it would seem, I claim it as my own and stick it up there in the header. That's all.

Oh, and I have a PhD in Computer Science, did a few projects, taught some people and all that, see the pages to the right.

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