*******Test for Cal3d and CrystalSpace*******

This is version 2 already of a small test program /viewer illustrating programmatic use of a cal3d model (Cally - as provided by Cal3d project) with Crystal Space. The code is a slightly modified version of the "simple1" application provided by Crystal Space.

The cal3d model is in the "cally" folder in the archive below. This is basically what we want the exporter from blender to spit out + a file similar to test.cal3d (the xml description of the model so that CS can easily use it).

There is also a bash script (and useful header.cal3d and footer.cal3d files) that helps you bridge some gaps between exporting from Blender and viewing with this viewer.

You might want to read also this post describing the whole toolchain for Blender+cal3d+CrystalSpace.

To see this working:


  1. cally3d_args.tar.gz
    23 Feb 2017
    f5dea83995ec34316cbf242fa23f61c638a76dd3108194f283c7f2342d2ab70d834b9c9dcae2629b11fe45e11a1846137df4fd09eb72f3b4754c3fde92e312ca cally3d_args.tar.gz
  2. cally3d.tar.gz
    21 Feb 2017
    sha512sum: 517a3c23d42af6db75fd808f8c7a273292ec182ee23d855854dda14260638cf1f2dda693c8668ad676077610f61f299cbd5c62f84a40a469e118621c0e1a3911 cally3d.tar.gz
  3. cal3dexporter.tar.gz
    23 Feb 2017
    sha512 sum:
    2f8585c1402336902b4b5cf5b407525b62b12be091b40d89a365dd377a9f915bb87f19df803c7556f9b7c93d96fea9b2d43b395cdd94cdf7fc61e8a6c7f5680e cal3dexporter.tar.gz